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Crom Orochi
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Sculpture Empty Sculpture

Tue May 03, 2022 7:28 pm
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Painter Guild's Plus One! Pt 3

Looked like it was going to be another long day, the sun was blocked by the clouds and it actually looked like they would be getting some rain for once. It had been quite some time since it had rained so Crom was both excited and annoyed as he had to walk in the rain himself to get to the mission board and then onwards to wherever the mission would be taking place. Sighing loudly in his bed he pulled the covers off and stood up, stretching his thin frame out and getting ready to get washed up for the day. Once that had been taken care of he put on his newly purchased Lightweight Body armor and then put his clothes over top of it putting on his detachable hood so that he could stay as dry as possible once it started to rain. Checking his equipment and making sure he had his items in their pouches he stepped outside into the shifting shade. Crom was able to make it to the mission board without being rained on but he was more then positive that it was going to start raining as soon he left the building. Deciding to worry about that later he went over to the mission board to see what he could find to do today, starting at the E-rank and slowly moving through the board nothing seemed to be interesting enough to risk being out in the rain for but just as he was about to give up for the day Crom noticed a C-Rank Mission posted for the Painter’s Guild.

“These people are always needing help. I guess I can check this one out and then check if my paint job from the other day has held up.” Crom thought to himself as he took down the needed information for the mission in his notebook and started to head to the branch he would be working with today which was the same one he was getting quite familiar with. All this interaction with the Painter’s guild was making him interested in painting and art in general, spend enough time about the artists of the village and it grew on you. There was something addicting to putting thought to canvas and making your creation come to life. Crom wasn’t any virtuoso of the paint brush but he enjoyed himself and that was all that matter on that subject. As he was getting ready to leave he noticed that the people coming inside the building were drenched, “See I might as well have foresight.” He mumbled to himself as he flipped up his hood and headed out into the pouring rain. Even though it was pouring rain it was still annoyingly hot and the humidity wasn’t helping. Crom picked up his pace so he could get out of the rain that much quicker, by now the route from the building that held the mission board to the Painter’s Guild building was engraved into the Shinobi’s mind.

He rounded the corner and there was the entrance with a small group of people huddling under the cover to try and get a break from the rain as it seemed some people didn’t think it would rain. Crom brushed past the people standing there entering the building flipping his hood down and heading to the front desk, the Receptionist recognized him and waved him towards the Head Officer’s office knowing that Crom knew where to go. Crom nodded his head and proceeded to the office, arriving there he knocked on the door and waiting for the man inside to allow him entry. “Come in.” The voice called to him, “What do you nee…” The officer began but stopped when he saw Crom. “Well look what we have here a wet pup coming to lend a helping hand I assume.” He teased the young man in front of him, having grown to liking the boy due to his meticulous work ethic and practice. “Come sit down and I’ll explain what’s going on today.” The officer gestured to one of his seats, which Crom promptly took resting his feet and body in general. “Now today’s task is a bit different from what you have done so far. We have a very wealthy client coming in and the assistant that would be helping the artist fulfill the client’s request injured their hand and we need someone to take their place.” The officer explained.

“The Client is wanting some kind of Sculpture made and while the our employee will take care of the finishing touches and the majority of the work We need you to help speed up the process. We will meet with the man in charge and you guys will go from there.” The Officer finished looking over the boy who had pulled out his notebook as usual. “Lets get you going so you can get home though maybe by the time you are done the rain will have stopped.” The officer said with a smirk, the man stood up and lead Crom to the room where the artist is. “David this is the stand in that will be helping you.” The officer stepped aside, “Hello I am Crom Tokage and I am here to help with whatever you will be doing today.” Crom said in his work voice slightly bowing to the artist. “Hmm, Alright sure why not.” The artist said looking over Crom intensely. “We will be making a statue of our client, as closely as possible we can’t mess this up or we will lose face within the art community and with our customers so I will guide you on what to do and you will do what I say. Is that understood?” The artist asked sternly, Crom nodded his head, “Yes Sir, I will do my best and listen accordingly.” Crom was ready to get started and it looked like they would be starting shortly with the arrival of the client. It was a pretty average looking individual in the looks department standard face no facial hair and short well kept hair. The clothes are about the only way you would have been able to tell that this person was a wealthy individual.

