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day for a stroll (open) - Page 4 Empty Re: day for a stroll (open)

Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:33 pm
To yen shinoskay got the idea as he smiled slightly at the student bowing and taking his words into consideration. 

"A village is only as nurtured as its shinobi. As we have seen more then once just because combat is a nececity does not mean it decides things. You can fight with the strength of 10 men, but as we recently seen your toungh needs just as silver a lining too."

Yen stated as he implied to the recent struggle. However he continued on.

"Yet if you lack a will, and pride in your home. Then it should not be possible. It is what you take from such things. Plus what you learn from your own actions."

For that yen learned much on himself that day. Much more then he even thought gleamed in the shadows. The fact that he never thought he had to call out a side of him he feared more then a mortal man, and now had to coexist with it. Naievity was truely a killer of the good, and also the tainter of a soul. Something changed. Something that enabled him to dig into that darkness and the pitch darkness. For light when obstructed by even a pebble will cast a shadow.

Even a man of the white robe had a bloody hand at one point. Still i had to for my home. To keep the integrity of my home alive. When a nation kneels then its being dies along with it. Some will not get it... still at least i will passively teach konoha what it means to hold its head high amid danger.

Yen thought as he glanced at love now and thus sat against the tree quietly.

"Shinoskay tell me what is it that you wish to persue as a shinobi? Why do you wish to improve and join the system of shinobi here? What is it that you define makes a shinobi, besides jutsu and such things. You must look deeper into what you wish to join into. Each step is like a flight of stairs, while a hundreds steps are 10 miles. Day in and out you serve your home. So how will i know if you will become your ideal shinobi.?"

Yen asked the student. It was a deep question. With many depths but ideology as opposed to blindly wearing a band and staring in shock was not in the cards. One needed to dig deep and stand by what they say in yens eyes.

Or thats how it should be on that case. A jutsu is a skill, yet its merely a tool of what we wish and will it. Just like this aura. It will protect me and i will protect my home. With jutsu and words. My words shall drown out the lies one's heart and anothers heart will tell them. It is the safest way to ensure we at least do not ever fall again with our heads eating the dirt.

A humiliating yet lesson taught to yen that made him adament to this now. It hurt yet now the pain was numb. His only choice was to go hand in hand with his own fears and doubts.

Untill my end comes by my fear.

"Love what are your thoughts on the question i asked. Show an example of what it means to have a strong ideology behind yourself. I alway's prided off of my simple logic of being a wall here. But really what does it mean to be a wall? Some say if you climb it you see further, like a stepping stone. Others may say that you are holding, something out or in. Perhaps with myself  i stuck by my simple stance to ward both our home and our ideals from thoes that will dare to hold us and tear us away from our life. A wall well kept will endure many hardships, even if it fell one would know it was there and served a purpose."

Yen stated as he smiled at her and then shinoskay. His grey aura shimmered slightly as he felt his reserves continue to fall steadily. The feedback he was getting was enlightening to say at least. Which was what he needed.

Little more and i think it ends... good!

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Princess Love
Princess Love
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day for a stroll (open) - Page 4 Empty Re: day for a stroll (open)

Tue Feb 27, 2018 2:47 pm
While Shinoskay's words were still rather robotic Love was confident that he would be pondering over Yen's words for a long time. Not just for the remainder of this day but in all of the days to come up leading up until he finally decided whether joining this village's military force is really what he wanted. Yen didn't always make sense but once you witnessed it, whether it be first hand or second, you'd understand in full what he meant. Every word he spoke was true, there was no need for Love to nod her head as he went along. For now, she would just be a ghost trying to pry directly into the mage's mind. Even when he glanced at her and she glanced back, Love would be trying to see from the inside out. Hearing the man ask her to share her thoughts on the question he had asked the boy, Love switched her stance. Dropping her right hand to her side and moving her left hand to the left side of her lower back, the hand once again resting on the tsuka of her ninjato, the young woman would shift all of her weight to the left side. This time she would nod as she paid more attention to the words now being spoken to her instead of the boy yet still remained intent on sneaking through Yen's mental barrier.

She remembered Oro being asked something similar and her trying to share with him her ideology. The left side of her mouth rose slightly before she would begin to speak. "Well, the best defense is a good offense. Regardless of whether you're keeping something in or holding something out. You climb the wall to reach higher levels, standing at the top is the Kage. Because they're the only one who can see everything it's their job to make sure that everyone is alright. To make sure that any incoming threats are met with adequate force." She paused with a sigh. There Kage had been nowhere in sight when this attack was sprung, Risako did her best but was in a way, betrayed, by her people as they did not back down when commanded. However, she was first in the betrail by not establishing an offense knowing full well that the people of Konoha had never been pushovers. Yet that draining discussion was for another time and/or day.

