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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Order of Iron Empty Order of Iron

Wed Mar 29, 2017 3:58 pm
Continued from here: Directionless

The bag was removed as he found himself bound in a chair once more. “Is this really necessary?” He asked aloud after retaining consciousness. He felt the rope burning against the exposed skin of his arms as well as the strain against his legs as he exerted himself in an attempt to become free. This was pure instinct, however, so once he stopped he took a deep breath and liquified. His body slipped out of its bounds and pooled into the floor as the bag floated down the chair as well. When he attempted to solidify himself, he was met by the force of the bag tightening around his throat and cutting off his oxygen supply. His hands reached up to attempt to pry the bag from closing off his windpipe before finding out that he could not. Then the bag suddenly released as he collapsed to his knees and gasped for air. He looked up expectantly at his captors of two times now for an explanation. The man who appeared to be their leader had a sinister smile on his wrinkly face. Despite being elderly, he had an energetic gleam in his eyes. “The seals work.”

Komori stood up, rather annoyed by the attempt on his life. “What the hell are you doing?” His voice was kept level but masked with a hint of venom.
“Using the flexibility of fuinjutsu to counter your rather bothersome kekkei genkei. But that does not matter now. It was simply a test of my own prowess.” He looked around at his followers as they rather unenthusiastically clapped. Komori balled his fists but released them upon further introspection. He was in an unfamiliar environment and had no idea whether or not they would have defensive measures in place. Seals can be placed nearly everywhere, after all. He waited for them to stop clapping before asking, “So why did you bring me here? I’ve learned the process of storing and draining chakra. I thought that was it?”

“This has all been part of a sole purpose. The final test… seal Shizuka’s chakra inside of yourself.” Komori hesitantly approached the redheaded girl, who was probably an Uzumaki, l as her fiery red hair shared the same color as Hitori’s did. He remembered reading in a fuinjutsu book at the library that Uzumaki were usually naturally gifted in the art of sealing, so it was actually a surprise that Hitori did not seem to want to focus on it more. Although, Komori thought to himself as he remembered one of his first encounters with the boy, There was that bit with his sick mother who passed away… He had come to the conclusion as to why Hitori focused on medical jutsu instead of fuinjutsu. Anyways, back to reality. Komori signed the Rat → Boar → Tiger seals and placed his hand on the girl. He placed the kanji symbol for iron on her forearm before signing the handseals again and placing it on himself. He felt the seal burn into the flesh of his left forearm as he felt the transfer of chakra. She began to look weak so Komori cancelled the connection. “Good.” The leader seemed to revel in this display as he moved forward in his speech to get to his true reason.

“We want you to capture a bijuu.” The final word was practically foreign to the ears of the chuunin, a word that had little meaning to him. Being an oblivious dumbass, he made that much well known. “A what.” His voice was devoid of any emotion, as it was primarily a tone of wanting to gain knowledge for the sake of understanding rather than legitimate curiosity. If they were asking him to capture something, he should at least know what his target was going to be. “You may know them as tailed beasts. They are beings of great power, and lately there seem to be several disturbances, which are rather unnatural in nature. It is our belief that some have been freed from their respective jinchuuriki.”

“Their what.” Komori was being bombarded with a new vocabulary that currently meant nothing for him yet.
“Jinchuuriki are exactly what we are training you to make. Hosts for the bijuu that are able to channel their power to add to their own.” So this was their intent this entire time. To acquire power. He had known of bijuu before, but it was always in the back of his mind, and a small part of him did not believe that they even existed. “You are now one of us, Hozuki Komori.” The old man smiled. “Welcome to the Order of Iron.”


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Ryo : 12000

Order of Iron Empty Re: Order of Iron

Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:45 pm
Sure, Approved! Hopefully you get a chance to use the bijuu sealing tech ^^
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Survived 2021
You've completed the Christmas Event of 2021 and qualified for the last reward, by partisan you are awarded this fancy badge!
Ryo : 23750

Order of Iron Empty Re: Order of Iron

Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:21 pm
I resent that lmao
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