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Careless Whisper (P/NK)

Zim Nara
Jayden Terumi
Hotaru Aburame
Alister Yama
Megami Kuoga
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Megami Kuoga
Megami Kuoga
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Careless Whisper (P/NK) - Page 5 Empty Re: Careless Whisper (P/NK)

Thu Oct 31, 2019 7:08 am
Megami Kuoga was at a loss for words! She had always felt a little different from the rest of the team. Her clan was a newer one, not like the rest if Fuku who were from clans of history. And even though she had made a name for herself as a scientist, she still wanted to show she could be a warrior! Megami wasn't a weakling by any means, but today she was stopped by a kikaichu! Granted they aren't regular bugs, but the fact remains she was defeated by it none the less! The bugs are not normal by any means, they are a part of the Aburame bloodline, but she still shouldn't have lost to it! She knew from that moment things had to change. 
Megami, a member of the Special Operations part of Fukutaichou, would now be training with Team Fukutaichou Kiri starting tomorrow and she planned on using her lightning techniques, and practicing her wind training techniques! The more you learn the better you will be! She also had to write Dante Hyuuga, her boyfriend who was waiting for her, hopefully in Volcano. He had mentioned going there, and she supported his decision. It was his home Village after all.

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Alister Yama
Alister Yama
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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Careless Whisper (P/NK) - Page 5 Empty Re: Careless Whisper (P/NK)

Sun Nov 03, 2019 1:12 am
Yen after about an hour of lovingly conversing heart to heart with his wife, and well holding her closely. As he finally felt relief that a year, or so of waiting couldnt do.

A soft kiss over hotas eyes as she rested at last before he passed out. An night of silence followed afterwatds. But a comfortable silence.

He slept soundly restimg refreshingly in a way he had not for a good long time. How long had it beem since he rested like this?

Well Yen would not disclose such an detail over a freindly drink. His mind at rest after a lomg time his wife was home and the kids would return by trusted induviduals he could not disclose under normal cases.


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Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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Careless Whisper (P/NK) - Page 5 Empty Re: Careless Whisper (P/NK)

Sun Nov 03, 2019 1:37 am
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