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Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Sure, garden work... should kill time [mission] Empty Sure, garden work... should kill time [mission]

Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:05 pm

Taiyo's eyes narrow in annoyance. He stands at the outskirts of the village, large shears in his right hand and a pair of gloves in his left hand. The sun is high and the clouds are few. This weather is, most likely, the greatest thing about the day so far. With few clouds and a nice beating sun, the heat is abundant. Taiyo takes pleasure in that. But today, he did not expect to be assigned this mission. The assignment is not tedious, it is not a heavy burden to bear. Nothing about the mission is hard or difficult to accomplish.

His partners stands beside him, Ash and Rei Sun. The three of them are surrounded by grass and the village is only a few feet in front of them. They are on the side of the border of the village which faces outward at the country. The plants before them, cacti and other desert flowers, act as a sort of line between village and outskirts.

"I'm sorry..." He begins, bringing the shears up to his waist and looking at them. "We're supposed to trim, water, and or replant any of the plants needing such care?"

And he knows the answer. It is no mistake that this mission has been given to him and his partner. The truth is that the plants around the village outskirts must be taken care of. Being one of the first things seen by anyone approaching the village, they are required to be of the best health and upmost physical appearance. This way, the village appeals. Though, there is no reason that it would not appeal simply from its people and leaders.

"Why wasn't this assigned to ninjas specializing in botany? Don't get me wrong, I love science. But botany isn't the branch of science in which I excel, it's not my department per say." Taiyo begins to put his gloves on. "But... I guess that it must be done. I have yet to meet a single man or woman capable of saying "no" to Akihana Akari, and I'm not different."

Dropping the shears into the grass below, he removes one of his two fuma shuriken from being strapped to his waist.

"But, if I am going to do a job that doesn't excite me, I think it's only fair that I make it a little more inviting. I will be using my own personal weapons for this task."

Taiyo walks forward into the row of cacti and desert flora.

(415/1,000 towards Mission Completion)

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Cosplay Queen Saya
Cosplay Queen Saya
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Sure, garden work... should kill time [mission] Empty Re: Sure, garden work... should kill time [mission]

Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:17 pm
"A little more to the left. now right. no no .. too far right! Come oooonn you're going to ruin literally everything!!!!!!" THe twins were on the scene as usual and in true fashion to the style of the twins she Ash was causing light amounts of trouble. Through the terrifyingly power of vague manipulation We see just to the left of the village gate a monsterous evergreen bit of shrubbery with two young girls, one held up by the second's hands, standing on her sisters shoulders, holding a set of garden sheers. Ash, our resident princess of cosplay for the miraculous village hidden in the stars was slowly, almost meticulously sheering the smallest bits from the once triangular looking plant. At this point it's shape was vastly different. It had been sheered down to resemble an almost human like shape, openings in the plant made through precision trimming to clearly make arms and to split an opening where the legs were being shaped. Now, I'm sure at this point dear readers that I dont need to tell you what she was creating. If i do then shame on you because you haven't been paying attention. For those of you who are new to the party you'll easily be able to figure out what was going on within the mind of the quarky duo, or at least the blond haired mind fuck by simply looking across the village wall a bit. On the other side of the village stood a similar tree, though actually... thinking about it, neither of these actually existed before. where did they get them?

Somewhere else....

Within a large forrested area in an undisclosable location a black dotted line circled two large holes in the ground. The ground was clearly distrubed, suggesting that something had once been planted there, but there was no sign as to where these unnamed plants were moved to asside from a small trail of black earth, a long drag mark leading the general direction of the village hidden in the stars. Goodness these two must have been working on this since the crack of dawn.

Now that this strange shift to an undisclosed location that probably has nothing to do with our current location is over, Lets get abck to the task at hand. The strange secondary tree that No one knows how appeared exactly where the two were stood proud in the look of Akihana, the greatest shinobi to have ever lived. Across her face was a bright smile, her arms edged into the front of the tree to give the illusion that her hands were pointed towards new entrants, welcoming them into the happiest place on earth. Likewise their current work of art resembled a man that the twins had only been able to catch glimpses of in passing. Thankfully Ash had a perfect photographic memory.

"Taiyo! hey!!!" Rei turned, calling out to the other genin and rushing forward to meet up with who she assumed to be their team mate. Ash who was held in the air now simply by an outline of the black haired konoichi formed by dust in quite a comical manner was less then pleased by this as she grasped onto one of the heavy branches, dangling for fear of falling the full distance.

Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Sure, garden work... should kill time [mission] Empty Re: Sure, garden work... should kill time [mission]

Fri Apr 15, 2016 3:26 pm
Taiyo hears the yell just as he finishing cutting unruly branches free from a tall bush. The snipping falls to the grass and he flicks his shuriken closed, jumping down from the top. Turning around, he sees the source of the voice, Rei.

"Hi." He speaks calmly and with a smile, raising his hand slightly to greet her. Flicking his shuriken opened and closed, Taiyo looks over to the bush form which Ash currently dangles from. "Is that bush supposed to be Akihana Akari? You did a fine job, it matches her shape well."

Turning again to look at his own bush, Taiyo opens his fuma shuriken and leaves it in its four-blade state. He starts it on a fast spin, putting it out in front of him.

"Certainly better than my own job. This is a rectangle. It's a little bland. Not that is matters as much to me, though. But I would like to create a symmetric scene. Some help?" Taiyo, keeping his body facing the bush, turns his head slightly to his right so as to look at Rei. "I mean, if this is our mission, I might as well do it well, right?"

