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Toran Uchiha
Toran Uchiha
Stat Page : The Wily Amusing Uchiha
Remove Taijutsu Weaponry Ninjutsu Default
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 62500

Photo Op Protege Empty Photo Op Protege

Sat Mar 12, 2022 1:04 pm
Photo OP Protege:

The small gusts of wind flying over the mountainous region of Hoshigakure filled Toran with Joy as he ushered his parents out of the house for the day. Proudly wearing his headband that glistened with the newly polished steel that his mother had worked on. She herself was wearing a Long sleeve black shirt with a sleeveless vest wrapped around their shoulders. His father wore a slightly different outfit compared to Toran’s mother. As his outfit was more akin to that of a Tunic and long pants that were a matching gray and black respectively. Toran’s own outfit was the same old Light blue and black attire that he seemingly always wore.

“Come on Come on! I wanna make sure you guys get a good picture!!” Toran called out towards his two parents as he was almost running late in order to help with a Photographer set up for the day during his own four hour shift. Toran’s soft charcoal eyes scan the abundant streets of Hoshigakure in search of the photographer. It was a pretty easy way to spot the man since he was with a group of people. Toran rushed over to the cranky looking old man with leathery skin and sunken eyes. His eyebrows were so long that they reached past his head. Toran however didn’t bother to judge the old prune as he immediately went to work with what the man told him after the slight scolding he was given.

“Sorry sir! Just wanted to get my parents here to have a Photo!” He shouted with glee as the man turned his attention straight towards Toran’s parents making their way towards the Photographer. Toran set up lights while his mother would be first to introduce herself to him. His father followed shortly afterwards with a slight bow of respect for the man.

“I see you two are the boys' parents…. Say, I think I’ve seen you around here Rai… You’re the librarian aren't you?”

Rai was surprised for a moment that someone recognized him before nodding. His long straight black hair slightly swayed as he’d return to his normal position before answering with a curt nod.

“Yes I am…. It’s nice to know someone remembers the librarian.”

Toran’s eyes shifted in order to catch a peak at what his parents were talking about before getting back to work on the assignment at hand. Which was to set up the lightning and other equipment. During this time he did notice his parents mainly talking to the photographer. As Toran did have a request to make after he was done with his whole assignment regarding setting up.

It had been a good few hours since he had started preparing and laying everything out. Walking over to the Photographer and giving him a small smile as he requested something that would be nice for the boy as a reward.

“Please take a picture of my mom and dad together?” He asked with a somber voice. His eyes pleaded for the man to take the picture of the two. The old man nodded his head before motioning for the two parents to come over. Requesting that he take a picture of the two of them. The two were surprised at the request before nodding. However Toran’s mother suggested something that hadn’t crossed the young Uchiha’s mind.

“Toran, come join in on the picture please!” She said while grabbing the boy by his cheek and having to drag him into the picture. Plopping the boy right in between the two as he’d give a small embarrassed smile. The flash of the camera illuminated the three as a photo was taken of them. The Photographer immediately handed it to Toran as he was relieved of his duty. It was a good day to be a ninja in Hoshigakure.

Sharingan Copycat(B-Rank):1500/1500
Sharingan Copycat(A-Rank):337/1000
Rewards:1000 Ryo and 5 AP
Shinrei Yamato
Shinrei Yamato
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Clan Specialty : Fuinjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
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Photo Op Protege Empty Re: Photo Op Protege

Sat Mar 12, 2022 4:32 pm
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