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Yusuke Inuzuka
Yusuke Inuzuka
Stat Page : Stat Page
Remove Taijutsu Default
Fire Default
Clan Specialty : N/A
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 0

Photo Op Empty Photo Op

Fri Oct 07, 2022 10:04 pm
Photo Op
Rank: E
Reward: 1,000 Ryo/5 AP

Up and at em early in the morning, Yusuke sat at his dining room table with a cup of black coffee sitting before him. Yusuke didn't like sugar in the morning, and milk upset his stomach so that's how he liked his coffee. Sipping it he prepared for the day. 

First on his list would be to wake up Rudi, who was always grumpy when Yusuke woke him up. "Never the less Rudi..." Yusuke thought to himself and sat his coffee cup down on the table. "Wake up bone head." Yusuke told his dog, then scooped him up in the covers. Rudi woke up howling, "Set me down mad lad! The dog howled but Yusuke paid him no mind. "Are you up!" Yusuke laughed and set his buddy down. Rudi jumped off the bed and shook his body. 

"Go outside, old man." Yusuke told his companion and walked to the screen door to let him out for his morning library visit. When Ru was done Yusuke let him back in and the two got ready for the day. Rudi mostly just stretched, but Yusuke had to get ready. Wearing his standard gi the barefooted ninja was ready for the day. "It's supposed to be nice today, you ready?" Yusuke opened the front door, and immediately Rudi went flying out the door. 

The race was on. 

Today's mission came from Miku the Hogokage's secretary. She instructed him to wait at the corner of Eight Mile and Groesbeck. A man with a camera intended to take passer bys picture, and Yusuke would be his prop hand. The day would most definitely be long, but it was overall easy money. That was Rudi's favorite kind of money so he was excited to be there for the photographer. 

Right on time Yuhan the photographer arrived on the corner, and Yusuke was tasked with setting up his photo booth. Using partitions he made an impromptu room and Yusuke would have to hold the lighting up all day. His job was the most important since it kept the shade off the would be pictured people. 

Yusuke started off strong but as the day went by he grew increasingly bored. When he wasn't holding up lighting for someone, he was stuck standing there with Yuhan. Yuhan wasn't exactly a bundle of joy, so Yusuke felt like the vibe was off. Rudi meanwhile sat in the background, thinking about how he could have skipped this mission. 

Surprisingly someone asked to be pictured with Rudi, and Yusuke's excitement went thru the roof. After agreeing on payment terms with Yusuke as the voice for Rudi they took a series of pictures with the giant canine. Yusuke was quite pleased with the mission at that point. Nothing could ruin his vibe, and Yuhan tried his best. It didn't matter to the strong willed ninja, he dmfinished his days worth of work with a smile on his face and headed back to the office to collect his payment. 

Rudi was quite proud of himself. Making some extra cash was always welcomed in this household, so contributing to the cause really put his morale in a state of golden gleam.

WordCount: 527
Yusuke +5 Speed

Technique Proficiency:
(Past Training=956)+527=1,483 (B Rank) Nukite Spear Hand
Shinrei Yamato
Shinrei Yamato
Survived 2021
You've completed the Christmas Event of 2021 and qualified for the last reward, by partisan you are awarded this fancy badge!
Stat Page : Yamato

Mission Record : Yamato's Record
Living Clones : Kanzaki
Legendary Equipment : Jōki no Yoroi
Remove Remove Weaponry Fuuinjutsu Ninjutsu Default
Wind Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Fuinjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 0

Photo Op Empty Re: Photo Op

Tue Oct 11, 2022 2:52 pm
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