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[Mission] Shibata Delivery Service Empty [Mission] Shibata Delivery Service

Tue May 05, 2020 10:39 pm
Mission Details:

Shibata brushed the dirt off his clothes and picked it out the dried greens and mud from his fingernails and hands. He had actually worked up a sweat picking all those weeds in his last mission, and needed to take a breather for a bit, so he spent his time at the ninja shop, purchasing materials that will certainly come in handy for him later down the line. He decided it was finally time to pick up a starter pack, as he knew it was the best deal, so why not capitalize on it. He exited the shop and strutted to the nearest mission board. The Rebel Heart decided that it would be best for him to do another E rank, as after all, they are pretty easy, and the young Nara clan member was not one to willingly spend a lot of energy, and he was comfortable with this level of intensity. 

Shibata reached the board and scanned it with the same random analysis he did the first time he chose a mission. He took a finger out and murmured to himself "Hmmm, not that one, not that one... THERE!" he pressed his finger down on one and continued, "this is the one." He picked the post off the board and read it. A weekly mission, it called for the delivery of one shipment of military rations to the market district from his house. Damn, Shibata thought, of all the missions, I got to get another boring and straightforward one, guess that is the punishment that comes along with taking E rank missions, maybe I shouldn't do this too much longer, wait, that's odd, where there should be an address, there's just a comment that says "You know where," huh. 
Shibata went to the mission distribution center to take this question of location first, maneuvering through the upper district of the city coming from the market square, and approached the front desk.

"I have a question about this mission," Shibata said, "it seems to be missing an address, you have any clue where I can find this "Mysterious military ration supplier?"

"Oh... him. He has been a problem about this for a while. He expects whoever takes the mission to go through this elaborate set of puzzles and tricks to find out that his house really resides in the market square, just two blocks to the left of the ration dispensary that you are tasked with bringing it to. I know, sounds like pointless work, but he won't give you the shipment unless you solve the riddle, and he's really anal retentive about that stuff. Just walk up to the door and say, 'military rations don't pass through here, but food pills do, I know because I had to do this same mission when I was a genin like you," the clerk informed.

"That seems, obtuse" Shibata said with hesitation.

"That is the one word I would use to describe him," admitted the clerk.

So Shibata did as was instructed, he found the building, looked two blocks left and came to a green glass door. Through this green glass door he saw a rather fat man that he doubted could fit through such a door, explaining the likelihood of why a job like this was necessary. As Nara knocked on the door, he recited, as he was told to, "Military rations cannot pass through this door, but food pills can." With this said, Nara saw the large man wheel his rolling chair over before putting a package down a complicated chute system to deliver it to the outside, with a mystical poof. Shibata's eyes practically rolled so hard they could have driven his head to some place he'd much rather be. This fucking guy. And so Shibata brought the rations to the dispersion center, who were so surprised and impressed with his performance, that in addition to the ryo typically associated with E rank missions, they also threw in a military ration pill.

(WC: 664)

600 Ryo, 1 Military ration

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[Mission] Shibata Delivery Service Empty Re: [Mission] Shibata Delivery Service

Tue May 05, 2020 10:41 pm
[Mission] Shibata Delivery Service Imagee97
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