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Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
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Genjutsu Ninjutsu Space Time Default
Wind Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Space-Time
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 35400

Hidden Garden - A Rank Mission Empty Hidden Garden - A Rank Mission

Fri Nov 12, 2021 11:01 am
Hidden Garden A-Rank Mission WC: 4000 50% bonus for covert

For the first time, he was given something big. Zeo despite his cool and collected demeanor, felt a bit nervous to be given such an important mission, but his skills at covert, surveillance, stealth and strategy was the best choice for this kind of mission. He was recommended by the Hogokage himself, and so how could he say no. He was Chunin now. He was worthy of the rank, so it was time to live up to it. An A Rank mission, one of great importance.

He recalled his trip into the desert to find the "Ghost Rose" a plant capable of creating many vaccines and medicines to help cure poisons of various kinds. However, there were expeditions of ninja sent to retrieve and cultivate them, but they were attacked, with few survivors. They would bring the plant back, only to be attacked and the cargo stolen. His mission was to go out, find samples and take note of the growing environment.

With that, Zeo took off for the borders, reaching the same desert location that was also near the edge of the mountain and forest. He easily jumped across and moved swiftly to the terrain, as night was closing approaching. He had to get to the area where the flowers bloomed, and they normally bloomed and flourished at night when it was cooler and damper out, due to how much water they required to grow.

Getting another sample would be simple enough, but returning it might be problematic if enemies were targeting the return trip. Or rather, they were spying on those traveling to get it themselves. While the mission was indeed riddled with risks, Zeo wasn't afraid of the mission itself. It wouldn't be the first time he faced something dangerous. He was stronger now than he was before...

He soon reached the desert just as the sun had set, and the stars started to peek through the veil of the night sky. He stopped on the edge of the forest overlooking the rocky terrain of the desert where the ghost rose bloom. They were known to grow near underground water sources, near oases, and other places where water moisture was more ensured. He recalled where one of the flowers he once picked was and moved to inspect that same place, wondering if he could find another one around.

Zeo easily moved through the landscape, running through the desert and approaching the area he remembered, finding the rocky outcroppings and places where he found the rose the first time. However, this time, no luck. He inspected the spot to soon find no other there.

A sigh escaped Zeo as he recalled this the spot he found the first. But he knew it was close. All the while as he searched, he also kept an eye to any changes in the environment, natural or unnatural. If enemies were nearby and trying to find the flowers too, the last thing he wanted was to be caught off guard. So far, he couldn't sense anyone or see anything out of the ordinary.

"OKay, the flower blooms at night, so it doesn't require solar energy to grow. It requires water, which is scarse in the desert... it hides in damp, shaded areas... " Zeo pondered but soon recalled the small outcropping he saw-- and ventured deeper. To his surprise, the dark corner led downward. It was a cave, one that led into the desert. However, he would look into it, and it seemed part natural, part man-made-- or rather cut open by something unnatural.

A smirk came to Zeo's face. Perhaps the other ninja who got ambushed found means of finding more of the elusive flower. It would explain things. If there were underground water veins that ran through the desert, it would make sense if these flowers grew underground in caves too -- like moss inside similar caves. Still, it wasn't there before.

He had seen this and while the cove was deep, he didn't recall a cave entrance. The unnatural marks on it, may have been the marks of an earth-style shinobi opening the path that led underground to where more grew. Still, the fact he saw the cave, the marks looked recent. His gaze narrowed, but he dared to venture into the cave regardless, braving what dangers were inside.

WC: 719
Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Stat Page : Zeo Kamigawa's Stat & Jutsu List

Genjutsu Ninjutsu Space Time Default
Wind Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Space-Time
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 35400

Hidden Garden - A Rank Mission Empty Re: Hidden Garden - A Rank Mission

Sat Nov 13, 2021 11:58 pm
Zeo ventured deeper into the cave, finding it unusually damp and cool. Then again, it was nighttime now as he ventured in. His ninja training allowed him to easly go into the cave without lightning. A light would have been a target bull's eye if this was a trap. He had enough sensory skill to get a general idea of the terrain and kept a hand on the wall to keep from tripping or getting lost. It was hard for him to maneuver around the cramp entrance of the cave, and it kept getting steeper.

