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Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Ryo : 146650

Cookie Time!  Empty Cookie Time!

Thu Dec 03, 2020 7:50 pm

Yesterday was one of the most complicated days, katsuragi had ever experienced. Residing in his room, he thinks back on how he was teleported to the frozen wastelands, only to search for a garden of some sort. He looks off to the side on confusion, hoping to make sense of it all. The letter, he thought, the letter which started it all still resided in his hand. He could not rid himself of it, no matter how hard he tried. It would simply reappear in his hand. The scroll was like a curse, bonded to him with no hint of release. He suck his teeth in frustration. Such thing, a piece of paper causing so much stress. While laying in his bed, hoping to pass the day without any more inconvenience, the parchment lit up like a Christmas tree. Vexed, his shook his hand and to a great surprise, the paper flew away from his hand. But not so far as 2 meters. Still, residing in his room, it levitated upwards with no hint of any creasing in its form. The letter glowed in contrast with the already bright aura, manifesting three medium sized red cloth bags. The descended down to the floor like a feather, avoiding any damage to the freshly baked contents inside. It's aroma flooded the room in an instant, a smell so enticing, Katsuragi never realized the piece of paper returned back into the grips of his right hand.

"Fuck this hollykage..., fuck you....", he said lamentingly. For he new that he would yet again have to carry out some strange request if he were to rid himself of the scroll.

Getting up from his bed, he went over to the three red bags placed neatly together on the floor. The closer he got the more sure he of an idea he had towards its contents. Some with such a sweet and homey feeling could only be..."Cookies...", he said while staring in the contents of all three bags. What was he to do with all this? He looks at the letter in his hand once more, to see if he missed anything about any mention towards cookies. He was sure he didn't see anything mentioning cookies the last time he looked at it, but he was wrong. All wrong. The letter was completely different, it had a whole new task for him. Distribute cookies, it said. He sighs. He went from finding a random garden to working corners selling cookies. What was he to do? He then thought about selling the cookies. If they were that good, maybe he could make a mint? With his new found initiative, he gathers his belongs, and the bags, only to scurry off to the streets of suna, to make some much needed coin.

Stepping out into the daylight behind the teashop where he temporally resided, Katsuragi's attire consisted of a thin black jacket which underneath he wore a solid white shirt. His pants were a pair of black jeans. His boots also being solid black with an emblem labeled "EU", it's made of metal stitched to the tongue of the boots. His hair, still vivid, was a solid dark purple. His tools and such were all assorted evenly along his attire, giving no hint to their whereabouts. Behind him, were three red bags being dragged by him. He searches for the wagon the owners use to transport goods from here to the gate when picking up supplies they ordered. Katsuragi planned to use the wagon to help carry the bags within the village, without permission. When he finally, found the wagon about back, he attached the one lone horse tied up in the stable, and with the bags now loaded onto the wagon he finally sets off to sell the cookies and be down with the Hollykage.

Traveling along the path towards the main market, he was already met with wondering bodies. All seemed to have an interest in what was in the bags. He open his mouth, beckoning all to step forward to purchase some delicious cookies. The aroma itself had already sold it. One by one, cookies and money were exchanged repeatedly. Katsuragi couldn't stop, the demand was so high, even the shinobi on duty bought some. Within moments, the bags were empty. Suddenly, the bags filled up again, more and more cookies appeared. katsuragi displayed a bright crooked grinch smile. "Im finna be rich as fuck!",  he exclaimed. The process continued over and over, each time he handed out cookies, money was taken in. The cycle seemed like it would never stop, at all. Till finally, the letter glowed a bright light, such a light which blinded all in the area. Katsursagi couldn't see what was going on, no one could. Though he hummed along with it, since it was a beautiful time. His pockets were stuffed with ryo bills, more than he needed. It surely was a happy time for the young hustler, this he would never forget. The light from the letter hummed a chime similar to a holiday cheer. When it vanished, all the people were gone, not a single soul in sight except for Katsuragi.

"Bout time this thing came in handy, was getting tired making all this money", he said tapping his empty pockets..."WHAT THE FUCK!!!!", he yelled, he rips his pants revealing nothing in his once whole pockets. he event jump out of the wagon and searched its entirety top and bottom I search of the money. But found nothing, nothing but the hum of the holiday chime, stuck in his head. He was so confused, as to how this could have happened. Did the letter do this? He did what it said. Out of luck, and with no money, he returns to his wagon, taking it back to the teashop. Even thought Katsuragi left with no money, he did have one thing. The chime of the letter, which he hummed all the way back. "I hate that hollykage, I really do", he said in the same tune of the holiday chime.

+10 stats, +2000 Ryo, +20 AP, +1 Leather, 1012 words towards Taijutsu spec 1012/2000.
Roy Goka
Roy Goka
Stat Page : Roy Goka
Musu Uzumaki(RIP)
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Cookie Time!  Empty Re: Cookie Time!

Thu Dec 03, 2020 9:40 pm
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