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Time for a change - Page 2 Empty Re: Time for a change

Sat Aug 22, 2020 11:27 pm
The member 'Kiseragi Onomori' has done the following action : Roll Dice/Flip Coin

'Lucky Coin' : 2
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RIP Kenshin

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Time for a change - Page 2 Empty Re: Time for a change

Thu Sep 03, 2020 11:57 am
And with that it was done, Ibari had his new eyes and, as such, would end up being an even greater asset to his forces… and, on top of that, he was now a fair bit richer, truly a win win situation for the both of them. Kenshin would chuckle at the words of the man, looking down at the eyes as he did so.

“You’re telling me… I’ve replaced my right eye twice now, and I did the procedure myself each time. Believe me when I say that was a bit more difficult than replacing yours.” The Reaper would say, his chuckle turning into an outright laugh, although it was a bit of a lie. Operating on himself was actually far easier than operating on others, as he could simply use the threads within his body to detach the pieces he was replacing, use them to put the new ones in the correct place, and then simply heal the damage to the nerves and attach them to his own.

When the man thanked him Kenshin would, in turn, say that it was no trouble and thank him for his continued loyalty and service. When he left the room The Ragdolls smile would vanish and he would walk over to one of the Cold Chambers in the room… and open it to reveal the body of one Calin Uetsugi. He loathed that it had come to this… but, as much as he enjoyed the gifts given by his Sharingan… it was deteriorating very rapidly, and he knew that it would only last a few more weeks at best. The sooner he replaced it the better, and he knew from his tests that Calin had the same type of mutation in his eyes… he just hoped that whatever gift the man's eye held was as useful as the gift of his. With a sigh of aggravation Kenshin would close his left eye and use the threads within his body to sever the optic nerve, before pushing it out and into his waiting hand. Without any hesitation the Ragdoll would the use the threads within his free hand to take the left eye of Calin, which he would then examine closely with his Byakugan… pristine condition, unlike the one he was replacing.

With a small growl he would move the new eye up to his head and gently push it into the empty socket, the threads within pulling the delicate organ in gently and positioning the optic nerve. He would place his old eye down in a small jar of preserving liquid and go through the hand seals required for the Mystical Palm Technique, and bring it up to his eye, healing the severed nerves and attaching them to his own. As the eye itself began to see he noticed something strange… it was consuming a lot less chakra than it used to… yet, the level of clarity remained the same as it had in its old mutated state… and, furthermore, than almost constant dull ache of the eye was completely gone. Huh… had his eyes mutation been inferior to this one? He would need to perform testing, but for the time being he was rather pleased.

If The Ragdoll had been looking in a mirror as the eye activated he would have seen his old Mangekyo pattern appear for a few moments, seemingly twisting and merging with Calins to form something new… he did not know it yet, but he had just received a rather large power boost.

WC: 587


TWC: 1807 (3027 with x2 for August posts)

1875 words towards Miasma (S-rank), claiming (25% Max Stat Discount)

1152 words towards Water Severing Wave, 1598 words remaining

-2 Unawakened Sharingan from the corpse Mikata Uchiha. -1 Kidney from the corpse of Mikata Uchiha. +1 Kaguya Kidney from Ibari. 

+30,000 Ryo {230,000 + 30,000 = 260,000)

Claiming EMS (Bout time)

Roy Goka
Roy Goka
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Musu Uzumaki(RIP)
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Time for a change - Page 2 Empty Re: Time for a change

Sat Nov 07, 2020 4:36 am
Approving claims

Please make the necessary adjustments to your Stat page/Inventory.
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