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Yusuke Sarutobi
Yusuke Sarutobi
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First time on the mountain Empty First time on the mountain

Thu May 05, 2022 11:54 pm
With The Chunin exams coming up it was time for Yusuke’s last lesson with his father. He had Devoted time to learning his ash release techniques and he was ready for his last guiding push. Yusuke left the house early in the dark hours of the morning. The windy spring day blew the harsh coarse sand around. The swirling dust threatened to get into the boy's eyes but he lifted his eyes to avoid the dust storm.

How are we gonna train in this? Yusuke wasn’t sure exactly what they’d be doing in this weather, but he trusted his dad would have made a change if it was necessary. He trudged through the raging sands from his house making the short jaunt to the training grounds. They were always empty and quiet at this hour. His dad was just getting off his shift at this time. He was given a single day, sometimes 2, to rest before returning to his duties. This was pretty much the only time that the two could train together.

Yusuke stood in the middle of the sand storm and suddenly his dad appeared from the storm. Hello son! Today is the final lesson! Are you ready? Sasuke Sarutobi started with a pleasant tone, but it soon got serious. 

Yusuke removed the scroll from his item pouch, and handed it over to his father with a gulp. Yes, Father, you sound serious this time. More so than usual. Yusuke called out his father’s tone which seemed to surprise him.

huhhhh, I’ll tell you about today’s lesson and then maybe you’ll understand. Sasuke sighed and then began his story.Long ago when I was a younger man, I worked in the same capacity in the hidden leaf village. I spent much of my time away from the village and my post was the land of wind. I often infiltrated the village to hear the rumors of the people who lived here, back when the leaf was powerful. Sasuke was ready to continue, but the boy interrupted.

But weren’t the sand and the leaf on good terms in the past and still now? Yusuke asked.

Correct, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, I was one of very few shinobi operating here. Just keeping a limited eye on the village, making sure there was nothing afoot. Sasuke answered the boy’s curiosity and then continued. During my time here the leaf was surprised by an attack. I was to return to the village, but I had met someone. A young lady who had tended to my wounds I sustained while on a mission elsewhere in the land of wind. Your mother. Sasuke looked wistfully into the distance.

I had no desire to leave her and I was certain by the time I made it back to the land of Fire the village would’ve fallen. I decided to reveal my presence to the current Kazekage and lead for citizenship after the leaf fell. The Kazekage was gratuitous, but required I serve the sand. I agreed and married your mother. We had you and thus I set my roots here. I decided upon your birth I would make a name for us here in this village. In the leaf the clan was powerful and had a seat on the village council. Here we are not yet powerful but we will be! Sasuke’s ambitions got away from him. Yusuke nodded along as his dad realized he was losing his way.

Anyway, this brings me to the problem and today’s lesson. Today I will teach you the last gift the Sarutobi clan holds. The contract of the legendary weapon monkey. I will teach you to summon them today. You have already signed the contract and your blood has been accepted. I will reverse summon us there today and you will gain the favor of some of the monkey’s who live on their sacred mountain. Sasuke then sighed. 

The monkey’s, my partner monkey specifically, has been refusing my summons ever since I left the leaf village. He is likely thinking that I am a betrayer of the leaf. He isn’t wrong, but I have never acted against the leaf. I just knew when I could help and when I couldn’t. My worry is that I might have to confront him and that they may take out their anger towards you son. Sasuke stopped looking directly at Yusuke waiting for his response.

But, you think I’m ready right? I’ve practiced my ash release, master earth and fire release, I’ve done focused training in basic anbu skills. I’m sure that the monkeys won’t beat me. If they're gonna be butt hurt about something that you did a billion years ago then I don’t want to summon them anyway. This was the first time Yusuke said it out loud that his dad was an Anbu officer, but he was somewhat angry. A summon animal refusing its summoner could lead to the summoner's death. He would have words for the Ape responsible.

