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Typhon Sepsus
Typhon Sepsus
Survived 2021
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Reclaiming the Wolf's Den [C-Rank Hunter Mission] - Page 3 Empty Re: Reclaiming the Wolf's Den [C-Rank Hunter Mission]

Mon May 22, 2023 5:22 pm
It seemed to Ty as if things were wrapping up rather quickly. Ryumi was bearing down on the man stood by the gate and Youta was tearing the man above limb from limb. That left one person still to deal with and as luck would have it, said person appeared to be on the move. The moment Hisako started to move towards him, Ty would weave the hand signs to activate his capsid coating (120 power) which would form a translucent layer around his whole body, and simultaneously he would send virus particles flooding throughout his vascular system (terminal velocity +80 str&spd) to the point of searing pain. With his defenses up and his heart pounding out of his chest he would begin to move forward himself to meet the opponent. 

The woman was moving incredibly fast, but Ty had dealt with superior speed before this and he was certainly more confident with his comrades surrounding him. Even if he were to get injured he was sure that Sebastian's as well as his own medical abilities could repair just about anything. His prior experiences with combat have led him to develop a rather reckless style of fighting, but through that he felt pretty sure about his ability to take a hit.

Should his actions not be interrupted in any way then when he had reached 5 meters away from Hisako he would stop and let loose a slash, sending a blade of air (120 speed + power) directly at her. Afterwards he would ready himself to react to the almost certain counterattack. 

(WC 261)
(TWC 931)

Techs Used

Terminal Velocity -50 AP

New stats
25 vigor
150 chakra
180 speed
105 strength 

Capsid Coating (120 power barrier) -40 AP
Temple Style Bark (120 speed and power) -45 AP

1228-135 AP= 1093 AP remaining. 

+4 contagion counters (10/10)
Ryumi Hiyu
Ryumi Hiyu
Stat Page : Ryumi
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Wind Default
Clan Specialty : Taijutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 21500

Reclaiming the Wolf's Den [C-Rank Hunter Mission] - Page 3 Empty Re: Reclaiming the Wolf's Den [C-Rank Hunter Mission]

Thu May 25, 2023 8:32 pm
The Hyuga’s punch directly into the wall would have landed just before Ryumi’s punch had slammed directly into the other Hyuga’s body. However the speed of which the 6 meter wall seemingly crumbled away was at a speed of 160. Significantly slower than Ryumi’s speed while using Propulsion shot. Especially given that her half a meter wide fist. With her finger being 1/10th of a meter in width would still have slammed directly through the masked man who was drinking before the wall had fully crumbled away. His body would have been bisects from the rest of her arm going completely through his chest and directly rupturing and destroying his heart. Her arm, followed by the rest of her body rocketing right through the cherry blossom impacts own AOE/Shockwave due to the armor and defensive measures of Bound Man. Her eyes would have turned, as through the debris of the wall the Hyuga was rushing towards the group of three. She would have flown the five meters that were stated inside of her previous post. Leading to her crashing into the ground, her body turning around almost immediately. The Hyuga had already crossed the five meter threshold of the wall by then, and was heading straight towards the rest of the group. Ryumi immediately gave chase, knowing that she could tango with the supposed physical brawler that was able to completely destroy the wall before her. It meant that someone was able to contest her strength… If only for a moment.

No words would have to be spoken as Ryumi was making a mad dash towards the masked women. Immediately using propulsion shot again to boost her speed back to 240 when she had turned herself around and was 6 meters away from the Hyuga as they were running. Her eyes focused on the women who seemingly was able to figure out that she was behind the wall… perhaps she had made a bit too much noise as a result. Yet her speed was slowly gaining on the Hyuga, right as she was within five meters of Typhon. Ryumi was 4.8 meters away from the women in question. Ryumi would constantly be aiming to get closer and closer. Up until she would have been in Typhon’s range by one meter. Ryumi would use split second this time to try and catch up with the Hyuga so that way Typhon could escape from the hit entirely. As the sphere would expand by a speed of 145 from Ryumi in all directions (which could not be seen by the Byakugan) when she would be 4 meters away from the masked women and be five meters away from Typhon.


Current AP:990
HP:270(Forgot to ping my Damage Markers, anyways Ryumi has taken 30 Damage so far)
Bound Man: -50 AP (3/4 Posts)
Heavenly Body: +10 AP
Propulsion shot: -50 AP
Split Second: -40 AP
Total AP:860

240 Strength
190 Speed
25 Chakra
25 Vigor
Youta Shinkou
Youta Shinkou
Survived 2021
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Ryo : 23406

Reclaiming the Wolf's Den [C-Rank Hunter Mission] - Page 3 Empty Re: Reclaiming the Wolf's Den [C-Rank Hunter Mission]

Sat May 27, 2023 8:07 pm
Youta would see the arrow start to power up but had no worries since fear the Yuumei was up and protection him at 240 health. The attack would hit him but all you would see was something like black and purple flames eat up the attack of the arrows. Youta would the look up and see the man lose his arms and legs. Then as the ghoulish skull look beam of energy wrapped around his neck and ripped out his throat. Rain would start raining down and at the same time the two clones and Billy would have another 3 beams go through each of their hearts. And as the blood fell like rain. Youta would laugh maniacally in his because he had let Iktomi take the actions he wanted which was to maybe cause some psychological distress for the guys' team mates. And as the body fell limp in front of him.

Youta would look over not really knowing what happened but knowing that the man was dead would see that ryuumi and Typhon were doing quite well in dealing with the other two. One looked kind of like a doughnut and Typhon getting ready to attack the hyuga behind the wall. He would start to move to be within 20 meters of Typhon and Ryuumi in case he needed to use a barrier to help them. He would be ready keeping sage mode up and fear the Yuumei would still keep Youta shrouded in protection he would look towards the hyuuga with meigan still activated.

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