Eventually more room opened up, but what he heard surprised him. Water-- and as he ventured, he could get a general idea of what was there. He was in a series of caverns, with an underwater river running through the place.  In fact, some moss produced natural light and the water refracted it, lighting up the cave far better.

He followed the cave further, focused more on the trails and veins of water that flowed openly in the underground passageways. He was curious where all this water ran from, but that was a question for another day. Following the opening, he followed another tunnel to there was a strong light source. At first, he thought it was fire or candles to light up the area. Perhaps others were there so he approached with caution, but he soon saw something else as he gingerly approached. He kept to the wall, not standing out-- till he soon saw the source.

There was no fire or people there-- however, what was illuminating the chamber, was several glowing white roses. Ghost roses-- dozens if not hundreds of them! They glowed with magical light as if the moon reflected on the inside. They were beautiful, even mesmerizing to look at. There must of been enough to cultivate a whole garden of them. Zeo couldn't suppress the smile on his face as he stepped forward...

... but stopped as he soon got to his senses. "W-wait a minute," Zeo breathed, realizing something was wrong. The flower was too spare, too rare to grow in this abundance. There wouldn't be enough water for all of them... "This is too easy..."

For a moment, his eyes flickered, triggering his doujutsu-- and as he looked at it, he saw a good number of the roses were not the same-- mingled with a sparkling, scarlet-colored glow to them. His eyes narrowed as he soon made a confrontation hand sign. "Release!" He spoke firmly and disrupted his own chakra for a sharp second.

Before his eyes, the glow dissolved. The abundance of white flowers soon faded, revealing red ones in their place. Slowly, more and more red roses were seen, or another form of flower that was similar, but glowed with a bright red color. Beautiful but not his target. However, the fact was, this was a trap, and he almost fell right for it. "Genjutsu..." Zeo breathed, his gaze narrowed upon the trap, knowing he had been suspected to reach here.

"Ooooh, impressive," a smooth, sultry voice spoke from above.

Zeo quickly jumped forward and spun around, looking to the source of the voice. Above him he soon saw the person-- sitting on an outcropping of rocks at the ceiling of the cavern. Sitting there aloof, a hand resting her chin as they leaned forward-- was a woman. She was clearly an older woman, around mid twenties . She was attractive with a smooth look of scarlet hair. Her eyes were light brown and she wore a black and red attire of a shinobi garb, almost like an easy-moving dress. She sat there aloof, as if she was enjoying the flowers herself.

"... Said the spider to the fly."

Zeo's eyes glared at him. Through the shade of his doujutsu, he caught glimpses of her chakra-- the exact same glow that the flowers had. There was an odd scarlet and fiery glow that seemed prideful, but also spoke of deception, superiority and deadliness. The glow soon faded briefly to reveal her full appearance to Zeo, which made him aware of what was happening.

"Not very original with snappy dialog, are  you?" Zeo replied calmly. "How many times did you tell that to my fellow shinobi before you ambushed them?"

A smile appeared on the woman's lips as she sat there. "Heh, you're probably right. So many came through it did get old. It's a shame. I had hope you'd take a walk in my garden before I offed you. The look on their faces to die among such beauty is... awe inspiring. " he said.

Now Zeo realized the quality of her aura that he saw. It wasn't mere confidence and violence--- it was sadism. She got a kick out of this. A chill ran up Zeo's back but he kept his body composed. "Well, you're game ends now. I'm taking the real Ghost Rose and stopping your little operation here. Whether or not it will cost you your life is up to you."

A chuckle came from the woman as she shifted. "Oooh, so scary. But you look a bit too wet behind the ears to be a threat to my fun," she said as she moved, and soon drew a kunai from her side, showing she was indeed a shinobi. "You should of let the roses take you. Now I'll have to make the walls red with your blood."

