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Typhon Sepsus
Typhon Sepsus
Survived 2021
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Claw vs Claw? (Spar) - Page 3 Empty Re: Claw vs Claw? (Spar)

Tue Oct 18, 2022 4:51 pm
Typhon was glad to see he didn't keep his friend waiting too long. He'd lead them to the barbecue place he mentioned and get them a booth to sit at. There were privacy curtains at each booth and a small firepit built into the table where the two of them could prepare their own food. Seb would tell him about the little information that was known about their targets. He was certainly correct in thinking that the element of surprise would be the best tool at their disposal. Sending in a scout would risk the enemy finding out and just moving again.

"I agree, we're better off knowing where they are than how many members they have. Although I don't enjoy the thought of running in blind." He would say as he tossed a few cuts of pork onto the grill. "You mentioned that they were holed up in a sort of fort? We could possibly use the enclosed space to our advantage." His mind had started racing with possibilities of attack while the sounds and smells of sizzling meat began to fill the booth. "That gas you avoided earlier would wreak havoc in a tight corridor, I can assure you that."

It was feasible that with the element of surprise on their side he could effectively eliminate a large number of combatants. It would probably only work once but if they were grouped up nicely that could be all they would need.

"Certainly at the very least you and I are more suited for close quarters combat than some of our comrades." Vivid images of his fellow shinobi launching 30 meter wide fireballs and black holes came to mind. Those feats were impressive, but how useful would something like that be when fighting in a cramped and dark cave?

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Sebastian Loghain
Sebastian Loghain
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Claw vs Claw? (Spar) - Page 3 Empty Re: Claw vs Claw? (Spar)

Tue Oct 25, 2022 6:51 pm
Following his friends lead, the wolf would toss a few cuts of meat on the grill as well. Typhon would speak on the utility his unique clan skillset would provide in enclosed spaces, to which the wolf would nod. "It would seem as though we of like mind in the matter. Such potent toxins with nowhere to go to avoid them? It would easily spell defeat for these bandits with minimal risk of retaliation. We will just have to ensure that such opportunities arise." The scent of grilling meat would quickly fill their booth, causing the wolf to momentarily shift focus as thoughts lingered on the meal cooking right before his eyes. 

He would then shift focus back to the mission, "I am hoping to bring along both frontline combatants such as yourself, along with more traditional ninjutsu practitioners to act as the heavy artillery. Close quarters combat will be where we shine brightest." Loghain would pause, thinking about how best to utilize each of the soldiers he would find himself leading to battle. He didn't have a great deal of practice leading men, at least beyond those of Team Spring. This mission would test not only his individual prowess as a combatant but also his leadership capabilities. He almost lost himself in thought before snapping back to reality at the return of the waiter with his requested water. 

"I believe that there are ways to ensure that our comrades will not cause as much harm to us from our backs as the enemy to the front, though I will have to delve deeper into the subject to ensure such." With so many shinobi practicing their arts, the wolf found it hard to believe that a technique to avoid harming your allies due to a misplaced jutsu had not been created. "I'll discuss it with those more skilled in the traditional shinobi arts and see what they say." 

The cooking meat smelled as though it was done, to which the wolf would find himself incapable of delaying his meal. He would pick up the meat and take a bite, the heat from the freshly cooked food scorching his mouth just a bit. The marinated meat held a great deal of flavor, despite no additional seasonings or sauces being utilized. It was truly a treat. 

"Did you have any more thoughts on the matter? I hope to have opportunity to discuss these matters with each member of the strike team. Their thoughts and insight should prove quite valuable, even if it is simply how best to utilize their skillsets."

Typhon Sepsus
Typhon Sepsus
Survived 2021
You've completed the Christmas Event of 2021 and qualified for the last reward, by partisan you are awarded this fancy badge!
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Claw vs Claw? (Spar) - Page 3 Empty Re: Claw vs Claw? (Spar)

Thu Nov 03, 2022 3:40 pm
Typhon was truly enjoying himself as he savored the food and company. It had been a while since he had taken some time with friends. He needed to make an effort more often. What kind of friend would he be if he only ever met with them on the terms of a job?

Loghain completely agreed that an enclosed space would play to Ty's strengths. It was a scary thought, something as simple as breathing for him would cause hell for the enemy. They would feel like their lungs were filling up with fire until they, hopefully quickly, died. It was something that he had to always be conscious about so as not to hurt anyone. Thinking about weaponizing it still made him shudder. He wondered if it was like that for lots of other shinobi? There were all sorts of clans in the world that utilized chakra in some way. His own people couldn't be the only ones who have to stay mindful. Being afraid of his own body was not going to get him far in his current line of work.

Ty was glad to hear that the wolf would be assembling the other members of the squad. He completely trusted Sebastian's judgement on these matters, which made his own inclusion feel all the more flattering. He would dig in to the rest of his food as they chatted. Eventually Seb would ask if he had any more questions.

"I'd love to have more info but I understand the nature of our business. You can count on me to be there and have your back." He would say with a toothy grin. Wiping the corners of his mouth with a napkin he would stand up and deftly attach his mask. Once he was sure it was affixed correctly he could start breathing easy again. He was still getting used to controlling it consciously. With that done he would say, "Thanks a lot for not holding back today. I'll be ready for this job and any others you might need help with. Like I said before I'll cover all this so feel free to head home whenever. Later!"

From there he would go up and pay for their meal. A small price to pay for the insight into his own weaknesses. He started the day feeling confident, and despite his loss, that feeling had not gone away. He would keep getting better and in the meantime he would add Sebastain to his list of people to one day beat.

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Kaito Inuzuka
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Claw vs Claw? (Spar) - Page 3 Empty Re: Claw vs Claw? (Spar)

Mon Nov 28, 2022 1:35 pm
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