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  • Hideouts

    Various hideouts scattered across the ninja world serve as the operational hubs for numerous ninjas.
    The Wolf's Den, Den of Inequity, Brigand's Burrow, Yugure, The Dreadnought
    70 Topics
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    Raiden Chills (Open)...
    Sun May 19, 2024 8:25 am
    Raiden Ametsuchi View latest post
  • Country Borders

    The borders between all of the countries. A long series of roads, fields, rivers, dirt tracks and forests that act as markers for the start of different countries act as great meeting points for people of different villages.
    950 Topics
    6939 Posts
    The Tower's Stand
    Sun Mar 10, 2024 6:42 pm
    Ayato Hyuuga View latest post
  • The Grand Sea

    Elsewhere WFZazOi
    The Grand Sea is a gateway from The Land of Fire to the Land of Water. The remains of old Kirigakure no Sato lie at the bottom of the sea.
    Ruins of Kirigakure no Sato
    370 Topics
    2921 Posts
    The End.
    Mon Feb 06, 2023 8:06 pm
    Ayato Hyuuga View latest post
  • Other Villages

    Small villages and settlements scattered throughout the ninja world do not hold the status of major or minor villages. These villages are typically ruled by petty lords who govern the local population. While they may not have the same influence and resources as major villages, these smaller settlements still play a role in the ninja world.
    132 Topics
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    Gots to See it Through...
    Thu Mar 21, 2024 6:46 pm
    Ayato Hyuuga View latest post
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