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Kota Apollon
Kota Apollon
Stat Page : The quiver of knowledge
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Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 224340

I'll make a sands out of you! - Page 2 Empty Re: I'll make a sands out of you!

Sun Oct 02, 2022 8:01 pm
A single shuriken. That is all it would take. No no. He would not be worth it. The fact that this little bug feels it is okay to poke a bear shows his courage. Kota was thinking about the pass. Was he as much of a pain in the butt when he was younger? Maybe it was the expression that a newborn fawn had no fear of a tiger. If the archer was not trying to keep the air of an experienced stranger, he probably would have retaliated already. The fact that the man was young really worked in his favor.

“You have been……” The hunter was talking to his disciple when he stopped for a moment. The strange sensation that woke him up last night came back. This time the feeling was stronger. Kota was unsure of what was going on but it filled him with trepidation. If dark forces were at play in Suna then the future of the village was in jeopardy. Heavens could only tell how the winds of change would fly.

“Sorry, temporary distraction. I was saying you have been a great pain in my butt. You are lucky my mood is not stabby, or you would have had more holes than a brothel.” He gave the little Uchiha a small smile. “However, your rate of improvement has been noticeably great. Your cover of the basics are in shape. I can recommend you to take the genin exam if you believe you are ready as well. The exam itself is not hard to finish. A bit of self confidence and remembering all that you have learned so far will be enough. After that you can take on some missions, or request more training. I can teach you various things to an extent, or at least learn them with you. Remembering that training your mind is just as important as training your body. You never know when information will come in handy. If you have any questions. Now is the time to ask them.”

Taking time out to answer some of the questions that Ayyuken may have asked. Kota was ready to go. He floated back down to the ground. He did not need to maintain his posture while floating in the air. To him being in the sky was the same as being on the ground. “I recommend you come down without falling flat on your face. You can surface walk or jump. Jumping is fine for now. Just never do it in a fight, unless you have some way of changing trajectory, or flying.” Kota could only smile at the amount of times that was drilled into him. New ninjas had a tendency of making overly large moves. It wasted energy and made more openings. It was a mistake most outgrew as they got older. Besides that there was no known cure for it besides growing.

The archer did not hesitate as he moved out. He had other business to take care of. He turned in the mission card, filled in the recommendation for Ayyuken to take the Genin exam. The paperwork, while tedious, was simple enough to fill out. The only distraction was this dark sense of foreboding that kept appearing to the hunter. It was a feeling that was almost gnawing its way into his soul. Making the archer worry about what he should do. He had a previous appointment made with Guren but the Kazekage seemed to have poofed. Shaking his mind as if to clear it he finished up. He left out to get back to his armor that he was working on.

WC: 603
TWC: 3,019


Using my wordcount towards augmenting this equipment with the two chameleon scales and one refined jade.
Stat Page : Ayyuken
Remove Weaponry Remove Default
Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 500

I'll make a sands out of you! - Page 2 Empty Re: I'll make a sands out of you!

Mon Oct 03, 2022 1:06 am
All he wanted to do was establish to his parents how strong he could evolve. He never questioned his abilities, but for him, this indicated a lot to be recognized by his sensei. The Uchiha had a complete wall to climb and mountains to uncover. All he could do was hear the phrases of his sensei. Nothing more or less admired the time he showed him for. Rare were around to take his training since he manages to fool about it. But appreciative, this fellow took him under his branches in front of him. He owed him every available minute that went by.

All he heard was his sensei misstepping on his own words. The Uchiha was curious to know as he observed the entire figure in front of him. You have been. What in the world was he talking about? He gathered that he was the one that inducted him into a genjutsu. But the Uchiha disregarded the suspicion that came through; no way someone like that caliber would do that. Those golden eyes he saw from his sensei were something. It infiltrated through the Uchiha as he took a step back. What in the hell was going on?

Ayyuken was fortunate not to test the wrong side of Kota's. Although he was an incredible pain in the butt, he cared to pick up what he said. The Uchiha was fortunate to hear that his sensei could have lost his mind. There were other aspects to play for this, but it was recreated well. After all, Kota was an intellectual and great coach who praised Ayyuken. All he could do was smile throughout the speech. He'd listen word for word, accepting all the statements that reached through. 

He was now ready to take the exams and extend his duties. The Uchiha let out a small chuckle, understanding his aspects and level. All he could do was organize for the exams he ought to take. It would be a fragment of cake; nobody or nothing would stand in his way. In the four basic Jutsu, one must understand the Uchiha stood suitably, smiling at this instant. The transformation jutsu and the clone Jutsu, Substitution jutsu and genjutsu release. They all played a big part for him, yet he acknowledged every Jutsu, no matter how big or small.

The Uchiha had the self-confidence to pass without a doubt. His sensei's words melted his heart as tears fell from the Uchiha. It was magnificent to hear from a man he had just met honor him personally, yet all he could be a smile. He rubbed his own wet eyes, respecting what had transpired. One thing he understood was that he had met the most remarkable sensei ever and only desired they would meet again to train. He was keen to advance the ranks and earn his authorized genin rank. The measures to evolving one were there; all he could be prepared for was this instant.

The sensei made numerous specific topics; training his mind and body was the keen factor. It all added up for him. Self-confidence, the body, and the reason would be the primary aspect for him to focus on. He'd nod, listening if he ever ought to discover some Jutsu, he would be down to assist. The Uchiha was given a moment to question whatever he desired, but all he could reply to him was. " Thank you, sensei; I sure won't let you down. I'll pass the exam with comfort, don't you worry!" 

Once that was set and done, he would take further notes from Kota about falling flat to his face, something the Uchiha was clumsy about. All he could was listen, yet once it finished, the sensei left. Now the Uchiha was isolated, and all he could do was organize for what was next. But one thing is for sure: he arguably met the most eminent teacher in the universe. And with that, he left the stage, heading to his home, happy with the outcome.

WC: 669
TWC: 3085

The claims

Since being taught at the training field, 75% discount on WC.

Clone Technique 
Substitution Technique 
Transformation Technique 
Tree Climbing/Surface Walking 
Genjutsu Release 

378 Words on these Jutsu + 1 Mastery for genjutsu release.

Leaving me with 2,705
Fear Pull - 250
Mind Read -250
Mist Servant Tech - 500
Summoning Tech - 1000

The Remaining two hundred words to cat eyes [205/250]
30 Stat Points To Speed
Crom Orochi
Crom Orochi
Stat Page : Stats
Mission Record : Missions
Remove Ninjutsu Remove Default
Wind Remove Default
Clan Specialty : Medical
Village : Otogakure
Ryo : 500

I'll make a sands out of you! - Page 2 Empty Re: I'll make a sands out of you!

Mon Oct 03, 2022 9:54 pm
Approved for both Kota and Ayyuken
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