Haa.. so you really did figure it out… I appreciate your support, kid. Sauke pulled out a cigarette and lit it with a silver lighter. Yusuke didn’t see his dad smoke often, and only when he was stressed.

Alright then. Let’s go. Sasuke retrieved the scroll Yusuke had given him before and bit his finger, drawing blood. Stand close to me and be ready for anything! Yusuke knew what he was supposed to do. He stood next to his father over the scroll and watched as Sasuke weaved a string of 5 hand signs. Sasuke slammed his hand on the ground, and then the world distorted. 

Suddenly Yusuke found himself on a peaceful mountain top surrounded by white furred apes staring at him and his father.

King Enma! I have brought my son as I said I would! He has signed the contract and I’ve come to introduce him! Sasuke announced their presence to the surrounding apes, and they seemed to watch them while sneering. 

Yusuke couldn’t find a chance to say much of anything before all the apes started screeching at them. Some threw rocks; it seemed that not all the monkeys could talk to them. Even so they still made their distaste known.

Maybe I’ve underestimated what these monkeys think of us… Yusuke dodged the few stones that were close to him, and then used Moving earth core to lift him and his father upward.

You’re really all going to turn on my father because of something that happened to Konoha that was out of his control? Going back and being under the yoke of the mist would have meant moving me and my Mother to a worse situation, and he wasn’t going to be able to save that village all by himself. He didn’t put you all in danger, he just decided to live for himself, and reestablish himself. Will you let me Summon you or not? Yusuke shouted from his podium. He wasn’t really happy with how things had gone, and he couldn’t stand to see people err monkeys treat his father with such disrespect. I don’t want to summon any of you stupid old apes if you will turn on me for living my life. I’ll rip the contract up! His shouting got the monkeys to quiet down. A red furred monkey a bit taller than himself walked through the crowd towards the raised stone. 

Yusuke could tell that the other monkeys seemed to respect him, but also sneered at him when they thought he was incapable of seeing them. You speak well, Sarutobi boy. What is your name?  The monkey asked without introducing himself. Yusuke took note of his sly demeanor and his confidence.

Yusuke Sarutobi. It’s rude to not introduce yourself before asking for a name! Yusuke shouted from the top of the pillar. It seemed to Yusuke that the other apes were in line now. So he descended to the ground. The monkey walked over to them and introduced himself. I am Enryu. The heir to the mountain throne~ I like your guts Yusuke. Sign a contract with me. I want to see how you turn out! The monkey extended his hand for Yusuke to shake. His Father was shocked and spoke up. Oh wow is that you Enryu? I thought-  You were so small the last time. Seems like you’ve grown up to be strong like your father! Sasuke spoke his thoughts and clapped his hand on Enryu’s shoulder. 

Mmm, It has been a while since you were here, but I thought you were always the most reasonable Sarutobi, but you don’t need to sign on with me. I wouldn't want to follow an old man either~ Enryu cackled in a decidedly monkey-like way. Get that scroll out and I’ll sign as long as Yusuke here is convinced that I’m not like the rest~ Enryu winked. That convinced Yusuke he didn’t really know what the monkeys were capable of, but it seemed like they could choose to obey a summoner or not. It also seemed like he could sign with as many monkeys as he wanted to. No harm in signing with the monkey prince, right? Besides I think we’ll get along fine. The thoughts passed through him as he grasped Enryu's hand. Fine, by me you don’t have a stick up your ass, and I like that! Yusuke smiled as Enryu laughed wildly once again. HAHAAAAHAHAHA, I guess you could say that I do. Enryu then changed into a bright red spear. Yusuke leapt back ready for danger but then the monkey just laughed from the spear. Yusuke, this is the main ability of the Sarutobi Monkey weapon summons. Each of them is capable of transforming into a weapon. This weapon can extend or contract in size. Their normal bodies are capable of that feat as well. Go ahead and take up Enryu. Sasuke gave the explanation for what Yusuke had seen. Hmmm I see… Yusuke was still a little hesitant, but not enough for him to disobey his father. He reached out and grabbed the shaft of the spear, which seemed to defy gravity and stand straight up. A tail sprouted from the weapon and grasped his arm. Yusuke lurched back, but held onto the spear. What is this? Yusuke demanded. 

