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Okisho Uchiha
Okisho Uchiha
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A Feast of Kings Empty A Feast of Kings

Fri Nov 17, 2023 5:33 pm
MIssion Details:

The loud clutter of the dining guest filled the hall, it's high vaulted ceilings and grand spacious space added to it's acoustics. The Akimichi were once again throwing their large banquets, in celebration of one of their young achieving manhood. They weren't really particular in who they invited, the more the merrier. They were happy jovial folk, taking great pride in the fact that food was their identity. It was their culture, noting short to a great meal at every sitting. The meal displayed before the many was exquisite, his hunger grew ravenous each time more plates were brought out. Okisho, along with Sei were sitting at the table, eyeing each plate while discussing their plans.

As for attire, Okisho is a minimalist, nothing too flashy and void of any logos. He is seen wearing a simple all light grey shirt, and a pair of dark navy-blue slacks which stop at the top of his ankles. A single ninja pouch concealed underneath his black shirt. The pouch his attached to his black leather belt, fastened on the back right side of his waist. His shoes are standard issued shinobi editions, revealing his toes and back ankles. His shinobi headband is tied tight against his forehead, but not so much to cause any discomfort.

"This is some good food, Okisho. Thanks for bring me out here!", he said, while shuffling through his plate. He was neat eater, portioning everything out in order as to how he would eat it. Okisho's scanning the room with cautious eyes, then leans in to Sei. "I know you don't get much to eat, so I figured bring you along wouldn't hurt. The Akamichi only care if you finish your plate. But we much talk about what we have so far, pertaining to the mission at hand"

"Yeah, *nom nom*, and all it took was a pair of new shoes, eh?... *Silence*", he had almost forgot the reason why he was here. The reason towards him meeting up with Okisho, partnering up and putting in the work in trying to expose the Uchiha Council. Throughout the past few weeks, the two have been investigating the Uchiha council, their plot towards draining the district of its resources had to be stopped.

"Don't worry, Sei. We are going to expose them. Now, what we know is that they have the means to come and go as they please throughout the village", Sei chimes in after wiping his mouth with a napkin nearby. "Right, due to the Asylum. Which, we have no idea where it is. I tried like hell to remember, but the only things I remember was the inside. Bits and pieces, I don't even remember the ride there".

Okisho grew silent, pursing his lips in thought as always. "Ok, tell me the layout. the color of the walls, anything that comes to mind."

Taking a moment, he attempts to relive his horror, for the sake of the mission. "It's all so hazy..., but, bright. The walls were white, I awoke in a room. Bound to something. I was wacked out of my mind on whatever they gave me. Nope! Nada son.", he lowers his head in shame. His help was as useless as he was during his stay at the Asylum.

Okisho sighs, looking down at his plate. He played around with his food, eyeing the others as they chowed down. "Then, I'm going to have do some investigating in the Administration building. If they have access to come and go as they please, that would mean the village would have to have some knowledge of this so called Asylum."

The old man scoffs, "You think we havent tried that. The one who saved me, the lady I told you about. She asked around, called in some favors after I told her about your theory of them using emergency carriages. Nobody is getting access to those records unless you have high level security clearance. Not even an upstanding genin like you will be able to get those files without having the rank".

The bell rung, the next and final course was starting. Dessert. However, it would be bittersweet for the duo as they have yet run into another obstacle. How were they going to get the files now? "Don't give up kid, we gotta think of something. All this crime that's going on, beneath our noses. Somebody has to be of help, or be willing to help us".

Okisho looks to the side, eyeing the many plates of dessert that were brought out. "Wait! That's it!", he waits for the server to leave after she placed the plates down in front of them on the table. "Tanzaku Town. Someone would probably know whats going on. It's no secret that the dealings that go on in Tanzaku Town are a bit shady to say the least."

"Yeah..., lotta mob bosses. Lotta connections. You remember that Apothecary, east of the entrance to the Uchiha district? He's connected. No actually in any dealings, oh no! Much to soft for that life. But he related to a shot caller fort the Hashimoto family. I don't know if they are still on good terms, but if I wanted a sit down with the most powerful crime family in Tanzaku town, that would be my first choice."

"Yeah, I know where that is."

"Whelp, you have a choice. either find a way to get into the administration building and get those records, or head over to the apothecary."

Okisho ponders on what he should do. The last bell rung, the service was over. Okisho was then left behind by Sei. "Whelp, whatever you do, stick to it. I'm outta here, thanks for the food. Have fun cleaning up the dishes!", he saunters out of the dinning hall. Okisho was left with a mountain of dishes to clean. He sighs, figuring this was part of the job. Putting in his dues.

After a few hours later, his hands pruned beyond comfort, was seen leaving the hall with everything cleaned. he used some shadow clowns to get the job done. Which really helped. Okisho, with his mind made up, heads home. He had a lot of work to do tomorrow.

On his way home, entering the Uchiha district, he spots the store he was told about by Sei. It was closed, as expected due to the late hour, but was glad to see it was still around. He scans his surroundings, taking in the amount of buildings still still standing. Well, the ones he knew that were still owned by the Uchiha. It was going to get a whole let worse before it got better. so he kept telling himself. He walks towards his home full of conflict, it all had to end. Too many people have been hurt by this. Sei, the old, practically everyone in the district was a target. Soon though, soon the young Uchiha would find his mark, and take down this cabal.

From the shadows once more, a figure is seen. OKisho was unaware of tyhe specter, but his follower was beginning to get to know that Okisho was starting to become a real problem.
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Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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A Feast of Kings Empty Re: A Feast of Kings

Sat Nov 18, 2023 7:14 am
Okisho Uchiha wrote:
MIssion Details:

Exit TWC/ 1,197 Claiming 2,000 ryo, +10 ap, +20 Ap due to maxed stats, 727 words towards this to complete the training, 451 words towards Demon lanterns to complete the mastery Statpage, 19 words towards pureblood

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