Right now she had to get back to explaining the main question that had been posed. Her feedback had began aimed at Yen while her eyes remained on Shinoskay but when she opened her mouth again those words would be for the boy. "I became a ninja to protect my family and the people within this village that are unable to fend for themselves." She would start again, her voice calm yet strong. "Even without the use of chakra, my cause is the same. Even if my body were to fail. Those that can't teach right?" She said with a quick tilt of the head, lightening up at the end as things had taken a rather serious tone. Typical when Yen got deep but if the boy were staring into her endless white eyes he might be accidentally spirited away. "My will for us to continue on as a race rather than a single, or divided nations supersedes the physical demands of this job." She had previously been unable to give such an unequivocal answer yet retained the ability to be forthright in her rejoinder. "I like to believe that we're all trying to achieve the same thing, that thing." She would say without repeating herself or mentioning the idea of world peace. "However, we all have different ways of going about situations hence the secrecy we're sworn to. Despite our current circumstance, our private information is still that thanks to the sacrifices made. Any idiot foolish enough to raise their hand in opposition to the standards set by any of the great shinobi countries doesn't deserve to call themselves one." She said fiercely, the young Hyuuga held selfish people in low regard. With a sigh, she glanced at the leaves and sky above. She'd had enough of a break and needed to get back to training but it would be rude to break off now.

The weight of this responsibility was annoying, this was Yen's style not her own. Although she was curious as to how or rather why he chose to go about things this way and how he dealt with the consequences. Finding his face in her mind's eye she would attempt to transfer her chakra to his mind to form a bond where they could share his thoughts. Should that fail she would then try passing part of her consciousness along during the transfer. She figured if she was capable of doing that then finding exactly what she wanted to know would be far easier. If she could sort through his thoughts with her figurative hands it would be faster than waiting to analyze whatever popped up in his mind and she'd likely go unnoticed. Nevertheless, she first needed to establish the correct amount of chakra to send. Luckily through the use of her dojutsu, she could avoid staring, with her physical eyes, at Yen to determine through his facial expressions if she was doing it right. She didn't notice it at first but the eye she was using to read Yen felt as though it were weaving hand seals.

Nonetheless subtle had they been making eye contact it would simply appear as the girl following his eye movement. Still, in recovery the decent chunk of chakra used when casting the jutsu would feel fairly larger than it actually was. She would also notice that the one eye had become blind. Yet the red head remained her composure as panicking right now would thwart all her work thus far. Fortunately, there wouldn't be a fog over that eye to give her away, not that it would matter given her colorless iris. Now all she needed was for him to think and for it to feel like her own.

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day for a stroll (open) - Page 4 Empty Re: day for a stroll (open)

Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:51 am
As Shinoskay listened to the two speak there follow up's and reinforcements, he slowly developed a frown. The young boy couldn't help it, the more they spoke the more he felt there words assault his very being to reverberate through him and rattle him where he stood. Ideals of strength, rising to see above all in order to protect them or to just stand over them for the same... as a wall and a ward... Ever word they spoke seemed like a coursing river rushing against him and he quickly felt like he wanted to run, to shout for them to stop, to drown out there own words with his or... something....

It was a strange sensation, one the student couldn't grasp or understand, for him it was just some overwhelming presence or pressure that quickly rose and built up inside of him. He knew he didnt like it but he also didnt want to be rude to the two before him.

Like a flood gate, or a great steam valve, he finally spoke... really spoke... "I dont have family... I dont quite know what to think or how to understand what you say." He looked first to Yensung, he struggled to maintain his posture and formality but it was clearly wavering at this moment, "I feel I am somehow suppose to be a shinobi, I...." For a moment he looked down, in thought or contemplation, but in the end he instead turned now to Love. His expression grows slightly more determined, a hint of fierceness clashes with his furrowed eyebrows and his frown "I dont have family, a few people said they would be my family but now they are all gone and I am by myself, there is only me, and so I must find my own way... my own place..." once more he softens again "...I do not want to..." and once more he looks down, in contemplation as he seems to struggle now to compose himself.

Shinoskay turns back to the Hyuga, he bows slightly but remains upright enough to look towards the older Shinobi. His overly formal tone and connotations now return to his words "Sensei, I apologize for my ouburst," He then turns to face Yen, "I know I am not been clear, I apologize if I am been confusing and bothersome, Sensei. It is my goal and Ideal to work hard, do well, and succeed for the shinobi village that accepts me. Konoha has accepted me, and so I hope to succeed for Konoha."

