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Edward Willow
Edward Willow
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Two Losses (IO, Tadashi, NK) Empty Two Losses (IO, Tadashi, NK)

Thu Jan 31, 2019 9:26 am
Edward was woken up at 5 am by his father. “What are you doing?!” Shouted his father. “You should’ve woken up earlier!” His father took his belt off and started whipping Edward for a solid five minutes. Edward’s back was marked up already, it was only being marked more. As his father hit him, he whimpered. His father shouted, “No talking! No friends! You know the rules! Peasants and filth like you aren’t allowed to be treated well!”

Once his father was done, Edward moved inside to make a fire. Now he filled a barrel full of snow and put it over the fire, to get his family’s morning water. He got a pot and started cooking the base of his brother’s and father’s meal, rice. For him, that might be his entire meal. He started gathering food from his family’s cellar to prepare his brother’s breakfast.

As soon as he was done the cooking, he went down to the river and gathered a few buckets of sand and brought them back home. Once he was done, he drew water from the now-melted snow barrel and started cleaning the pans. Get the grit off with the sand, and rinse the water. Simple. Scour the pans with sand, rinse the sand. Scour, rinse, scour, rinse, scour, rinse, scour, rinse.

His morning chores were done. It was time for him to relax. He left the house and decided to go to his favorite spot in the whole village, the river. He took his shirt and sweater off and he dove in. The water was so cool and relaxing. He let himself sink to the bottom and he ran his fingers through the mud. He rose to the surface and took out his raft that was hidden in the nearby trees.

He laid down on the raft and let himself drift away. He soon fell asleep under the suns rays.

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