(612/1,000 towards Mission Completion)
Ash & Rei Sun
Ash & Rei Sun
Remove Ryo : 8000

Sure, garden work... should kill time [mission] Empty Re: Sure, garden work... should kill time [mission]

Fri Apr 15, 2016 3:51 pm
"Isn't it immediately obvious?!" Ash rolled her eyes at the boy, turning her attention to the finished product across the gate from her. It was clearly a perfect likeness to the woman who'd taught her so long ago. She felt almost insulted that he'd ask, considering he clearly could see it. Rei of course simply rolled her eyes

"She has a photographic memory. This is what she chooses to use it on. " In the time they'd taken to speak Ash had used the increidble power of her puppetry skill, sending chakra strings over to the wall to wrap around a bit of stone jutting out and pulled herself into a sitting position. With the strings wrapped around her legs she now would seem to be simply sitting in mid air, continuing her work.

While Ash worked on what shuld have been an impossible task, which is to say would have been an impossible task for anyone asside from the tiny terror, Rei got to work doing things that actually mattered. With the assistance of her pinochio puppet she got to work pulling weeds and trimming the long grass that seemed to raise up and bend from it's own weight. More of her powerful chakra strings reached out to the top of the wall where she knew their teddy bear knight puppet to be hidden, but as she pulled on them to draw the puppet into work she found resistance.

"That one's mine. Working on a very important task rei so leave it be" Atop the wall, hidden from view the small puppet worked diligently... you geussed it, on absolutely the opposite of what it should have been doing. Instead of cutting through the dense weeds or shaping bushes and shrubs to look more like what the village hidden in the stars would prefer to be seen by those welcoming them in the puppet put needle and thread to thick fur lined cloth, creating a second version of itself for the twins use. What a great use of time...... sigh.

"I swear to the goddess Ashareial if you're having it work on puppets while the rest of us are working on the mission i'm going to cut those strings and laugh as you fall to the earth!" She moved to assist taiyo, wispering appologies for her sisters rudeness as she helped round the edges of the bushes with him, wanting to ensure that she saved a valuable step. If Ash stood back to look at the scene before her and saw them she'd immediately find odd square bushes unacceptable and that meant that rei would have to redo all of them or be sent out to find new ones and naturalize them to the current area. With their work nearly done the twins nodded. Once taiyo was finsihed this would be a job well done.

(TWc 1023 claiming 1 teddy bear puppet created, 1k ryo and 3 ap each exit once taiyo is done)
Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Sure, garden work... should kill time [mission] Empty Re: Sure, garden work... should kill time [mission]

Sat Apr 16, 2016 5:24 pm
With the four blades of his fuma shuriken spinning with cutting speed, Taiyo moves in closer to the bush along side her. His brings the shuriken up to the misshapen bush and begins to shred away protrusions. The stray branches are snipped and, slowly but surely, the tall thick plant begins to regain its form.

Using his free hand, Taiyo removes the second fuma shuriken form his waist and begins to give it a spin as fast as the one in his other hand. It reaches cutting speed and he brings it up close to the bottom of the bush, removing his first shuriken from cutting up the bush anymore. That area had been restored well enough, no need to continue to shred through leaves and branches that make the bush as attractive as it is.

Towards the ground now, Taiyo cuts through the weeds that have grown. They snake through the grass and around the lower stems of flowers and bushes. With care, he meticulously goes through, severing the swerving and thin weeds in specially chosen areas. The first of his two shuriken still spinning, he drops it down with him as he begins to rest on one knee. Through difficult and awkward looking, he moves around by shuffling through the grass. As he does this, the two spinning giant shuriken are continuously meeting and separating weeds from the plants that are meant to be in the area.

Standing up and stopping the spinning of the two sharp weapons, Taiyo sighs, strapping the shuriken back onto his hips. Each and everyone of the weeds is now cut in one place or another. Not one is left un touched.

"If I did this right, it will make this job much easier. Because the weeds are long and entangled with other plants, it would be a pain to have to pick the mall out one by one. But with this strategy, I should be able to drag them all out of here at once." Taiyo begins speaking. "If you're done with your part, then we will be completely finished after..."

Looking over to where he had last seen the girls, Taiyo finds that the two are already strolling off, having done their part.

"I guess their done." He thinks, beginning to gather up multiple ends of weeds. Grabbing a hold of multiple ends at a time, he ends up with each of the weeds in either of his hands.

Dropping all of the unwanted little weeds out of the greenery and onto the dirt road, Taiyo takes one step back to look at his work. All of the ugly and infectious weeds lie before him. Behind Taiyo, the grass is clear of foreign material, restored to its previous glory.

With his right hand, Taiyo forms half of the tiger seal and brings the two fingers up to his mouth. He builds up the necessary chakra with ease and exhales a cone of flames increasing in diameter as they advance towards the pile of weeds. In what sems to be an instance, the targets burn up into ashes which are carried away by the wind as Taiyo departs from the gate and into the village with the satisfaction of a job well done.

(1,000/1,000 towards Mission Completion)

[Mission Completed]

[Claims: 1,000 ryo, 3 AP]
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Sure, garden work... should kill time [mission] Empty Re: Sure, garden work... should kill time [mission]

Sat Apr 16, 2016 5:31 pm

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