Though he had recomposed himself, Shinoskay's eyes still twitched right to left as they danced in an avert to remain respectful but also in struggle with his desire to avert his gaze from Yen's eyes as he took to looking from one to the other. It was also apparent he had been worried his outburst was too much, that he was almost desperate to try to gauge the emotional reaction from the two before him.

Still, though, if he was permitted then he would continue "It is to my understanding that Shinobi are tools, trained and sharpened to better serve their village." A generic response, almost bland, like he was reciting from a book. He was clearly still thinking about it, even as he spoke such a trained and automatic response.

[WC 552]
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day for a stroll (open) - Page 4 Empty Re: day for a stroll (open)

Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:21 am
the words spoken by both the boy who did not know where he stood, and love were taken quietly into yen as he quietly reflected on their words. One was from a Family, a clan. that was of high regard in the shinobi world and renown. Especially in konoha. Hearing love had yen briefly think back to the hyuuga he trained with and knew. Still it was a brief flash back he knew of their abilities to an extent but their loyalty to their cause was without question. 
well she developed a fierce  loyalty which makes me proud. I only am certain he stance will stay the  same, but seeing this now I am confident she has more then enough too stand close to me. Somewhere i am certain she will make a solid teacher if she learns to adapt the ideology and embody it to it's fullest extent. I expect out bursts though and a solid stance to go by it. it seems the boy is growing to speak in defiance, but we cant let him fall like oro, or suffer the fate of salzem..... sal my friend i shall not join you in the place of peace. the will to protect my home's integrity and even...
yen went silent as he recalled that dreadful day his rage in the situation that they were in. The willingness to rise despite the grey aura and salzems words, they were the words as he knew that would plead to him to go through the act of killing him, but at the same time scorning all of his words. but there was the truth. He was doing his duty for his home. his mind flashed to him crying over his dead friend and mentally cursing himself for being unable to strike down the kage. with all of his skill and pure power he lacked the time to fight back the army. No one would stand by him and hence he did upon the words he spoke the very truth. If his home were to survive he would have no choice, otherwise the village would perish. This he knew. So he spoke with rage filled at him the one thing to respect his best freind at death. His shinobi rights upon death. Something that few ever earned and to salzems wolfkin which he slaughtered in sunagure. He respected it and salzem.
you were the only one that would've gotten me to save the village to go through. with that my old freind. I only attacked risako so to if the monster of the mizukage would've done nothing, at the least our home would be safe. It is the way to handle things, but now we are in this pinch A situation that while we may hold the will of fire we are all but under his thumb... When i get my chance... I will go and use all of my power to bring him down. 
the rage behind his thoughts were drowned in the flash of fear and loneliness as the corpses of everyone, his wife, his children, risako, kisuke, love herself, ita, the strewn corpses surrounded and scattered the burning down village yet he would feel that his fear of watching and feeling his essence vanish. The physical body fading as he faced the shadows of countless bladed figures. His rage as the sky went black through the area of countless insects descending as the countless cries of many would ecchoe through his mind.  The sense of ultimate hopelessness as he would even if he was to fade away he would fight. The notes he wrote on his spare time calculating his body, and chakra levels, the time he maintained the auras around him lead to the thing that he refused to think of. He only thought of the outcome.
even if the ashes of my home were to fall i would gather each one and bury each corpse before i fade away, my weak arms will break, but i will stand and keep konoha alive. No matter the cost i fear no man but i fear my fate. 
 his thoughts at the time running clear. To His request to sal to stay close to him and the other encounters they had once in suna explaining his shadows and true fear to his only friend, Having to fight back at last. 
i did not want to hurt my home so i still held back.. even when i pitted myself against risako i held back. She was right to be angry, but I held back. I will not harm anyone unless i had to and i deserved it from her end.
despite the thoughts at hand yen spoke strong and resounded.
"That love is what it is to be a shinobi to hold your home in high regard which you showed exceptionally well. but shinoskay you may not know what it means nor have family. I did not while i was a student. I was alone and held my  own."
his thoughts went back to his mother and fathers dead bodies and the wound of the father on his chests and his stomach, while his mother looked at peace having fallen from sickness. he sobbed pleading. 
you two... would you look at me with the eyes of love if you saw me now? or would you turn away?
yen wondered as he continued on still strong keeping in mind that his technique was nearing it's end.
I will make amends, even in hell if i must.
 "but you will grow to understand it. Your voice to shout out was the very thing you needed to spark it inside you. the very flame that roars inside all of konoha. The flame that got us through tribulant times and roared across the land. it is in your voice, your thoughts , your soul, but only if you allow it to grow. this requires you to simply not treat your shinobi duty as work and day in and out. you must be the lungs of the village, but then also hold the heart of this village and it's values to it's fullest. No matter the foe, and no matter the storm. We will burn onwards in peace and war."
yen spoke as he smiled at the boy his thoughts going to his children as he felt the burning twing of guilt as he falied to be there for their birth. still he recalled the will to hold them and the uchiha at the time that watched over his wife during her pregnancy. The deep almost gold yellow eyes looking back into his own single eye as he ignored the pain of removing his damaged eye.  The flash of the thought vanished and hence he had a single thought.
the future is to be protected fully.
yen thought as he spoke up to shinoskay, and love.
"love and shinoskay, i want to protect the future even if i was to fall somehow and someway at least the future would be safe and konoha would thrive on. The past hurts. but the next day, the next second, the next minute the next 10 years. We will fight for every inch of it for our home. shinoskay this is your home boy. it is what is worth fighting, and sacrificing for. it is why you train. We are not tools like a hammer, we are people.  we do not get discarded here, we are credited our service to our home and it's values. We protect the  land that is ours by right. Those willing to join us are welcome if they are only willing to give what the collective is willing to give. This is what it means to be a shonobi here. Protect the values to their fullest and not falter."
His thoughts went to the night that sal returned to konoha and he offered salzem to spar him.
Perhaps if I died then he would’ve survived. He is my best friend but I will take my words then, and then keep to them still now. But oro I wish you would’ve just listend…perhaps this boy will do as a good example of a konoha student through the ranks just like the rest. The damage that could’ve been done even now… why did you even try to leave at that time? I will never understand…. I taught you everything all that I could yet why must I hurt like this?
Yen thought as he thought on orokana for a moment. The encounter the two had at the gate was burned in his mind as it was almost as if all of his work failed.
It is like all I do at this time is fail consistently perhaps This one will understand in due time..
The grey aura around yen faded off and hence his boosting ability as well as he took a breath he noted he was a bit below half his chakra reserve still he spoke up.
“love you should relax your eyes a bit after all it will be quiet taxing if you push too much. So shinoskay what else will you like to learn?”
The aburame offered with a kind and warm smile as he sat up straight. The memories that flowed through him were eternal reminders of failures and only partial successes he held which he kept as a reminder. Especially orokana overall. Although deep down were the more intriguing details of yen he kept thoes hidden away naturally through a deep flow of his information and various things that he is working on.
After touching the arts of yin and yang I feel as if I can at least understand how this all works. I shall keep developing defenses and maintain it only a tad bit longer in time. This road is still dark and dangerous. There are many things that can go wrong, but as long as I am careful. I can in fact tinker a bit more with the works. Lets see if there is a way I can use my chakra as a way to enhance other things as opposed to myself. I have all day long and half my reserves. So this should not be too difficult.
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(Thoughts tiny bits of thoughts that love will see are from the following flashbacks to these topics. In this order)
Princess Love
Princess Love
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day for a stroll (open) - Page 4 Empty Re: day for a stroll (open)

Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:21 pm
Watching the mouth of the boy standing before herself and Yen twist into a frown Love furrowed her brows at him. She could tell he was becoming unstable, a slight trembling around his body, whether he noticed it or not, could be seen before he had his outburst. She liked the energy he was giving right now and the drop of formality and properness. Love's gaze would be hard on him as he looked from Yen to the ground and then back up at her. She would be smiling now having been met with a determined look. Hearing his voice and seeing his body soften Love's eyes swing over to Yensung briefly before returning to the boy. She wanted to see the look on his face after having sparked the flame in this boy's soul that would be nurtured into the Will of Fire. The red head would send her eyes back in Yen's direction to see how he would reply to the generic comment the boy made after gathering his respect.

While looking at the male she could feel the flashback he was having of his time training with one of her clansmen but the memory was short lived and she was unable to see the face of the Hyuuga. From there he would go on to nonverbally compliment the growth of the kunoichi he was sharing this space with. If she didn't still have her grin from watching the boy it would be a dead give away that she was flattered by Yen's thoughts. Either that or she had gotten a big head and assumed that the Aburame was marveling at her growth. The muscles in her face relaxed and returned to their natural state when the male thought back to that day. She would finally get to hear the last words of the troubled man she met on that sunny day in Sunagakure. Her eyes shook in their sockets, however unnoticeably, as she could even hear the thoughts that Yen was thinking at that time. While she could see the other Konoha ninja surrounding him, Love couldn't image what it would've been like to be one of them.

