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Mikina Viperis
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A Bundle of Joyous Missions Empty A Bundle of Joyous Missions

Fri Dec 23, 2022 5:41 pm
Mission Deets:

Things didn’t originally go as planned.

Heading back into a storm, somewhere along the way, the monsoon like torrents of rain changed to a flurry of sleight and snow. A mix of both what’s considered to be often times tranquil and serene even with that of something most others would disdain due to it’s inherent messy nature. But such was the way of it in this season of winter time. The weather, unlike the encounter in which Hiko had just been previously apart of, was as planned. Well, as far as seasonal weather goes, that is. While the deviant didn’t want this to occur, the precipitation as a whole just plain and simply wasn’t that shocking. Snow…in the winter, woohoo! It was almost as if there was a big summer blowout or something with how cold it got.

Then, amongst the cold chill, the bag that was strapped across his back became slightly heavier. As if a new thing had just magically appeared from within it. Placing a hand inside, the Tau would produce a red scroll that was wrapped in a green, checkered print bow. Done so very meticulously, so much so that an innumerous amount of though on the person who could’ve done this narrowed. They must’ve had really tiny hands. The thought would quickly race by. The velveteen cloth used as the scrolls binding was tied so perfectly, and quaintly, it was the only possible logical answer to this. But that was all besides the fact really.

Before the snow could come crashing down around him, Hiko Shimada would break this tie; and in an instant, a whirlwind would kick around the youthful criminal, sending the white powder flying around in a tornado like formation. And, before he could really contemplate the beauty of this chaos, the veil had been lifted; the tornado stopped as quickly as it landed. Landing him in an area blanketed in snow with biting temperatures that made a person’s breath cling in the air like a silent fog rolling over a lake. Off in the distance, two kids could be seen running around. One was forming a huge ball of snow as they rolled it across the flawlessly toned porcelain crusted earth, picking up this starcher color as it went along. The other would be doing something similar, albeit, it would appear as if the sphere they were making had broken halfway through, for all of a sudden, they fell to the ground. A commotion of crying could be heard from that direction.

WC: 421
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