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Heatfelt travels [Travel to land of wind] Empty Heatfelt travels [Travel to land of wind]

Thu May 28, 2020 5:23 pm
Turning his back on the land of rivers as he slowly trecked on. He couldnt help but marvel one more time at its beauty. He knew his next destination, the land of wind, would probably not offer as much natural beauty as this smaller country did. That being said however, the harsh lonely deserts did sound a bit more at home to Shinrah than such a beautiful place as the land of rivers did.

As he made his way down a southern path towards the land of win a high pitched yet soft voice rang out from behind him.

"Hey wait!" They called out to him. As Shinrah turned to look, he quickly noticed the familiar face of the girl he had helped a few days prior in robbing a perverted old man of his not so hard earned cash. He decided to stop his progress and allow her to catch up to him. Aa she neared him, she began to slow down her speed, needing to quickly catch her breath for a moment before speaking again.

"I just realized we mever exchanged names, so I wanted to make sure I caught up to you before you left. Anyways, my name is Koa, Koa shiziki." She finally said with a large smile on her face and an outstretched hand out in front of her.

Shinrah normally wasnt one for warm greetings but somthing about her comforted him, so he lent her his hand in return and gave a firm shake before stating his own name in response.

"Shinrah, Shinrah rekkr, pleasure to make your acquaintance."

The young lady, after Shinrah had given his name, pulled him close rather quickly and before he could respond she had landed a small kiss on his cheek.

"Thanks for all your help the other day. Hopefully one day ill see you again. I know you try to give off this broody, quiet, somewhat dark persona all the time. Ive met people like that before but you got a softer spot deep down, you just might not know it yet."

The girls words caught Shinrah off guard nearly as much as her kiss had. The words of an innocent girl thrust into a world that wasnt ready for her, or at least thats what it sounded like to Shinrah. He knew not how to respond at first, just standing in silence for a few moments. Eventually however he finally knew what to say.

"Your way too naive you know that? But anyways, im sure we will cross paths again. Until that day comes though, I bid you farewell and goodluck."

Shinrah finally said as he turned and walked away from the young female with a soft wave of his hand to gesture his farewells. She had brought so many warm feelings back to Shinrah that he had long forgotten. Feelings and memories alike, and for once Shinrah felt.. Happy.

Happy to be alive.

[WC: 488]

[Traveling on foot from land of rivers to land of wind ETA: 4:24Am CST]
[Begin 12 hour timer]
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