She knew that had she been there she would've shed a tear, even now she could feel it rolling down her cheek. Or was it Yen that was crying or the rain that had been summoned off schedule? She understood better than anyone there the turmoil that was shredding the man from the inside, yet he didn't let it out. Yen held a straight face as he would lead the others to join in the sacrifice of Salzem to save their home. He was currently explaining how his attack on Risako had only been for good measure in case the Mizukage intended for her to be sacrificed as well. She wasn't yet sure of how she felt about him declaring that he would be the downfall of that kage but she did know that they were in shape to be attempting rebellions. The rage in his thoughts was uncharacteristic for Yen but him now picturing the corpses of everyone he cared for, including herself, distracted the girl. All faces she was familiar with except for his children as she had never got a clear look at them before.

Fear and loneliness gone as his rage returned to take their place as he was now surrounded by numerous blades that would cause his body to fade and his insects to scatter while a symphony of the dying rang in his ears as his light was diminished. As any human, the squat male feared his death or rather his helplessness against it. He truly was a noble man, as to be expected of one raised in a prestigious clan and even more so of its leader. From there his mind went to a night of bonding with the late Lycan. Yen had vented to him and as thanks for listening, the mage repaid Sal with insight to genjutsu. Their exchange had shown Love just how young he truly was, how young all of them were in fact, the girl was slowly starting to understand Yen better. It was interesting, the burdens he already bore prior to ending his dear friend's life. Next, he would think of someone he had harmed nearly as bad as the werewolf, Risako.

When he pictured her they were in the Chuunin Exam area of this village. Just as he had told himself, the male was her punching bag during their match. He was slyly casting jutsu but he wasn't really trying, Risako wasn't affected by his half-assed attempts. Was this so-called "grand" event really to determine who would carry the title next? Love wondered what happened to the steam the man had before he exited the corridor. What was it about seeing that woman caused him to deflate? Perhaps he had been blinded by anger that subsided when he realized that he would actually have to harm his comrade to prove his worth. Doing that would be a surefire way to extinguish his light, then he would be no better than the Mizukage.

Temporarily resurfacing from his mind the male spoke. Love nodded to the words, a nonverbal thank you in order to avoid disrupting the rest of his comment which would be directed towards the newcomer. Before they went back under, Love noted the strength of his voice; How it resonated despite the storm brewing in his head. Upon re-entry, the jounin thought of his parents, how they would see him now and if they would approve. That was one thing she hadn't been certain of before, the status of the Aburame clan, many of them were reticent and introverted yet as of late their numbers seemed low. However, these reoccurring thoughts that everyone had would likely be the only thing Love could fully sympathize with. Even though they were accompanied by the image of his slain parents, she had yet to lose her own, regardless there isn't a single person on this plant that doesn't worry about how a certain person or people will perceive them. Suddenly he was back, out of the storm to finish his statement and reflect the boy's outburst.

Being firmly strapped into the rollercoaster of memories and emotions Love had almost forgotten that the child had cracked. She nodded to her friend then looking back to Shinoskay she would add, "Family doesn't always mean blood." The smile on Yen's face that he gave to the boy was confirmation that he was proud to find something to be kindled. As he smiled Love found herself doing the same, simultaneously the mage had remembered the day his twins were born. He felt guilty for being in surgery himself while they were delivered nevertheless it was a happy moment. Shared not only between him and his wife but also their friend, an Uchiha they'd named the female twin after. Also who Yen would later persuade her to check in on her relatives and set up a meeting with the head of their clan so that Yen himself could ask permission to keep the gift placed in his left eye socket. Love fully agreed with the sentiment added when the memory faded and hearing her name once more Love's eyes made their way back to the Aburame's face. The Hyuuga found herself nodding yet again as Yen reverberated her own words to the youngest among them in order to hammer down the nail.

That triggered what was probably just one of many spars the wolf. Due to his failure to show up during their group match in the Jounin Exam Love had been unable to witness the full potential of Salzem's wolf form. The spar the two engaged in beforehand was simply to take his mind off the heavy thoughts that were plaguing the sanguine eyed male. Viewing the power he once held from the vantage point of Yen, who was not shaken despite this appearing to be his first encounter with the beast head on. Made her feel a little bit relieved that they didn't have to face each other, there's no way she could've taken him down. Her only option would've been to wait until he got tried and became unable to maintain the form, however, she also had to worry about Kyson. She had watched the one on one match he had with Sal but she didn't have any ideas on how to take him down either. Just as Sal was lamenting in this flashback about how everyone kept telling him how spectacular their match had been.

Of course, it didn't matter who lived and who died or if they both died or lived, life is unpredictable. Even if someone was to give their life for another there's no saying that that person won't immediately follow after them. Or worse get depressed and fast forward the reunion, but Love couldn't say any of this out loud lest she blow her cover and she wasn't done yet. Sinking back into the pit of dispair Yen would go from mourning a sad soul to fuddling in the logic of the green eyed fool. Better known as Orokana, the Aburame had been thinking about the time he tried to leave the village. It wasn't long before this that she had met the idiot and not long after the failed escape is when Love and Yen met. It was a fun day for her, one that she would revisit later, she couldn't distract herself and miss the chance to gather more information on either of the two men now in question. Although her earlier thought of Yen taking this kid and repairing his legacy, along with the reputation of the village, had been confirmed.

