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  • Hideouts

  • The Wolf's Den

    A border outpost for those wishing to keep an undesirable element from Hoshi. The outpost had walls made of sandstone surrounding it, with two entrances, one from the North and one from the South. The gates were usually open and would be made of metal with a system of levers and mechanisms to close them quickly should the need arise. Large pillars that could be lit on fire adorned the sandstone walls to the Northwestern side. This was the most basic of signals to reach back to Hoshi should the outpost get overrun.

    Barracks, Infirmary, Training Area, Prison
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  • Den of Inequity

    A large black house, with a red roof positioned against a mountain side. The insides furnished comfortably though not excessively, it houses five bedrooms and plenty of space for a large group to meet. The grounds sport a large garden full of fresh seasonal crops, and a pond a couple dozen meters from the house crafted by the owner as a place of peace and a place to fish. Inside one can travel down to the basement and move a large section of wall to discover the remnants of Youka Tau’s original hideout. Within it is as Maku left it. The tomb of Youka Tau, additional living spaces, a medical bay, planning rooms as well as a room of reflection. The entire home and old hideout has relics of their past, of those alive and gone that the duo had met. It is nestled between Rock and Snow country where there journey had begun, and with a new home where Maku’s journey continues.
    Akatsuki House, The Basement, Planning Room, The Garden, The Pond, Rest quarters, Room of Memories, Medical bay, Lounge, Youka Tau’s Tomb
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    Relics Move Forward
    Mon Jun 06, 2022 11:06 pm
    Howl View latest post
  • Shimon-ji

    A humble monastery built in the traditional style of Valley Country. It receives a respectable amount of pilgrims year-round, mostly from neighboring settlements or indigenous clans who reside deeper in the mountains. Many residents only live here during the warmer months, traveling back down the mountain slopes at autumn’s first frost. Shimon-ji is located at a high elevation, making transit dependant on weather conditions. The dozen or so monks who reside here year-round often stockpile supplies throughout the year to survive the long winter months when travel downslope becomes impossible. Due to its small annual population, only a few rooms are serviceable; apart from the Main Hall and Courtyard, everything else seems to be in varying states of disrepair.
    Main Hall, Courtyard
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    Welcome to Shimon-ji |...
    Mon Jan 17, 2022 3:04 pm
    Ume View latest post
  • Brigand's Burrow

    A hideout in which that has been primarily hidden from the outside world at large. At a first glance, one wouldn't know that it was even there due to it being hidden within a cliffside somewhere within Rice Country. Currently, this acts as the base of operations for Katsuragi and Hiko. Since this place has been uncovered by the duo, many strange things have been occurring there, with only one explanation behind it. The place is haunted by the souls of those who have died within this cavernous area, but there are still many secrets in which the place holds.

    Entry Way, Main Hall, Black Market, Rooms
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    Settling In Part 2
    Tue Jul 12, 2022 8:03 pm
    Kaito Inuzuka View latest post
  • Yugure

    It is built within the many veins of the river that lead to the Haran Bay and fixed within a range of the Jashin temple to keep an eye on the land that brought a second life to this group's leader. The rocky surroundings and abundant waterfalls bring natural cover and valuable water sources.

    Training Grounds, Jashine Shrine, Sanguine Baths, Main House, Demons Forge, Yugure Sanctum
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    Virtual Insanity
    Yesterday at 9:31 pm
    Arantima View latest post
  • The Dreadnought

    The Dreadnought is a significant vessel crafted by Cid Meier, Grey Hyuuga, and Auron Yamaguchi. It was physically constructed by hand, then infused with chakra for various benefits. One of the most notable results of that chakra infusion is that the ship's interior is much larger than the exterior. This is a result of the space-time chakra embedded into the entirety of the boat. Externally the boat would appear nothing more significant than a mid-sized pirate ship, capable of maneuvering open seas or mid-sized rivers without getting beached. But internally, the ship is five levels (0 - 5 top to bottom) and would be comparable to the size of a major cruise ship.

    Navigation Deck (Mast, Crow's Nest, Helm, Living Quarters) - Level 0, Infirmary (Upper Hull) - Level 1, Sensory & Intel Chamber (Upper Hull) - Level 1, War Floor (Lower Hull, Armory, Canons, Quartermaster, Training Area) - Level 2, Prison Deck - Level 3, Tech and Research Lab - Level 4, Escape Boats - Level 4, Treasure Hold - Level 5
    9 Topics
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    Phase 2? (Kaizoku Crew...
    Fri Jun 02, 2023 1:08 pm
    Auron View latest post
This area is for the many different hideouts made by the missing ninja to avoid being found.
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