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Kintaro Raitenno
Kintaro Raitenno
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Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 500

Hitting the Books (D-rank Mission)  Empty Hitting the Books (D-rank Mission)

Sun Nov 21, 2021 8:13 am
E- Rank Mission Books, Books, Books

"Resent, fool, ya fool!" Kintoki shouted as he was dragged into the academy building to the library. "This is cruel and unusual punishment!"

His brother, Gintaro must of had an ulcer for all the stress his little brother put him through as he dragged Kintoki to the library where the scrolls and books were kept. Kintoki was the biggest slacker of their clan so it was time for him to pull his weight, if even if his brother was the one doing the pulling at that moment. He loudly put Kintoki in the library, the shout from the man causing mild disturbances-- that the librarian told them to 'shush' in an annoying old-person librarian way.

"Torture would be better than this..." Kintaro groaned as he dragged Kintoki to a desk and sat him down. With a hand on the chair, he glared down at his brother with his famous 'steel-eyed death stare'. "Listen, brother... The simple mission even a slacker like you can do. Sit here, sort these out and try to clean up after the place. And benefit yourself a bit. Since you love vocabulary so much-- READ." He said.

Kintoki's brow dripped with some sweat from the glare his brother gave him. "Yeah... alright..." Kintoki gulped, realizing how serious his brother was.

After a few seconds glaring at him, Gin stood up and left to let his brother work through the paperwork.

Kintoki turned to the stack of scrolls and papers before him. A deep sigh fell from him as he checked the contents one by one, keeping in mind which were damaged, which were important, and what went were. Though as he did, he started to slowly to peek through the pages and folds of the books and scrolls, picking a few cool tricks and ideas. He would murmur some rhymes as he studied, taking in what he could in the books and finding some good ideas. Words to use, lyrics in the making-- but probably more interesting, was the

"open your mind... let the words inside... or ell ya go blind-- fool , ya fool..."  he murmured, finding a few fun taijutsu forms that would be of interesting him. As he was finally getting into it...

"Shush!!" another hush from the old librarian lady urged Kintoki.


Kintoi's body froze at the sound, his lips tight in irritation as he heard the sound. Slowly he turned, seeing the elderly lady looking like she was the last person to be in a ninja library. With a stiff brow, he turned to her, and raising a single finger-- 'Shush! " he replied, finding HER the disturbing one, and turned back to his work.

Kintoki looked out of place. A ripped, shirtless taijutsu user with a stack of scrolls and books reading through them. Though while he hated to admit it, there was some good things in these pages. Taijutsu styles, ninjutsu styles. While his chakra affinity was low, he found some good ideas. His brain was slowly starting to spark with some decent ideas on how to apply his skills. Whether his brother had an ulterior motive, Kintoki realized it wasn't a bad idea coming here and picking up some tricks.

From afar, Gintaro would check in on his brother-- able to see him hard at work. A smirk came to his brother's face... perhaps there was hope for Kintaro after all. The younger brother was growing up in his abilities beyond just his muscles-- and that was something would benefit more of Kumogakure far better as their clan began to rise again.


TWC: 610
Rewards: 1,000 Ryo / 5 AP
Lightning Upper Cut-- D Rank 500 WC
+7 to Vigor +100 Ryo
Roy Goka
Roy Goka
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Musu Uzumaki(RIP)
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Hitting the Books (D-rank Mission)  Empty Re: Hitting the Books (D-rank Mission)

Mon Nov 22, 2021 5:16 pm
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