“Alright now that I’m finally here shall we get started on making this masterpiece?” The Wealthy client said with a smile. They gave off a friendly feel and that was a good sign for Crom and the Artist. “Yes sir we can get started as soon as you stand over here and pick a pose you would like the statue to have. You will have to hold it till we are done though.” The Artist instructed the client and just as easily the man went to the appointed place and struck a thoughtful pose with his chin in his hand as if he was pondering the world. “This will do my good man, lets get this going so my arm doesn’t fall off.” The Client said with a chuckle.

“Alright I need you to get the general shape of the statue taken care of and I’ll take care of the finer details afterwards can you handle that?” The artist asked Crom, “Yes sir, I will do my best.” He responded while picking up the chisel and hammer and went to work getting the general shape of the statue started, with guidance on some parts Crom’s hard work started to show as the block of stone was becoming more humanoid looking and the general shape of the statue had been taken care of. “How does this look so far sir?” Crom asked the artist who nodded his head, “Yes this will work so this will be the longer bit and I will need you to operate the rotating stage under the client as we move around the statue to get the needed details.” He instructed and the Artist took over the main work chipping away at the statue, refining the shape into various details from how the clothing looked upon skin to the curls of the hair of the client. It was like the rock was coming to life as they worked over the hours taking the needed breaks for the client and going over any changes that needed to be made as they went double and triple checking with the client’s look and the likeness being put into the statue.

“Ok Crom go ahead and start rotating the client to his side so we can get that angle it should go by much quicker as we just need to get the clothing details now.” The artist instructed to the young Shinobi and Crom went to the stage as directed. “I will now be slowly turning the platform Sir please don’t move abruptly or be startled.” Crom said to the Client as he begun the slow turn of the platform till the Artist gestured him to stop and this process continued till they had done a full rotation. The artist was satisfied with the work they had completed so far and no longer needed the client to hold his pose and had him come over and look over the work done so far. “We still need to do some minor things like polishing and refining some of the finer details but how do you like it so far.” The Artist asked the Client. “So far so good young man, I can’t wait to see how it looks finished.” The client was happy with the work so far and with that approval Crom and the Artist went back to work finishing the needed details from refining the various sharp edges and smoothing out the areas to making the hair seem more life like with finer detail etched into the stone.

The hours went by and the sun had begun to set beyond the horizon, most of the guests that had come to see the artwork in the building had already left and there were only a few stragglers still around. Crom’s fingers were starting to ache from all the hammering and use of the chisel, he wasn’t use to doing such dexterous work for so long but he wasn’t annoyed or upset in fact he was having a heck of a time bringing something like this to life with his own hands. Granted it was with the help of a much more experience and knowledgeable individual but he was really becoming passionate about art in general. “Ok now the top is done we just got to go through the clothing and the shoes and we will be done.” The artist said as he looked over the minor details he had left to the young man and was quite impressed with the work Crom had done so far. “Have you done anything like this before?” The artist asked, “No Sir I have done some minor jobs for the Guild in the past but doing sculpture work is new to me.” Crom replied honestly as he didn’t mind what people thought of him for lacking experience in different fields. “Well that’s surprising to be honest it seems you have a knack for this kind of work.” The artist said surprised by that reveal, while Crom’s work wasn’t anything to write home about he was very meticulous on the details and followed guidance quite well.

“Lets finish these last things and we can get you on home the sun has gone done and I know our Client is ready for this to be done with.” The artist said as they approached the statue with a new vigor and finished off the last of the needed changes and works. “Alright sir if you would look over our work and if you are happy with it we are all done.” The artist said to the Client and while the client looked over the statue he already approved Crom’s work done so far. To the artist no matter what the client said he had done more then enough and it would simply rely on if the client’s own opinion. “Amazing work boys Wrap it up and I’ll take it with me today.” The Client said posed next to his statue smiling. With his work done and paperwork approved Crom made his way to the building needed to turn in his work and went home for the night glad to be done with that kind of work for the time being and a bit more interested in doing his own kind of art and sculpting.

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Sculpture Empty Re: Sculpture

Tue May 03, 2022 7:52 pm
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