Love sighed at the mental energy Yen had spent on that guy, the emotional energy had to be even greater. She couldn't imagine wasting all of it on one person, the girl was still young and had yet to experience her namesake first hand. Though she'd witnessed it in others the bond between master and student was different than that of a father and child no matter how much they resembled each other they'd never be the same. Interesting though, Orokana actually had the balls to try and walk right out the gates. He waited until it was late but he had no real plan and probably would've felt free if he died. His reason for trying it was obvious for those that knew him but for Yen it was harder to accept. Love wished that she could offer him some inkling of reassurance but she too had been deserted by the fool. Love sighed right about now she was hoping for the of this boy as Yen, the next generation was so important.

Watching the grey cloak around him fall Love wondered if he had gathered enough notes. The girl shrugged when he suggested that she give her eyes a break. She could probably go at least two full days before she needed to rest her dojutsu but she would take his advice. It would be easier to focus on properly processing the information being funneled into her if she was distracted by everything she couldn't but could see. The eye mind reading would stay though, she didn't want to miss any chances at insight that might be sparked by Shinoskay's responses. The veins clustered around her eyes would sink back into place, it would be impossible for him to even guess the situation but hopefully, the boy would take Yen's bait. They both needed to take their minds off of all the crap that's taken the concurring of Konoha as it's pedestal and is currently glowing. The kunoichi's latest inquiry was met with thoughts from Yen on his two jutsu.

Good. She thought.

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Sun Mar 04, 2018 5:35 pm
Shinoskay had no way of knowing the what the other two were seeing inside of Yensungs mind, at this point he wouldnt even know or thing to look either. His present focus was entirely on the eldest of the three gathered as he continued to scan their face for reactions to his outburst, as they remained silent and almost unreadable the boy grew more and more nervous. He feared he had upset a senior ninja of the village he was going to join, something that would more then likely create an uphill battle when trying to garner friends and reputation, this made him feel conflicted and anxious from a form of fear.

It really did not help that there seemed to be a growing fire in his eyes, for whatever reason there was, even if Yen's face did not show it there was still an almost tangible tension for the boy that grew more and more heavy every half second that passed. Loves Furrowed eyes and intensity, coupled with the bulging veins of her Byakugan, only fueled his fear further. Sure she had smiled for a moment but how was he to interpret that with all of this, were the two teasing him? where they going to break out in laughter? where they excited over the prospect that they could take their anger over been conquered out on some nobody orphan? He had absolutely no way to truly read what was going on.

Thankfully, just seconds before he decided to commit himself to a Dogeza, the Jounin finally responded. Like an emotional train wreck, the emotions he felt almost completely reversed from a form of fearful angst to that of frustration once more. He couldnt help but feel upset that in one phrase Yen was agreeing with Love but then immediately after he was trying to express empathy to Shinoskay 'that doesnt even make sense,' and then as Love spoke up that blood doesnt always equal family the emotions in the young orphan almost popped again 'who the hell are you? what?' he couldnt even fathom how to respond to that statement, it just sounded so ignorant to him.

On the surface, however, he was still ever mindful and worried about the idea of offending village ninja and causing trouble for himself and so he maintained his facade of sickening politeness, his internal conflict did not show on the surface other then a moment or two of concern or conflict born confusion as he was now concentrating on not letting himself go into another outburst. Most of what they said wouldnt even really register to him at this point as he was so intent on not offending them.

Luckily, he did sort of catch the question directed his way and so after a few seconds of supposedly been spaced out he expressed suddenly realization to the question "Oh, um, well," He concentrated again on his manners while redoubling such efforts to try to compensate for his earlier outburst  "Sensei, I would very much appreciate learning to be a better ninja, about chakra, and about jutsu... Sensei." more standardized answers as the basics of these very topics were often what was covered by Ninja academies.

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Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:48 pm
Ahh... so he seeks knowledge... in chakra, and well jutsu, plus to be a better ninja... well we already explained better ninja are the ones whom stay loyal. In my personal opinion they are the best, assignment or not they stay true to home.... but im far from a grand shinobi... i can hardly move as fast as the lot of these people... all i can do is well... do my best and stay as many steps ahead as i can afford. Lets see.... chakra.... i wonder why love seemed so distant at the moment...