Zeo's eyes narrowed still, unimpressed by the threat as he too kept still and didn't show his hand yet. The fact was he knew this was one opponent to not take likely. Her aura aside, she was cautious too. She had used Genjutsu, which meant she was likely skilled at chakra, ninjutsu, and was smart enough to put others into her genjutsu. He had to be cautious.

It was then she raised her other hand for a confrontation sign. "Katon-- Scarlet Blaze Flower!" she  spoke, and as if it was an attractive lure, she blew out a large ball of fire that illuminated the cave wall. The ball flew right for Zeo, capable of burning him to a crisp.

Luckily with all the water from the cave streams, Zeo was in no way limited in resources. "Water Style, Water Wall!!" The moisture and water soon grew in mass-- and became a wall for Zeo, blocking the scarlet fire ball that blazed. It hit the water and steam immediately filled the room from the combined jutsu.

Despite the powerful water attack, the woman smirked. Predictable... she said as she made another confrontation sign and triggered it.

It was then the scarlet flowers below began to glow and become brighter. The glow soon ended when suddenly, the flowers exploded, becoming just as powerful a fiery blaze as before, burning the flowers to a crisp and grew towards Zeo's exposed back.

Zeo glanced behind him, seeing the incoming fire. "A two-prong attack! he thought as he acted....


WC: 1175
Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Stat Page : Zeo Kamigawa's Stat & Jutsu List

Genjutsu Ninjutsu Space Time Default
Wind Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Space-Time
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 35400

Hidden Garden - A Rank Mission Empty Re: Hidden Garden - A Rank Mission

Thu Nov 25, 2021 12:54 am
The exploding flowers roared as it threatened to come up against Zeo's back-- leaving him one path of escape. Forward.

Zeo pushed himself into the water wall as it blocked the first fire-- and soon the second blaze hit. Steam and smoke filled the cave as the woman looked down at the aftermath, fairly certain the boy got caught in the explosion. It soon cleared, however, there was nothing but a few puddles of water despite the sizzling heat. She blinked as she noticed the target slipped away. Likely what happened, Zeo forced himself into the water wall to evade the second attack-- charging forward through the water-soaked wall to escape back through the entrance he came in.

She soon dropped down from her perch and landed with an elegant fall. She looked to the entrance, a grin on her face. "OOh, we got a clever one this time. Hope he entertains me more than the others. Do try to make this interesting, little boy," she said.

Meanwhile, Zeo was on the run. This was HER home-field advantage, and he couldn't stay there. As he ran, he noticed those flowers scattered on the corners of the cave system. They seemed to sprout out of the sheer stone, which was impossible, grown by only some ivy in its place. He could only surmise they were part of her jutsu-- to act as foci for her techniques and perhaps even use them to set off traps. This is bad... I need to get some distance and get clear from her range. If I don't she will blindside me again.

His first thought was to return to the surface. He turned around a bend to find the cave opening that led back up to the desert-- except it was now gone. It was like the entire topography of the cave system changed, now showing a large solid wall blocking him. "W-What the... Did I get turned around somewhere?" Zeo asked himself.

Not waiting long, he continued to run in assuming he had simply missed a turn in his haste, but he had followed his footsteps. An exit should of been there. It was right by the small river that ran through the cave-- and yet, there was no passage he had seen before.  He ventured further down the cavern, finding other openings but none that he remembered before. He would run down the tunnels, finding those same odd flowers sprouted every so often along the ground or on the walls. The more he saw them, the more agitated and aware he was of them, like an eyesore that was ugly to his eye.

Something was wrong as he ran. He ran in several directions, but no matter where he went, he would pass by areas he had thought he had moved through before--- and yet seemed to be running in circles, and passageways that should be there would disappear.

"What the hell... " he gasped, starting to get a headache...

