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Hitting the books!~ Empty Hitting the books!~

Sun Nov 22, 2020 3:09 pm
It had been quite some weeks, stretching into months that Kato had been an Genin of the Mist. He had spent his time wisely, completing many missions and training in between. There was a sense of experience he held within himself now, he was stronger, not just in the amount of jutsu he possessed but also in his ability to read situations and make leadership decisions when necessary. He had also made a few connections amongst the other Genin of the village and could feel a sense of camaraderie already growing for them. This was a good time for Kato, he had found a place where he was accepted and respected, something that was alien to him from his upbringing. The bitter memories of the times he had left behind being remedied by the new ones he was creating. What his birth family wanted him to be was not his destiny, he could feel that every time they would lecture him. They would speak words about loyalty to the clan, serving the clan, sacrificing for the clan but their words would always fall on deaf ears. He knew he was meant to be a shinobi and his recent successes where confirming that all the more. 

Now that Kato had completed a good number of missions he found himself with access to a reasonable amount of ryo, more that he had possessed in his life up to this point. With this ryo he wanted to expand his armoury but when contemplating the weapons he would purchase Kato ran into an interesting problem. He couldn't carry all that equipment, it would be cumbersome and his style relied on speed and free movement. In search of a solution Kato went to the villages training facility, he knew there would be a library containing details of certain jutsu, he hoped he could find something that would solve his storage issue. After searching amongst the stacks of books and scrolls in the facilities library he encountered a D-Rank space/time jutsu that looked like it could just do the trick. The details of the jutsu were contained within a purple scroll, the words 'Storage Displacement Jutsu' written across the outside. 

Kato took a deep breath as he looked at the scroll with a sense of trepidation. Academic pursuits reminded him of his past, his lack of aptitude for book learning was part of the reason he was never accepted or respected by his birth family. Kato exhaled the breath, shaking the memories of his past out of his mind. He could do this, part of his rebellion from the academia that was forced on him was because it did not serve him, what he was trying to do here will. With a new found sense of determination Kato opened the scroll and began to read. This was the first time Kato was learning a jutsu from a scroll, most of his other techniques were simply developed through practice and training. It was also the first space/time jutsu he had attempted to learn. Kato took in the information, taking his time to ensure he understood the information the scroll contained. This process took a bit longer that first expected, there were certain aspects of learning about a new style of jutsu that were hard to grasp. Kato often found himself having to reread sections then sit and think about that small section for a while, toying with the idea in his mind while at the same time increasing his familiarity with the different aspects of the space/time jutsu that where completely unfamiliar to him before. 

Hours passed, and the sun had long set before Kato had finished reading. He felt the mental fatigue from the mental exertion of the day but his determination to get a handle on the technique carried him through. Finally after many hours Kato sat there in the library and rolled up the scroll, it had taken quite some hours but he had read the entirety of the scroll and understood it. There where not many others in the facility at this point, it must of been around 11pm by now, all the sensible people had called it a day and went home. That didn't matter to Kato, his will was still bent towards this jutsu. He stood up and drew in a deep breath feeling a swell of chakra within himself as he did. Kato had brought both of his katana with him so that he could test the jutsu when the time came to it and they lay on the table before him. As he exhaled his breath Kato formed the Rat handseal followed by the Dog handseal, his chakra focused by the sequence. Kato then extended his hands, placing them on his katanas. He pictured a storage space in his mind, a sort of chakra container where he intended to send his katanas. Using imagery had always helped Kato achieve his jutsu, he relied on it pretty heavily when learning and developing new skills but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

As Kato's hands made contact with both of the katanas he noticed a light blue hue cover them. The katanas then began to glow slightly before flickering away into particles, disappearing like a dandelion in the wind. A proud smile shot across Kato's face, he had done it, it might of taken all day, it might off been tortuous at times but all that didn't matter. He'd pushed through and now had a solution for his storage issue. With the smile still beaming on his face Kato formed the two handseals once more, as he opened his palms upwards there were two gatherings of light blue light, one in each palm. They started as a little collections of particles and grew, morphing into the long shape of his katanas. As he clutched his katanas in his hands he felt a strong sense of achievement, he'd taken his first step into the world of space/time jutsu and it felt good. 

With the task he set out to complete finished he packed up the stuff he was using and headed home, using the jutsu once more to store his katanas, enjoying the novelty of it in the process.

[Using 500 WC to learn Storage Displacement v7]
[Using 500 WC to learn Body Flicker [V7]]
[Using 1041 to train 11 stats = -5 strength, +6 speed]
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Ichigo Sato
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Hitting the books!~ Empty Re: Hitting the books!~

Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:05 am
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