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  • Yugure

  • Training Grounds

    Training Grounds - A river that winds through the main grounds leads to another section in the compound of Yugure with two hooded statues guarding another set of tall doors. Chains would reach out from the edges of the doors and attach to the mountain walls on either side of it but the doors remained slightly opened - revealing a red glow from within. Inside the training grounds was anything and everything you would need to practice a spar - two large pools of natural hot springs, plenty of ridges, rock formations, and cliffsides. The red glow was ever present as a way to get Yugure used to the blood rain Mizuki usually fought within.

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    Virtual Insanity
    Tue Sep 05, 2023 1:50 pm
    Saya Kirihara View latest post
  • Jashine Shrine

    Behind large doors attached to an outer section of the main house lies a chamber built into the walls of the mountainside. Topping the chamber walls in the center was a large glass section that allowed a spotlight of sorts to lighten the spot of the shrine. Lining the walls were titan-sized statues of the original seven of the Kyuketsuki - and along the ground were smaller statues strewn about, seemingly showing faceless warriors that now lay dead somewhere else in the world.

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    The path to heaven?
    Sun Sep 03, 2023 6:51 am
    Marabelle Blossom View latest post
  • Sanguine Baths

    A place of healing and of regeneration, the sanguine baths are the most like a hot spring in orientation. Where members of Yugure could go to relax or regroup after outings - or simply to enjoy the quiet and rejuvenating aspects of the natural hot springs. Facing the Hot Springs house across a severe distance sat an eerie skull with horns, overlooking the place as though in protection over the weakened members.

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    Mystery Encounter
    Fri Mar 24, 2023 8:42 am
    Lucian View latest post
  • Main House

    The yard would stretch out at an exaggerated length, many housing stalls that would be used to store non-essentials. The stone path leading through it all would end at the doors to a formal-looking Main House. Opening the opulent white marble doors would lead into a handsomely furnished main living space, open kitchen, and dining area completely stocked. Adjoining the main entrance would be a wide-spanned hallway with several doors placed into the walls leading into each member’s sleeping arrangements as they came and went. The entire space was more like a home than an ‘organization’.

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    An Unforeseen Story of...
    Tue May 16, 2023 5:01 pm
    Ayato Hyuuga View latest post
  • Demons Forge

    The Demons forge a section of Yugure that was revealed via a slight shift in the stone from the natural heat that emanated up and out of the rock floor of a tunnel hidden behind one of the waterfalls. Arantim Carved through the rock with his Demon lance and broke into a small cavern that was naturally filled with red-hot glowing and flowing lava flows.
    Arantima Moved much of his workshop equipment and blueprints down into this space where he could use the natural heat from the volcanic lava that he wouldn't need to waste time keeping a forge fed with coal or any other such time-wasting endeavors. All weapons and equipment are devised here for the Yugure Ninja to use in and out of combat.

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    Blood of the forge
    Sun Aug 20, 2023 11:01 pm
    Shiro Hyuga View latest post
  • Yugure Sanctum

    Set in gold, this room lives as the official meeting room of the members of Yugure. Swirling gold inlaid patterns of owl feathers swirl in the floor, solid gold feathers lined the walls like pillars and in the center sits a large mahogany circle table with several plush chairs equal distance around it. When walking in the room though a dominating gold statue of owl wings flows down over a singular white throne.

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    Mythos: Kyuketsuki Ide...
    Fri Sep 30, 2022 7:11 pm
    Mizuki Ohta View latest post
It is built within the many veins of the river that lead to the Haran Bay and fixed within a range of the Jashin temple to keep an eye on the land that brought a second life to this group's leader. The rocky surroundings and abundant waterfalls bring natural cover and valuable water sources.

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  • Stat Page for Yugure by Arantima
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    Tue Sep 19, 2023 10:36 pm
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