It was then, his eyes started to kick in again, causing them to reveal their black, starry pattern around his corneas. As he opened his eyes-- the flowers were aglow again, with the same crimson and scary chakra the woman radiated. Each flower was permeated with it-- but not only that, bloches of that same chakra and/or aura she exuded, wafted in the air before and around him. He paused for a moment as he saw the red chakra cloud his field of vision... moving like a mist, or rather a soft almost unseen substance in the air...

"Wait... is that pollen?" Zeo asked himself softly.

The aura he saw in the air was clearly around him. However, what soon gave things away,  was when he looked to a direction where he had sworn where a passageway was... the entire section glowed the same chakra. Zeo soon approached it, and put his hand against it. It soon passed right through-- an illusion as he almost fell forward, dispelling the non-corporal concealment.

Genjutsu... of course, Zeo thought as he stepped past the once missing passageway. The more he looked around, he soon saw the larger patches of stones, where tunnels or lack of where giving Zeo a poor sense of direction. But how did she trap him under it? It was when it hit him-- the flowers. The soft wafting of chakra that moved through the air.. was the flower's pollen. The flowers were likely created by chakra, therefore spread its pollen into the air. She likely used the pollen to capture an enemy by smell--- making it harder to avoid due to how smell-based genjutsu normally worked. It was not easy to block out the sense of smell. It was permeated into the air, and thus unavoidable...

He grimaced a bit at the situation. The genjutsu strategy was pretty elaborate to lure people into traps and ambushes. He knew, he used the same type of jutsu as she did. In the end, it came to whoever was more clever. But the only advantage Zeo had was his eyes were able to see her chakra, and in essence this genjutsu's effects.

He pressed into the next hall, focusing on the patch of the red chakra that seemed to focus on the Genjutsu's effect. "Release..." he breathed softly and focused on a sharp increase in his chakra free of any sign. His eyes merely widened with the surge, showing his mysterious eyes more.

It was then that the patches of red on the walls-- the areas where the Genjutsu were focused on, vanished, allowing him to see passages where there once weren't. He quickly ran down the one he saw, and soon prepared his next step. He could undo her Genjutsu luckily-- his chakra strong. However, even if you broke a Genjutsu, you could still walk into their traps. Many would anticipate such a development. So he had to think two steps ahead.

WC: 997
Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
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Genjutsu Ninjutsu Space Time Default
Wind Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Space-Time
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 35400

Hidden Garden - A Rank Mission Empty Re: Hidden Garden - A Rank Mission

Thu Nov 25, 2021 12:26 pm
After a few twists and turns out of the tunnels, he came to another cavern. He passed more of those flowers but he made them brief, keeping as far away from them as possible in the cramped tunnels. He made sure to not inhale the air around them-- but it was difficult to avoid it completely. If it wasn't for his chakra vision to see it, it be far harder to avoid its effects. At least he was out of the genjutsu. Still it was a temporary fix. With the smell-based genjutsu from pollen, he would fall right back into it in a matter of time if he wasn't careful.

He soon came to a stop, finding another wide chamber, ending with a stream and a rather shallow pond of water there. As he got there, he noticed the soft white glow of light nearby. Zeo soon looked upon the shoreline to see it scattered with a few of REAL Ghost Roses. "At least I found the REAL ones," Zeo commented as he tried to keep his senses on alert.

The room was blocked out-- with another isolated cavern with only the path he came from as the only one out. He didn't see any red flowers there, so he felt for the moment he was safe...


The sound of slicing metal soon rang as Zeo felt the cold steel of the kunai press against his throat. He didn't move as he soon felt warm and someone press against him. It almost felt good if it wasn't for the murderous intent behind it. "Found you," the sexy tone of the kinochi spoke. "Those Hoshigakure shinobi must be scraping the barrel sending a child like you to your death. What a pity. They really are trying to pull my heartstrings killing a kid." she said. As if to try and seduce Zeo, she leaned closer into his ear with her hot breath. "Sadly I don't have a heart to pull. Tough break for you."

