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Akihana's Helpers msn (Tadashi/Kira, p) Empty Akihana's Helpers msn (Tadashi/Kira, p)

Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:37 am
Mission Details:

The official meeting place was the information and receiving center. Logs got there early. Now that he had a few under his belt, he knew to look for some teammate names on the sheets of paper.

"Kira... Uchiha."

He couldn't help his lips curling into distaste. Still, the name was not one he recognized. Was this fellow one of the pretenders who thought it was cool to look like the Uchiha without having their abilities? It didn't matter really. He disliked his clan greatly but missions were missions and he would always have *those* people to deal with. Hopefully this fellow wasn't one of the problem children. Speaking of which.


Was this a boy or girl. Logs figured he would find out pretty quickly.

It didn't really matter, all they had to do was run around and gather supplies for the bakery in the palace. Time was somewhat important, but less so than safety. He was early but he couldn't help feeling a tad impatient. The euphoria of being a ninja had worn off and now he wanted to put his nose to the grind stone.
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Akihana's Helpers msn (Tadashi/Kira, p) Empty Re: Akihana's Helpers msn (Tadashi/Kira, p)

Sun Jan 27, 2019 3:25 pm
The information and receiving center exhibited coldness; was it because of the abundance of insulated AC, or perhaps, the lack of clothing from the azure-eyed blond to keep warm? Wearing a grey mid-sleeved sweatshirt hoodie, fingerless gloves with black shorts including ninja pouches on the side, it wasn't the best way to keep warm. Alas, he digressed, a habit that plagued him since he was a kid, thinking aloof. Sighing in a non-exaggerated gasp of air, the blond was stagnant, bored beyond belief. He sat on one of the sofas arranged in the Information and Receiving Center, very comfy indeed. As he remembered correctly, Kira received a message from the mail to report to the receiving center immediately; it was most likely a mission. His suspicions were correct, given a blank envelop from the Hoshigakure Government. 

Opening the email with his bare hands, careful to not receive a paper cut, unveiled a surface-level synopsis for the mission. The blond hoped it would be something like a combat/rescue mission... To his dismay, it 

"Why the hell am I getting supplies for a bloody bakery? Aren't ninja supposed to be, military subordinates? They're not supposed to be helpers? What happened to the badass ninjas that valiantly serve their village? My god, the wussies of this world..." He thought. Unusually, the blond felt uncontrollable anger, taking a deep breath, it stopped for a moment. Reading more into the synopsis, he found something that intrigued the azure-eyed Uchiha thoroughly, his partner was, Logs Uchiha.

The name was unfamiliar to his brain, most likely, Logs wasn't part of the Yukio Wandering Tribe. It was an Uchiha from Hoshigakure, interesting to say the least. It revealed some details about Logs, dark hair, dark eyes, common traits physical traits for an Uchiha. Closing the envelope, Kira scanned the room for anyone resembling these characteristics, finding someone resembling it. The blond calmly walked towards the figure. Upon 5 feet to the right of the man, the blond would wave with a blank face,

"Yo. Logs Uchiha, right? Kira Uchiha is the name, nice to meet you." 

The azure-eyed Uchiha was a soft-spoken and direct individual, there wasn't any need to say more, nor say less. Outstretching for a handshake an innocent smirk streaked across his face. 

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Akihana's Helpers msn (Tadashi/Kira, p) Empty Re: Akihana's Helpers msn (Tadashi/Kira, p)

Sun Jan 27, 2019 10:51 pm
He saw a blond kid walk in with mission papers. Logs looked around, trying to guess which person this boy was going to meet up with. So he was surprised when the blond kid walked straight up to him. Was this kid just looking for idle chatter? I mean. He started with a wave. That's something friendly people do, and Logs was immediately suspicious. Usually people figured he was one of the Uchiha and wanted him to help them get a favor.

That was overwritten as he realized that the kid was his mission partner. At least he had confirmation that "Kira" was a gender neutral name. Like "Pat". Still, the kid didn't look like an Uchiha. At all. He was a bit stockier than average, and more importantly, he was one of those blue eyed blond kids that could be a heart throb with a bit of work. Very different from the dark gloom or fiery rage present within the typical Uchiha. Kira looked like a disguise that Logs might use to go undercover. Slightly attention grabbing in a different way, rather than attempting to blend into the woodwork.

"You're not from around here, are you?"

It wasn't a hostile sounding question, but there was clearly some subtext. It was an invitation to explain why Kira Uchiha looked the way he did, if he was an Uchiha at all.

Logs would wait for the boy to speak. Unless further interaction was required on his part, he would speak. "I think the super grocer a few blocks down might be the most convenient place to start the mission. We can get a lot of the flours and baking powders there in decent quantity. They probably still have milk, though we might need to swing by the farmer's markets. Thoughts?"

If Kira was amenable, Logs would start heading off to the mentioned grocers.
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