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Okisho Uchiha
Okisho Uchiha
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Minor Construction Help Empty Minor Construction Help

Thu Nov 16, 2023 7:40 pm
Mission Details:

"So this is where you were taken, Sei?", Okisho asked. His current company being that of the same man he encountered in the slums. He nods to his question, while remaining weary of his surroundings. It was as if he was reliving that same horrible night. His mind undone by the copious amounts of drugs pumped into his system. His body beaten and weak from the rough handling. He stops a moment, rethinking his decisions. Okisho, now stopping and checking behind himself, sees a mentally drained victim of a terrible crime. He was in fact roaming about with Sei to look for more clues as to why he was abducted, while also trying to confirm if any of it was true. If so, He could tie this with his current investigation on the massive reality purchases that have been happening recently. He walks towards him, refraining from touching him as it might cause Sei to panic and send him deeper into his episode. "Sei, It;s going to be alright. We're here to get the story out. And drag those greed councilman out into the light for what they have done.

Sei's frame is a bit more relax, the assurance from Okisho helped, but he was still in disarray. "We're in a construction site, I took the mission because it will give us more access to the ground, without anyone questioning us", he nods with a smile. Okisho thought ahead and grabbed he assignment the moment it was posted. It matched the same area to where Sei was taken. "Good, I hope none of these blue collar folk are in on it. I can't trust anyone lately. For all we know, this could be a cover up. Getting rid of evidence", he wasn't crazy. Okishi looks back towards the upcoming construction site along their path. It was very possible that this could all be a cover up. But how? If there were tunnels, the Hyuga would have reported it long ago. This building site was near the Hyuga district. He purses his lips in thought, proceeding forward to get the what the two came here for. Answers.

As for attire, Okisho is a minimalist, nothing too flashy and void of any logos. He is seen wearing a simple all light grey shirt, and a pair of dark navy-blue slacks which stop at the top of his ankles. A single ninja pouch concealed underneath his black shirt. The pouch his attached to his black leather belt, fastened on the back right side of his waist. His shoes are standard issued shinobi editions, revealing his toes and back ankles. His shinobi headband is tied tight against his forehead, but not so much to cause any discomfort.

"You know, before my tailor shop, I used to be a huge pot head. Way before your time, man i loved me some good weed", Okisho narrowed his eyes at the thought of doing drugs. His parents were of a military background, no room for such nonsense. It seemed to have tricked down to Okisho.

"I don't smoke. You shouldn't be smoking that stuff anyways, it's a gateway to many other terrible drugs with not so mellow affects", he says while finally reaching the site.

"Yeah, sounds like the same conservative bullshit my folks pushed on me. But i'm not talking about meth. Weed actually helps those with many issues. Sleep, anxiety, depression, hell even appetite problems. Hell... I remember I used to go to the one Ice cream parlour in the Uchiha district, Many the place was huge, now that I think of it... it was a bit big to be a shop. It was like a warehouse or something."

"Yeah, they it got closed down. Bought out by the same company that's destroying our district", Okisho arrives to the scene. He asks Sei to wait back for a bit, as he went to the foreman to get the blue prints and start working on what he was tasked to do. although Okisho was here to help Sei, he still had a job to do. Okisho read over the blueprints, which he had trouble reading. Realizing this, he would have to work with one of the laborers to get his job done. Which meant he would be able to tag Sei around. Okisho walked over to Sei and explained to him the situation.

"You can't read blueprints? I can! You don't need to bother anyone, just take me with you. i'll tell you how to build your platform and  while you do that, I'll try to pin point the spot I woke up from" Okisho nodded wholeheartedly.

The two ventured off into the heart of the construction site, now wearing their proper PPEs as remaining safe was their top priority. After working on the platform, Sei was seen roaming around, trying to figure out his surroundings. Much had changed since he was last here. After all, this was a construction site. He then sees a rusted piece of rebar sticking out of the ground, surrounded with rocks. Vivid images of his past started to flash within his mind the closer he got. "I, think I found it Okisho. Okisho!", he yelled, begging for his help. Okisho rushed over to his aid, he sees nothing but a pile of rocks and rusted metal. "This is it, this is the spot I awoke from before I was helped", he stared down at the bar with fright in his eyes. Okisho scanned the area around them to see if anyone was coming, before getting closer. Nothing was out of the ordinary. He then activates his sharingan, and saw nothing. "I, don't see anything. Nothing tunnel, or any seals with chakra signatures. You said you were dumped here right?"

"Yeah, but you don't just lug a body throughout time and dump here. The guards would have noticed something, there's no way. There has to be a tunnel. Anything!"

Okisho sighs, kneeling down at the pile of rocks. he saw nothing, but thought more about what he said. He was right, if he was dragged hauled here, then the people who did this would have been stopped for sure. But then again, maybe the guards did see something. and perhaps, had no reason to stop them.

He gets up from the ground, not planed upright on his two feet. "You're right, whoever kidnapped you had to bring you back. Otherwise, you would have been classified as a missing person. And the Higher ups would have to get involved..., which would lead them back to council. Strange..."

"You bet your ass its strange, now help me move some of these rocks"

"They took you out of the village, but brought you back? That would mean they would have to have the means to come and leave the village with little to no resistance. You said you were shipped out to an Asylum, which meant..."

Sei perks up at the thought, immediately stopping what he was doing.

"Yeah..., I must have been in the back of an emergency carriage. My god, I should have known that's how they were doing it. Fuck, Okisho. This is big!"

"Yeah, I'll meet up with you later ok. We can go over what we know so far and come up with a plan."

"Yeah, you bet! thanks youngster!", he taps Okisho's shoulder and made his way out of the construction site, as did Okisho with the platform built and ready for the foreman.

As they left, a figure from the distance eyes the two leaving. Their form remaining the the shadows, taking note as to what has just happened.
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Hiroki Shimada
Hiroki Shimada
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Minor Construction Help Empty Re: Minor Construction Help

Fri Nov 17, 2023 8:44 am
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