The Sarutobi weapon monkeys can partially transform allowing them to hold onto you so you can use your hands for seals or any other task. Sasuke said before continuing. Why don't you try swinging Enryu around? Sasuke levied his question to Yusuke who just nodded. At this point the other monkeys had mostly scattered. What could they say if Enryu was willing to become the boy’s summon? 

Yusuke thrusted Enryu forward and watched as Enryu extended 20 meters forward, piercing a stone. Yusuke noted that Enryu was light in his hand despite increasing his size considerably. Hey, Enryu, why are you so light even though you’re so big? Yusuke asked the question in his mind. If this was to be his partner then he would establish rapport with him. 

I can just hold myself up by my tail while I extend you just need to direct me towards the target! Pretty cool right?~ Enryu launched himself from Yusuke’s hand, surprising him and stabbing more forward into the rockface. Enryu then extended the handle backwards into Yusuke’s hand and latched on with his tail. After Enryu returned, he changed back into his monkey form. That’s the gist of what I can do aside from fight and climb. I’ve been working on some jutsu as well, but we can go over them later. Enryu waved his hands in a dismissive manner. 

Yusuke nodded along. Let’s work well together, Enryu. Yusuke smiled. Enryu placed his hand print below Yusuke’s blood drop, the first of a few Yusuke assumed. Just then, a Giant Monkey appeared before them. Yusuke couldn’t track his movements clearly. Maybe he appeared with the size changing technique. He was 30 meters tall at least and huge more gorilla than Monkey. SASUKE! YOU DARE SHOW YOURSELF HERE!?? The Monkey's voice boomed. The sound waves bounced from mountain to mountain. Dad… Enryu said quietly. 

That’s Enma the monkey king huh? Yusuke was not surprised he carried himself like a king. It was surprising that his father had kept the Monkey a secret for so long. Yusuke was sure he was a tough customer. 

King Enma! I announced our business, and it had concluded. I just allowed my son to exercise his right as a child of the Sarutobi clan. His name is amongst your records. Ask Engen. Sasuke spoke with respect, but he also had a bit of disdain tinting his words. I will ask since you have graced us with your presence. Will you allow me and mine to summon you again? Sasuke asked the Giant monkey showing no fear.

Hmph. I will allow anyone who wishes to fight alongside your son to do so. I care not, but My contract must be earned. You have lost the right by betraying your creed. I won’t punish your son for the fathers crimes. If I was punished for my son’s crimes I would no longer rule this mountain. Now be gone! The Monkey Roared and they were suddenly back in the training grounds. The sun was slowly beginning to rise.

Well that could have gone worse. Sasuke said, lighting another cigarette. Yusuke nodded. Being de-summoned by a summon creature surprised him, but it did sound like Enma might let Yusuke summon him eventually. I’d say it went alright. Sorry that Enma won’t listen to you anymore Father. I’ll see if I can work on him! Yusuke clenched his fist as he said it.

haha… Thanks son, but I think our relationship is over. Some of the other monkeys are more sympathetic. I won’t try to summon Enma ever again… There was a sour tone in the air, but he continued. With that, I’ve fulfilled my requirement as the father of a young Sarutobi clan member. Use our techniques to protect your village and make a name for yourself. 

Sasuke took a drag from the cigarette. Good luck son. Dismissed. Sasuke seemed disappointed. Yusuke could feel it. He decided not to push the topic any further, and just left after saying a small thank you and delivering a bow.

The night was quiet with only the rising sun and smoke smell disturbing the peace.


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First time on the mountain Empty Re: First time on the mountain

Fri May 06, 2022 3:20 pm
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