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Yusuke Inuzuka
Yusuke Inuzuka
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Village : Hoshigakure
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Dinner Arrangements  Empty Dinner Arrangements

Sat Oct 08, 2022 6:03 pm
Dinner Arrangements
Rank: E
Rewards: 1,000 Ryo/5 AP

Yusuke was hard at work in the kitchen. Shinobi training had taught him a lot of skills but the skills thus mission called for were skills he honed in his kitchen. Yusuke was officially a sous chef in the kitchen of some very esteemed nobility of Hoshigakure. The kitchen staff was over worked and Yusuke was using all of his fine motor control to be as efficient as he can be. The ninja stirred a pot of melting chocolate, sweating up a storm. 

Some sweat fell into the chocolate but Yusuke didn't have the capacity to pay attention to small things like that. On another burner he was cooking four burgers. Yusuke spun around in a circle, dodging a collision with another cook, then flipped the burgers. He already had his bun and veggies prepared. Allvhe had to do was slip the cheese on, which he did. The burgers had one more minute, and that was just enough time to prep the next order. 

For this one Yusuke had to serve four cups of soup. Easy enough. Yusuke grabbed the empty cups and stepped over to where the hot soups were being held. Using a long ladle he scooped two heaping helpings of chicken noodle soup into the cups, then sat them in the window for a server. 

"How did I get into this.." Yusuke said quietly to himself as he went back to melting the chocolate. It was almost ready so he called out to the cook whose job it was to dip the strawberries in it. The young man came running and accepted Rudis leadership right away. 

Yusuke couldn't help but feel at home in the kitchen. When he was given this mission he wasn't quite sure he had what it takes to operate in a business kitchen. For as smooth as everything was going though Yusuke had something to be proud of. 

His next order was two t bone steaks cooked medium well, Yusuke was outright appalled but he didnt care too much either. He personally liked his red meat raw or rare at most. But this job was about pleasing the people. Yusuke shrugged and reached into an ice box where whole cuts of red meat were being kept. The steaks were absolutely enormous, and Yusuke barely had enough room on his grill. He was able to throw some onion on it though, just enough. While Yusuke waited the nine minutes to flip the steak he set up both plates. They ordered baked potatoes with their steaks, and someone else was taking care of that. All Yu had to worry about was not over cooking, or under cooking, the steaks. 

Once he flipped the steaks once Yusuke proceeded to attack the next ticket. This one was coon stew, and all Yusyke had to do was put gravy over top of it once the other chef plated it up. Everything was going smoothly for Yusuke and his work day was nearly over.

Meanwhile Rudi could be found digging in the garbage for steak bones. He might have been a high grade breed of canine but he was a suckered for bones. Rudi chewed on three the whole night, sucking the bone marrow up happily. On Yusykes break he stepped outside to find Rudi all dirty. Yusuke didn't even scold him, he was too busy operating in the chaos of a kitchen.

WordCount: 564
+5 Speed 

Technique Proficiency:
(Past Training=1,483)+17=1,500 (B Rank) Nukite Spear Hand
+547/2,000 Eight Inner Gates
Shinrei Yamato
Shinrei Yamato
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Village : Hoshigakure
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Dinner Arrangements  Empty Re: Dinner Arrangements

Tue Oct 11, 2022 11:54 am
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