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Jun Fuji
Jun Fuji
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Sat Feb 09, 2019 7:57 pm
After returning home from the chunin exams, Hato had a lot to think about. She would sit down at her couch after putting her stuff down on the floor and undressed from the outfit she had been wearing on the trip and the whole chunin exams. She put it in the wash and slipped into a fluffy dark purple bath robe. She put a kettle on the stove in order to get some boiling water for her tea she was making. The young woman brought her fresh tea into the living room and drank it there. She had suffered a major loss to a Hoshi genin. It was all a big shame really, she let down the whole village by not getting a victory on behalf of Kumokagure. But she didn’t care all that much. Sure, it was a bummer that she wasn’t able to graduate onto the chunin level, but she gained something more important. Information. She had learned so much of the shinobi world through the battles she had with the fellow genins. Now she’d ready for the next one. But now wasn’t the time to worry about that, she needed to relax. It really did affect her appearance. It makes you look older the more stressed you are.

Silence filled the house, only very small creaks from the wooden floors of the apartment complex. Hato was even able to hear the snoring of the old man that lived above her own apartment. The young woman sipped at her tea as she was surrounded by her thoughts that took over the void of sound. She started to think of the genin that she encountered in the village, one boy in particular. Okami. She got up and went to her fridge. In the back stood a syringe full of blood, werewolf blood. She was interested to get some test done on the sample.

Suddenly, the vampire’s thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. Gripping her tea cup, she answered the door. A small and scrawny man stood here, hair in a mess and had his clothes in taters. It wasn’t a stranger however, it was an old friend of Hato’s. The rascal known as Osamu. Hato placed her hand on her hip while the other held the cup. She scanned his body, from his foot to his head. “Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” The young blonde said sarcastically. He chuckled slightly, “You know I wouldn’t be going to you if it wasn’t important.” Hato snickered and motioned for him to enter her room. He rushes in and sits down at the chair that was facing her couch. “You’re telling me you didn’t come here just to see an old friend?” Again, she said it in a sarcastic tone. It was sort of a way they communicated.

Upon sitting on the couch, Hato grabbed her reusable cigarette that she kept on the table in front of the couch and took deep inhale. “Aw’ come on. You shouldn’t be doing that to your body, it’ll kill ya.” This made the young vampire smirk and breath out a thick smog of smoke. “I’m touched that you care so much about me.” Hato crossed her legs and leaned into as if she was intrigued by his words. “Now tell me, what can I do for you?” Osamu scratched behind his head. “Well there is this very dangerous boss that’s been threatening a lot of us smaller guys. You know, you’re people.” Hato smiles at that comment. “But if you wanna stay in power, you’re gonna have to take down these other guys, alright?” Hato, menially stands before him. “You don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t do. But thank you for the details. Scram!” The man didn’t need anymore convincing from Hato before he was out the door.

Back in her academy days, while she was still training to become a ninja, she had this squad of younger students. They weren’t very strong and were easy pickings for the much stronger and older kids. At first, Hato didn’t care much for the little twerps. But much later, they came to her crying from the recent harassment from the same bullies. They offered money, food and knowledge. They were perfect for some underground intel. In return, she’d protected them and made it seem like she was on their side. However, they weren’t allowed to break the deal they had or else they’d face something worse than what they had to  endure. Luckily for them, they were obedient enough to continue that even in their graduated stages. In fact, she knew a lot about the crime in Kumo due them and she wasn’t about to lose her loyal workers to a bunch of bigger bullies.

The blonde arrived into the district that Osumu lived and and the rest of his gang. It was a slump. Notorious for it’s criminal activity and sketchy people, it was nest of terrible people that Kumo shinobi, like Hato, would have to bring in. However, she wasn’t on an official mission and she was just following up on a tip, so she couldn’t be just patrolling. She’d need a disguise in order to not attract attention. Of course, this wouldn’t be a struggle due to her talent of disguise.  

She used the transformation technique that all genin knew in order to even become a genin, to transform into a black haired and brown girl. For extra effect, she wore tattered clothes and even had her face was dirty. The idea was to blend in and she’s been there many times to know that this is was they looked like down there.

The investigation started in the district itself. As expected from areas like this, it was worn down with sketchy people all over wondering the street casually. Hato stuck to the side of the buildings, avoiding any confrontations with these people. She wasn’t afraid, rather she was observing for clues with a precaution. The damp ground squished under her feet due to the recent rain. The smell was terrible in some parts due to the dirty roads and the trash that laid on the ground like the waste land it was. The air was even worse though. There was a reason she never was over in this area and why most people avoided. It was the perfect place for these kind of deals to go down.

