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Travin Uchiha
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Different Breeds [P] - Page 4 Empty Re: Different Breeds [P]

Sat Nov 20, 2021 12:17 pm
Cole saw the plan he had come up with on the fly fall apart within a second as Koutaku was able to get around his attack. In the next second he saw the blade of Koutaku coming in an astounding speed, Cole attempted to dodge, but the speed difference was far too much to overcome, as he tried to spin around to dodge the attack the blade would enter into Cole’s chest not hitting the heart being slightly closer to his shoulder. 

Assuming, Koutaku would pull the blade out as Cole dropped his own on the ground. Cole would fall to one knee, holding his chest. “Dam that hurts, you're way too fast” he would say with a bit of pain laugh. “How about we take a break here and get out of this machine, so my chest stops hurting” he would add at the end.

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Different Breeds [P] - Page 4 Empty Re: Different Breeds [P]

Tue Nov 23, 2021 10:19 pm
With his blade practically impaling Cole, Koutaku exhaled in a hissing breath, allowing himself to slip from the mental state he entered in combat. Nodding in response, and giving a slight chuckle at Cole’s words after he’d withdrawn the blade, he snapped his fingers. Instantly the environment around them faded, becoming particles and lines, and code, before gradually returning them to their senses. Koutaku let the dark visor over his eyes remain for a moment, calming his nerves, and fully exiting his combat mindset, before removing the headset and gently placing it in its holder. Swiveling so he was sitting sideways in his chair, Koutaku pushed to his feet and walked across the room and towards the man he supposed would be his student and training partner for the next while--if only in their current session.

“Considering the disparity in training, I think you did quite well,” Koutaku commented as he came into earshot.

“I’d say the only big mistake would be closing the distance when you’re at such a significant speed disadvantage. Then again, if that’s your most comfortable medium to fight in, I can hardly blame you.”

Looking thoughtful, Koutaku glanced off to the side, his gaze far off as he considered things. “If I had been in your position, I’d have tried to blind or disorient my foe. That allows you to operate on more equal footing. From there, perhaps...using thrown projectiles to hem them in while they’re blind so that no matter how they maneuver, they’re going to have to make some sacrifices. Mind you, I know that this sort of thing is significantly easier in theory than in practice.”

Scratching at his chin idly, Koutaku shrugged a bit, looking back to Cole. “I suppose the real question is, where do you want to go from here?”

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