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Goto Senju
Goto Senju
Deputy Kage
Deputy Kage
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A Feast of Kings [Yama] Empty A Feast of Kings [Yama]

Wed Apr 13, 2022 4:15 pm
Mission specs:

Stat page:

A lot of things could be said about the Akimichi but not that they didn't know how to throw a party. And boy did they not disappoint. Various occasions were enough of an excuse for the clan to hold a giant feast, it didn't even need to be anything special. No, even something as trivial as an ordinary Tuesday would be reason to celebrate. It appeared they had found yet another motive that would allow them to run wild, even to the extent they didn't spare any costs, to the point news of the upcoming party reached Goto's ears as well.

It hadn't been that long ago that the silver haired Senju visited the Hyuuga in their District for something similar, cause of their celebration being Onabi's victory in the most recent Chuunin Exams. But, the deputy knew all too well that what the Akimichi had planned would be on a far bigger scale than the Byakugan Banquet. "The two of them can hardly be compared, even attempting to do wouldn't be fair on my lilac eyed friends". Funny enough, the White Wolf of Konoha was invited this time as well. Aware of the rich history of the Akimichi clan and their heroic deeds that proved their loyalty to the Leaf, Goto knew he had no reason to decline.

Dressed rather casually, knowing their parties had a high chance of getting messy, the Senju didn't want to risk putting on his finest suit only to get it dirty during the feast. "Here goes nothing", without further ado Goto would open the doors and set foot into the hall. 

(WC: 268)
Yama Akimichi
Yama Akimichi
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A Feast of Kings [Yama] Empty Re: A Feast of Kings [Yama]

Fri Apr 15, 2022 2:10 am
Yāma Akimichi 
Stat Page:
The day after tomorrow seemed to prosper as the youthful one bucked up the ceiling towards him. However, he woke up disgruntled as something was maiming the young leaf's lion. But no procedure was that going to impede the individual's execution from attaining his true potential. He took a timely glimpse around his surroundings, genuine white and solely filled with the painting of the Akimichi clan. Yama eyed the excellent portion of painting, honoured to be part of his ancestry. He admired his papa, a man he would look up to for guidance.

Yama was dressed in his usual outfit — A black kirtle underneath a purple cloak made of the phenomenal sheeting. The Akimichi stood in no scramble to get started, as his primary emphasis is to substantiate his village at all intervals.
Nevertheless, today would be proclaimed openly that a banquet of his clan is bound to come again. As the Akimichi left his house, he gazed about his next move. Yama took an abrupt glance as he felt the stares of the civilization were onto him. He smiled as he waved his hand at them. The lion of the leaf jerked his head and evacuated to the banquet.

Yama was intrigued to attend the feast as he was passionate to eat. He walked across the modern highways that leaded to the entrance of the banquet. "About time." He grinned placing his left hand on his left pocket, casually making his way to the banquet, entering the hall wondering what would be next.

(WC: 254)
Goto Senju
Goto Senju
Deputy Kage
Deputy Kage
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A Feast of Kings [Yama] Empty Re: A Feast of Kings [Yama]

Tue Apr 19, 2022 8:13 pm
The party went as expected. Lots of laughter, plenty of drinks and food were consumed, everyone was having a good time. "They sure know how to host a feast" Goto voiced as he looked around him. It seemed the entire Akimichi clan had gathered, young and old were present and having the time of their lives. Some would be dancing while others simply spent the entire night at the buffet. After all, it was all you can eat. As the evening started to near its end, the silver haired Senju realized that the day would be far from over. "Alright, let's get this over with". With that being said, the deputy started to clean up.

Picking up empty plates, throwing them in the trash, making sure the tables were cleaned. Fortunately for him, the Akimichi didn't make too much of a mess. Perhaps it was because they didn't want to ruin their good image in front of Goto but whatever the case, the young Senju didn't complain. Once the silver haired finished cleaning up the place and knew he could leave a spotless room behind, Goto passed the clan elders, telling them to make sure their youngest continued training hard. "Til next time". He'd take his leave after saying goodbye and head back home.

The next morning Goto would find a letter in his mail, a thank you message from the Akimichi clan for both visiting and helping out at the party.


(TWC: 510)
- 510 towards Sage's Knowledge
- 10 AP
- Mission rewards (2000 ryo, 10 AP)
Isemori Uchiha
Isemori Uchiha
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A Feast of Kings [Yama] Empty Re: A Feast of Kings [Yama]

Thu Apr 21, 2022 5:36 pm
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