A sigh escaped Zeo, still composed despite the bad situation. "You sure love to talk. You remind me of someone else I know..." Zeo said, as he thought of Enishi loving the sound of his own voice.

A soft chuckle escaped her as she leaned in and pressed the kunai at his throat. "Any last words? You certainly won't be making any more of them," she asked as she got ready to slit his throat.

"Yeah, two, " he replied casting his gaze behind her to show his starry eyes. "Got you."

In that instance, when her kunai would press forward-- Zeo's entire form shimmered and lost all rigidity. Rightt in her arms, he fell apart into a mass of water and collapsed before her feat.

She stepped back, surprised. "A Water Clone!" she griped angrily.

Just as she was alarmed, she noticed the soft drift of bubbles floating down towards her. Just as she would of noticed, she noticed the first of the bubbles to pop-- follow by a powerful flash and burst like an explosion!

The bubble bombs went off, along with scattering other bubbles in the air along the cavern floor. Up above, Zeo floated-- perched on a far larger bubble as he sat on it like a baloon. His bubble jutsu was his favorite jutsu and he used it to keep high enough out of sight, hanging along the ceiling of the cave, and able to act as he used his clone as a decoy. He finished blowing his bubbles out , surrounding himself with plenty of tools full of chakra t o cast his ninjutsu.  He smirked to himself as he saw her reaction to the Bubble Bomb, knowing he did some damage.

From the smoke of his explosion of bubbles-- the kinochi quickly jumped out for distance. She had a fair amount of concussive marks on her clothing and skin, having taken a hit from the jutsu. She landed on the harder parts of the cave, glancing up to see Zeo looking down at her.

"Turn about is fair play, lady," Zeo said calmly as he sat on his bubble. "I'd suggest you surrender before I go have to get too rough with you." he warned.

Despite the distaste the woman had to have Zeo fool her, she smirked. "Hmmm interesting. Looks like you will be of some fun after all," she said as she wove hand signs as Zeo floated airborne. "Earth Style-- Terra Crush!" she shouted. Forming her signs, she pressed her hands to the ground in a low crouch.

There was a sudden ripple along the cave walls, causing Zeo to grow more alert. All of a sudden, from the walls of the cave-- pillars of flat stone came shooting out and snaked to smash into Zeo where he floated. Seeing this, Zeo let out a soft 'uh oh', as they came in for him. In that instance, he mentally commanded his bubble to burst-- causing him to fall down just as the rock columns collided, smashing into each other just short a few inches of him.

He reformed the bubble in a quick reflex of a hand sign-- causing the droplets from the first to gather below him to catch his fall as he landed. However, more rock columns started to form, and charged in again. With few options, Zeo did a small backflip off the bubble, abandoning that too as he reached for the small pond in the center of the cavern.

Zeo reached the water-- entering a soft skid as he kicked up water around him. As the droplets and bits hovered in the air, he formed a few hand signs with a free hand and used those droplets. "Suiton-- Water Shuriken!!" he cried, causing the droplets of water to gather and form sharp star-like shapes. Propelled by his own chakra, the shuriken of water spun and fired out for the woman, moving to try and strike her.

The woman quickly took to her retreat, as she was not just good at ninjutsu and genjutsu-- but was fast too. She easily ran away from the onslaughting shuriken. Using surface walking, she easily began to scale up and around the walls, the shuriken flying only to land in the spaces that followed her. As she did, she wove signs again, preparing for another jutsu.

Zeo's eyes widened, seeing the shade and flow of her chakra. He wouldn't be so easily fooled.

With a kunai aimed-- she prepared to throw it. She tossed it out, also containing an explosive tag to catch Zeo if he tried to block it. However, Zeo had another jutsu prepared-- noe that required no such hand signs. Using his hands, he prepared gun-shaped signs-- and fired beams from both! The Spirit Gun jutsu, one he had worked to master and use quickly. He used two hands to deliver two shots-- one which knocked the explosive kunai away, and went off in the air-- the other aimed at her.

However, the moment the beam hit her-- her form shimmered away, as easily as if it was mist.

