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Royalty <3
Royalty <3
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Look at me King - Page 3 Empty Re: Look at me King

Sun Aug 26, 2018 5:16 pm
Royalty knew how weird it was telling Kyson about his desire to learn Ninjutsu. The two of them always had different fighting styles but today was the day they would both share a few techniques. It was going to take a little minute to get used to. When Kyson told him they taught each other their elements, Roy thought back about the days. Couldn't say the good ol' days because shit was fucked up back then. But life is fucked up so oh well.

"Ooooh yeah. Man that was long ago. We were really kids." The memory they shared enticed him. It was nice to remember these things. But now it was the time for them to get to why they were here. Royalty demonstrated a jutsu that Roy had seen before. He couldn't remember what it was called but it was still familiar. When Kyson had finished, Roy looked at the two.

"Ah, I remember seeing you drown some people with that. Good time good times. Okay my turn." Roy looked over at the open space and attempted to perform the same jutsu. He performed the boar seal followed by the tiger seal. The ground in the space he was looking at looked like it was going through metamorphosis. As the ground shifted and liquefied, it stopped before it could fully manifest like Kyson's did. He scratched his head and had a puzzled look. 

"Welp, there you have it folks. I'm trash a this." Royalty laughed. This was the first time he was performing an elemental ninjutsu higher than C Rank. This was definitely a step higher than what he was used to. He turned to Kyson for a more in-depth anaysis in what he did wrong.
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Look at me King - Page 3 Empty Re: Look at me King

Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:18 am
The two reminisced about the old days and how they first started off as shinobi. It didn't seem like that long since the two were here training with each other. They obviously came a long way since those ignorant time. But dor today, Kyson was the teacher and Royalty was the student. But its kinda always been like that. Seeing Royalty making the hand seals to perform the jutsu. He watched and observed closely how he was performing it. There was a lot that went into it. Using the right amount of chakra and being able to control it with precision.Knowing Royalty doesn't have as much chakra as Kyson, it would be a little harder for him to control the jutsu than it would Kyson. As he saw the jutsu form and liquify, it failed before it could reach its maximum size.

When he saw how the jutsu turned out. He would turn around with his back facing Royalty. Keeping a straight face as he was turning. But the moment his back was fully facing Royalty, He would hold in a huge laugh and not letting it out. "That shit was pitiful." Kyson muttered real quietly as he continued to hold in a big laugh.

Look at me King - Page 3 E74945a6

He would then go back to a straight face as he turned back to face Royalty and tell him what he did wrong. As if he never laughed in the first place. "Yeah, your chakra is all over the place. Gotta calm it down a bit if that makes sense. Don't rush it, its a bit more difficult when your used to lower rank jutsu and going straight to a higher rank. But this wil; be a good training and a good process to learn from." Kyson said. His attempt honestly wasn't that bad for someone who never specialized in ninjutsu. But he still thought it was funny from his point of view.

"Alright, now try it again. And this time just take your time and concentrate your chakra a lot more smoothly. Sounds so simple, but that simple factor can make a huge difference." He said to Royalty. Waiting to see how this second attempt would go. He crossed his arms as he observed him closely to see how he would perform the next time around.
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Look at me King - Page 3 Empty Re: Look at me King

Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:46 pm
Kyson would look at Royalty. "Your Ninjutsu is trash.." And walk away..


(TWC: 3417)

- 276 words towards Crushing Weight Seal (-25%)
-750 words towards Fuinjutsu Breaking D rank 
-1500 words towards Fuinjutsu Breaking C rank 
-891 words towards Fuinjutsu Breaking B rank

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