Yen thought as her response was shorter than he expected yet he payed no mind. Perhaps his speech did reach her ears and it mattered so much she was his first avid listener in a long while. Yet his mind wandered to the time where the invaders to konohas gates were followed with a man pleading for help. Him and sal responded, yet there was a cease pool of powerful seemingly neutral to shinobi that would serve and help the village even if ousted....

I feel that i am still the same. Now as i was then. Just went through more and opend my eyes more. Not as bold.

His thoughts flashed to kasai and the topic where he died. He knew he always acted on words before anything, but so many shinobi acted off impulse.

Yeah... i still am. I know it.

Yen thought as he grinned at the student. Despite the painful memory. 

"I would gladly teach you on chakra shinoskay, it is defintley one vast subject. The illusion arts, the power of raw elemental and non elemental techniques that make up the very versitile and deep arts of pure ninjutsu, and medical arts. Although thoes three i have some know how in."

With genjutsu being the major of his three chosen specialties yen merely kept it in his mind other arts were simply "complimentary" things. Although his concentration was primarily defensive stuff.

A good offense is nice, but to wear the mind, body and soul. Then an person must rest. Although that is merely if they cannot get out of a simple illusion... then how can they claim they can fight? They should simply learn how to fight through one... yes.

Yen thought as he knew nothing too major in his opinion. As he was merely a quiet induvidual whom kept at working his stuff silently. 

"For starters shionskay. Do you have a grasp of any of your elemental capeabilities. As we all have an inate attatchment to an element. For example i am in tune with water as it is peaceful, lovely, and fules the scource of life. All life needs water, and even water may take life away through scarcity, or mere abundance and force."

He kept his other reason quiet as he smiled a second of flashing back in time to when he met his wife and she trusted him to gen her as practice. His vow was to not use genjutsu on her again. Yet in exchange he requested her not to sheild away her eyes. Her blue eyes only made it so that his love and closeness to water was more apparent. 

Even to this day. Her eyes are beyond a brilluant clear sky...they are my clear sky. All other days are merely cloudy to when i compare to her eyes. The stars that dance within them. Like moons aglow in a sea of blooming blue. They put my shame.

He almost thought plural till he recalled he no longer had an left eye. No one knew how hard it was to host such a set instant to his encounter with orokana and the day after he fled. How he out of duty and respect to ashie uchiha the princess of the uchiha was to allow him to use the eye. But he found the cost to power and promptly destroyed it. And hence his mind went back to a time where he was once to encounter  orokana.

I fufill my promise to you ashie, may you and your father be safe. I will hunt down any whom have dared to misuse your clans eyes for their own i promised then. My promise is now... but now this new fellow needs yensung the wall. 

With a still beaming smile he spoke up as he continued poroudly.

 "In time i grew accustom to earth. As it is and always shall be beneath us. It keeps us in the moment. It keeps us stable. It shall not fail because it is always underneath us.  We are but specks of dust to the earth. As a rock will outlast us physically, and through the very tests of time."

Although he remained quiet about his dabbing in the universal fundamentals of yin and yang.  His knowledge in that was mostly self discovery. It was like traveling down a long winding road  where it is easy to slip off. Perhaps he slipped off when he began studying it. The sheer thought of the journey was something else. Even to this day. He still was not sure how he did it. 

Yet to that he kept his techniques deep in the depths of his mind. Instead his thoughts going back to his wife and her eyes.

A womans eyes. It matters not clan nor family. But the heart and soul. 

Yen thought as he glanced at loves eyes and smiled inwardly.

Love has eyes that can see many things, but that does not cloud the windows to her soul, and the beauty they hold. Wonderful. Although she should relax a bit, but perhaps she wants to hear me more.

Yen thought as he spoke up to love despite the thoughts and smiled.

"Love what elements have you touched on and lets give our freind here an idea what they wish to seek shall we?"

Yen spoke as he offered her a very warm smile as he still sat leaning back against the tree. At this moment he was fine in reserve as he prefered to work at partial strength. Afterall he needed the training too.

Yeah i may be slower, however i enjoy that to an extent. Defintley not fun, but at least i have other things i am able to focus on too... as i need much more chakra, and to work on a technique as well. Very useful insight nessary at times. Perhaps love can showcase what she has learned thus far too.


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Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:40 pm
Love shook her head slightly at the jumbled up emotions that the boy was having, he tried so hard to suppress them and remain polite but it was so unnatural. Focusing back on Yen she heard his current thoughts and noted that he felt she was being distant. Well, there wasn't much that I could say without stealing the spotlight. She thought in response. Everyone that knew this man knew that he was a wordsmith so even if Love hadn't said anything at all it was likely that he would've gotten to it sooner or later. However, she found it interesting that even though he was reliving past memories and the conflicting feelings of then and now along with trying to teach Shinoskay that he had time to notice that Love wasn't present. The man truly did have a good eye, yet he didn't press further into why she wasn't speaking much.