Another Genjutsu!

It was then Zeo felt movement in the air and he turned his head-- soon spying the same woman, no more than 10 meters away as she charged in with a kunai to sneak in and slash at him. "Got you, my pretty," she sneered.

However, Zeo wasn't so easily fooled. Long before that instance, he saw it-- the change in chakra and the phantasmal glow of her crimson chakra-- or aura he called it, glow and separate from the first. Whether it was a genjutsu or genjutsu-like clone, he saw the difference, and her as she slipped away with some form of camouflage jutsu. The mere sensation of it, he formed hand seals-- ending with a hard clap of his hands.

"Fuuton-- Wind Wall!!" he cried, causing the air around him to move. Just as her kunai came down, the air exploded violently around him and propelled her, slashing at her with razor sharp winds and knocking the kunai from her grip-- repelling her attack and all. The slashes licked at her body and sent her airborne with a flip.

Despite the wound she took, she grinned-- seeing the wind style form. The look on her face was nothing short of 'wicked' that showed her full teeth. Fool! you're done, she thought. While spiraling, she formed hand seals-- for one powerful attack. "Katon-- Scarlet Blazing Bloom!!" She roared. With a sharp breath she blew out a mass of fire-- which grew extremely large and outward much like how a flower or rose bloomed sped-up. The sheer blaze illuminated the entire cave as Zeo saw it-- his eyes wide with alarm.

It was a bad idea to use Wind Style...

WC: 1486

Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Stat Page : Zeo Kamigawa's Stat & Jutsu List

Genjutsu Ninjutsu Space Time Default
Wind Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Space-Time
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 35400

Hidden Garden - A Rank Mission Empty Re: Hidden Garden - A Rank Mission

Thu Dec 02, 2021 11:25 pm
The cave became alight with the powerful explosion of fire, and the sizzle of heated water that resulted from the super-charged fireball. The problem with Zeo's defense, while it was a quick-thinking save-- it set her up to use fire style. Fire was superior to wind, and as a result, led to the attack she performed becoming stronger as a result. Even with his high chakra levels, Zeo's jutsu wouldn't of upheld against the assault and he would burn to ashes...

The woman soon landed upon the water with a soft skid, seeing the spot where the water now steamed and sizzled. Smoke and steam rose and obscured vision, but she was confident she hit his mark. He had nowhere else to go after all.

"Nothing personal kid. As shinobi, we live and die this way. At least you were somewhat of a challenge," she spoke as if talking to him in the land of the dead.

Things were quiet for the most part as she observed-- but soon the water about 5 meters rippled and softly a form rose from the seemingly shallow water-- emerging part of Zeo's body out of its surface! In that split second he used a jutsu he had become skilled at-- Hiding in Water. He easily could escape and travel through any body of water with ease. With so much around-- all he had to do was escape down where he stood. The fireball was but the right cover as his best escape root was into the water and let the shield take the brunt of the hit.

With his body exposed, he blew out a simple bubble with his pipe-- a single one that drifted over to the cocky woman and soon left its mark.


Her reaction couldn't come fast enough as it happened-- and soon it was too late. The single small bubble he blew that made contact with her-- suddenly popped to take a far larger shape that completely surrounded her. The bubble soon lifted from the surface, floating a few feet above the water as she pressed her hands against the surface-- it being smooth and solid, reinforced by chakra to keep its shape and stability.

Fully emerged from the water, Zeo stepped forward, while holding a hand sign to keep the bubble in place. "Hi there. Miss me?" Zeo commented confidently.

An annoyed look crossed the woman's face as she turned around to see the blue-haired boy, with his starry eyes gaze back at her from behind the bubble's surface. "W-what the?! You tricked me!!" She shouted angrily, now trapped inside the bubble. She banged at it with a fist, but it simply bounced as if hitting rubber.

Zeo waited patiently and used his eyes to easily track her chakra and true form-- able to anticipate her real self and trap her with ease. "You were overconfident and underestimated me. " he replied.