The first place of investigation for information was the bar located in this district. It was full of drunks that would happily give information to a beautiful girl like her. The bar was full of berly men. It was pretty standard for a bar, it had wooden furniture, a bar directly in front of the door and booths. However, there was an obvious difference from the bars she’s used to. There was no sound in the bar. No loud yelling bursts, no conversations, not even any music. The men there only stared at their drinks. Which really caused a stir when the loud door creaked to announce the arrival of Hato. She approached the counter, everyone staring at her for an uncomfortable amount of time before returning to their sweet release of alcohol. “Can I help you?” The bartender asked, cleaning a clear glass and putting it away. “I’m just looking for information. I’m new to the village.” The facial expression chanced from business to worry. “Oh my. I’m assuming you having heard much about this place.” “That’s why I came here to the bar, to get information. It is supposed to be a socializing place, right?” The bartender shakes his head. “Not recently. You should probably head out of the district before…” He was cut off by two men entering the bar. They were comically strong, small heads, huge shoulders and about the high of the ceiling. The large men stomp over to the bar, right where Hato was staring at the behemoths. Once they were out of the way of the door, the other men exited the bar in a hurry. They sat on Hato’s right and left. “New girl?” One of the big men asked, in a very monotone voice. “Yes?” Hato asked back, innocently. “We need you to come with us.” Hato smirked. “Oh my.” She sounded frightened, but she was actually excited to see what they were going to show her. Hopefully it was going to be their boss.  

Hato was brought to his small alleyway with a single door sticking out. There were two guards posted outside the entrance. It was a sign of significance. She walked in between the two large men and they lead her inside. The guards stared at her as she walked. These weren’t good signs. They should be just seeing her has common folk. She did find it a bit bewildering that they invited her such an event. They couldn’t be doing this to every single person that passes by, could they. The blonde vampire kept the thought of a trap prominent in her mind as she scanned the entrance. Past the door was a staircase that lead them to the dark basement of the building. It was narrow, the encorts had to go one after the other after Hato, blocking any possible means of escape. So they thought. The young woman entered a room that was dimly lit and wasn’t very big. “Hello Hato.” The voice sounded familiar. It was Osumu. It all started to come together. The small and scrawny man snickered. “I bet you’ve figured it out by now.” The two escorts standoff by the exit, blocking it. “Why did you do this Osumu?” She said coldly as she transformed back into her originally form. “Don’t act so dumb, Hato. You should know the answer.” He replied calmly. “I gave you security.” “You acted in tyranny.” The rat snapped back. “All these years and I was being controlled under your crushing heel.” This made Hato smirk, “You sound ungrateful.” Osumu chuckled and continued, “You see, I don’t need you anymore. I rule this district. And in order to get it fully back, I must kill the previous Alpha.” Hato started with a slow chuckle, creeping the guards and the rat out. Then it turned into maniacal laughter. It died down and she looked at him with a cocky smirk. Hato’s eyes turned blood red as she stared down into the rat’s soul. “Do it then.” “KILL HER!” Osumu shouted.

The first grunt to attack was the one behind her, on the the right. He would attempt to strike her down with his fist, but would only strike the ground. The impact was so large that it created a crack in the foundation of the ground. He also found that a huge claw mark had been made across his torso. The large man collapsed to the ground, weakly clutching his left side where the damage had been done. The other large man also seemed in shock. Before the whole meet up with Hato, Osumu had told his people that Hato was only a big bully that could easily be taken down. The young woman, appeared behind the large man that she had just crippled. While the second grunt tried to take a swing at Hato, Osumu escaped through a small escape panel that was hidden by the colorful curtains that covered the room. Hato was easily able to see the attack from the large man coming, but rather than actually dodging, Hato would activate her DR shield and plant her feet with surface walking technique. This would allow her to take the punch without even moving. The she-devil enjoyed it when the fear struck his face after he realized that Hato could take such a blow without even flinching. He crippled up in fear after she brought back her fist and took a solid slug to the face. He flew backwards onto his back, out cold. Hato could let this little secret of hers out. No one would trust her again if they knew she had killed two men in cold blood, not to mention people gaining the will power to speak up against her.  Before she could do the job, a sizzling could be hear within the basement. Paper bombs being activated.

The whole building went up in flames. Osumu stood outside the blast radius with his two remaining strong men. They watched the flames build up, smoke piling up. They believed for the devil to be dealt with. Suddenly, the two shot in the head with two sharp pieces of wood. It penetrated their skulls with the amount of force and they both fall to the ground dead. Hato flickers in front of the quivering rat that now lays at her feet. “Y-you wouldn’t kill me. I’m your main source of information throughout the village. I’m YOUR rat.” Hato stares down at him. Then sinisterly smiles. “You are fortunate tonight. Remember that. Live by it.” Hato stirn voice scares him and he falls to his knees to bow for forgiveness. Once he arises to look up at the blonde’s face, he finds that she is no longer there, and his guards were no longer there. They had been been put with the other two. Now it was only Osumu with the burning building that he would have to explain to the athourites when they would ask about it with him. Due to the lasting fear that had been placed on him, he lied to authorities. Saying that he was just walking by when it blew up. He explained that it must of been a local gang after they explained that they found bits of explosive tags.

Hato returned home in a flicker and showered. The soot and blood went down the drain, evidence of the night she just had. The vampire came out of the shower clean and threw away the garbage clothes she wore that night as a disguise. Wearing her robe again from before, Hato entered her living room with a cup of tea in her hand. The blood thirsty vampire was relaxed as she exhaled and looked onto the rising sun. The warmth of the sun hitting her face refreshed her. This night had been a good night to let out some power that she needed to let out. She was in charge again, and no one was going to stop her.

WC: 2403

2403 wc towards Damage Reduction Shield (3201/4250) (continuing off this)
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Jun Fuji
Jun Fuji
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Sat Feb 16, 2019 10:07 pm
Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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Sun Feb 17, 2019 12:45 am
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