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Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
Stat Page : The father,
The son,
The daughter
Remove Taijutsu Weaponry Ninjutsu Default
Wind Earth Fire Default
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 155

Congratulations Are In Order - Page 2 Empty Re: Congratulations Are In Order

Wed Jun 08, 2022 3:23 pm
The redhead smirked at the comment about teaching genin not to jump; he could tell already Hiroki would be a good teacher. "Yes, start with the important bits. Most of all, make sure they grow to be fine chunin themselves. If you ever feel overwhelmed, don't hesitate in asking for help. No shame in knowing one's own limits; the real weakness there is arrogance." Meika's own comments echoed within him, and he felt the need to speak up on it. "Prove yourselves to yourselves. Be better today than you were yesterday. That's all I can ask of you." As the duo got ready to finish the meeting, seeing as the big news had been delivered and well accepted, Noboru saw no purpose in delaying it any longer himself. "Now, get out of my office and go earn those paychecks. But not today. Tomorrow. You can have the day off to celebrate. Dismissed." As he spoke, cigar locked between curled fingers, he circled back to his desk, to observe the now chunin leave his office, to leave him back with the paperwork.

WC: 181
TWC: 1629
644 towards Furious Design
985 towards Soft Wind Blowing at 25% discount, unlocking C-Rank, making current progress towards B-Rank 985/1125
Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
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Congratulations Are In Order - Page 2 Empty Re: Congratulations Are In Order

Mon Jun 13, 2022 3:19 pm

{Claims} 11 stats for Nanaki (Familiar)
Uchugan Stage 2 (2,250/2,250) 25% discount for Meika's max stats - 1,448 wc from here
Seigan Stage 1 (810/1,500) 25% discount for Meika's max stats - 419 wc from here.
Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
Stat Page : Mementos of Noon - Hiroki Shimada
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Mementos of Dusk - Ki Shimada
Familiar : Shichiro
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Congratulations Are In Order - Page 2 Empty Re: Congratulations Are In Order

Mon Jun 20, 2022 6:40 pm
Hiroki thanks Nobo, then leaves.

WC: 5
TWC: 1875


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750 words to Poison Mist, was previously B Rank, now completing it for A Rank with 25% max stat discount
1125 words to Lightning Release: Raijin’s Flying Fans, completing it for B Rank with 25% max stat discount
Shin Uchiha
Shin Uchiha
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Missing-Nin (D-rank)
Stat Page : Stat Page
Genjutsu Ninjutsu Default
Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Otogakure
Ryo : 2500

Congratulations Are In Order - Page 2 Empty Re: Congratulations Are In Order

Mon Jun 20, 2022 8:59 pm
Approved for Nobo, Meika, and Hiroki. Crom in disguise
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