Angered to be trapped by someone so young, she quickly began to gather fire chakra into her hands. She began to press it into the bubble, trying to break out-- but the bubble still held. She was far from strong enough to break out. Zeo's eyes widened a little, but not in alarm. "I wouldn't do that if I were you..." he warned, trying to keep her from doing anything hasty.

However, she didn't listen and started to pound on the bubble harder. Even with fire vs. water, the strikes were still strong but wouldn't give against Zeo's bubble as he just stood there, holding the justu. A few seconds past of her relentless thrashing-- till suddenly she started to grow weary. "I won't... I won't be defeated... like... this,... ugh..." she soon groaned and the fire in her hands vanished. She then crumbled into a sleepy state as she went unconscious inside the bubble.

A sigh escaped Zeo as he held the bubble in place. "I tried to warn you," he replied as he lowered the bubble to the ground with his chakra control. "Fire consumes oxygen. You'd burn up your air inside the bubble when you do that."

Long enough to be certain she passed out, he soon snapped his fingers-- causing the bubble to pop. She crumbled to the ground, unconscious as she was now unable to fight. Had it been any other shinobi, they would have killed her. However, Zeo wasn't that type of person. He hated to kill anyone . It was a last resort. Either way, she was no harm to anyone now. Using another bubble, he captured her again this time, one that could move at his own will too and moved her out of the cave-- but not before he picked up his goal. He took a few of the flowers he came for and stuffed them into his back, securing them.

WC: 813
Zeo Kamigawa
Zeo Kamigawa
Stat Page : Zeo Kamigawa's Stat & Jutsu List

Genjutsu Ninjutsu Space Time Default
Wind Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Space-Time
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 35400

Hidden Garden - A Rank Mission Empty Re: Hidden Garden - A Rank Mission

Fri Dec 03, 2021 2:57 pm
A while later...

Zeo had sent the flare up for support a while ago, and he soon saw the forces come in from the boarder of the desert. The other ninja from his village soon arrived. "Zeo? IS everything okay-- we heard..." the lead shinobi stopped as he soon saw the unconscious kunoichi tied up against the rock formation Zeo was waiting by. She was still out cold but properly bound to prevent escape attempts.

Zeo responded with a firm nod. "I was able to subdue her. It seems she would use genjutsu to ambush and kill the scouts that came to get the flowers. " he explained, "She been using the cave system to harvest more while luring in enemies with her own jutsu. Luckily, I'm pretty adept at Genjutsu too."

The shinobi seemed impressed by this. "I see... were there any other followers?" he asked.

"No. Just her, as far as I seen. Anyway, I found the flowers, but this place should b e well observed. The flowers are more likely to grow here because of the underground river. If we can safeguard this position, we can ensure a steady supply and observation how they grow."

Murmurs whispered among the other shinobi, surprised Zeo was able to handle such a dangerous mission at his age. Yet, he was able to thwart the genjutsu user at her own game.

"I must say, you did very well. I'm sure the Kage will be pleased," one of the shinobi said as he made sure the woman was secure and not about to escape. "You should return back to the village for debriefing. We will take care of things here, transport her back and see about securing an outpost in this location. The fact the flower grows here more than anywhere else, will be a valuable asset for research." he explained.

"Thank you, " Zeo replied with a polite bow.

Looking to the edge of the desert, he spotted the boundary. Performing a small hand sign-- his form blurred with a movement of air and he vanished, body flickering back to the forest and back to the village...


WC: 359
TWC: 5549

Rewards: 12,000 Ryo / 60 AP
Learning: Continuation of Wolf Pack CLones for Omega  1329 WC to complete > 2250 To complete "Wolf Pack Clone A rank"
Uchugan -- Wildcard Power C rank -- 25% of 1000 > 750.
Shikigami Jutsu B rank: 1500 (25% off ) > 1125
Lightning Beast Tracking Fang for Summon Omega the Wolf.  2750 (25% off) >2062
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