It would've been annoying to be put on the spot and to have to spew sage words of her own, luckily the male provided her with another memory. This one was about a Kumo ninja who had fled to Konoha in search of help to take down the former Raikage Youka Tau. One after one ninja popped up like cockroaches, Sal and Yen had been two of them. After several displays of power and a thwarted attack, the Kumo male was let in along with an Iwa refugee. The woman who attacked the Kumo ninja who claimed to not only have been sent to Konoha by the late Navi Yamaki but also to be a member of the Akatsuki and a Hyuuga was banished from the Land of Fire for her actions. Salzem had been ready to help whereas Yensung would try to convince them all that it was foolish, however, the arrival of more people only complicated things and the only people to leave were Kiranomo and her associate. Love could only agree with the male's thought, he was not bold but then it wasn't something that everyone was capable of.

From there his mind flashed to another gathering at the village gates. Although this time no one was trying to get in but rather one was trying to escape. The man known as Kasai had turned his fire on the village in hopes that someone would come along and end him. As usual, he tried to solve things with words and although the other male had shared in the conversation he was dead set in his wish to die. While everyone else that had rushed to the scene was going head first into a fight, one even used Yen as a weapon by throwing him at Kasai. Ultimately the general consensus to neutralize the threat outweighed Yen's wish to talk things out thus leading to the death of his mentor. Coming out of that memory sadly Yen confirmed to himself that he hadn't changed just experienced more.

Grinning through the pain at Shinoskay the Aburame agreed to teach the boy. His thought that followed after the agreement would cause Love to think back to her first fight in the Jounin Exams, how her opponent kept maneuvering around to avoid being caught in her genjutsu. That triggered a light scoff from the Hyuuga that would sound like a "heh" to anyone listening close enough. When Yen asked the boy if he knew what elemental chakra natures he was able to use and explained that his affinity was water Love decided to show him hers rather than say it. Unlike her friend, she didn't have a clever meaning for why the nature suited her. Taking a casual breath in and then a brisk one out a thin layer of chakra surrounded the girl's body. Small bolts of lightning could be seen erupting from every angle and her red hair was spiked a bit, but not in an obvious husk like when she used the needle hell jutsu.

If it had been cold out her breath would've been visible in a strong stream. Talk of water made Yen think of his wife's eyes and the first time the two met. He hadn't grown an inch since this day when he was just a genin but Love could easily tell that he had grown and matured since then. Hotaru had been very appreciative of Yen and although Love felt that their relationship was moving a bit fast it was obvious that their feelings for each other were genuine. She found it cute watching the two Aburame as the male guided the female who admitted that she wasn't yet a genin and had poor control over her bugs. The sight made Love smile internally, this was probably the only time she'd seen Yen blush. They were so mushy it was almost sickening and they threw her name around so much, that must be what they call the honeymoon phase.

What he thought after the memory faded seemed like he was talking directly to Love, she hadn't been found out already had she. No, that hadn't been the case as Yen's mind brought into focus the day after he stopped Orokana from leaving the village. Before the fool had arrived Yen had been in his yard to bury his sharingan after having plucked it from his head mere minutes ago in his bathroom. The scene was weird for the Hyuuga she didn't yet understand why he would remove it or the feeling of relief he experienced once it had fallen out. Especially when he went out of his way to make sure that the Uchiha didn't see him as a threat for having the dojutsu. He had talked about only being himself but was it really that bad to harbor DNA unnatural to your body? Being born with a kekkei genkai Love had always been fascinated by the way each one affected each clan differently and how it would react in another body whether it did or didn't already possess another kekkei genkai.

However, for now, the girl would hush her own thoughts to watch as Yen said a final goodbye to the person he'd received his eye from. When the green eyed male arrived Yen immediately cracked into him and in front of his children at that. He talked to Oro in a way that this boy wouldn't be able to handle. Neither of them knew him well but watching his silent rage Love knew that he wasn't one to keep a cool head in serious situations. Something that could, of course, be overcome but at this point in time, he didn't have the disconnected persona that Orokana did. Although that might've been caused by the stone he'd been carrying that Yen had destroyed. The young red head then thought if there had been lasting effects that lead him to abandon her in Suna.

Love listened to Yen's words as he mentioned a vow he made to their late Kage and one of his daughters. She'd never met either but the girl and her twin brother Samuru had also participated in the Jounin Exams alongside Love, Oro, and Yen. The boy was in a group with Risako while the girl was in a group with Ayame and Maloren. From this flashback, Love found out that both her friends were familiar with Ayame, a girl she didn't really care for. Maloren, on the other hand, had been a fellow Hyuuga that she had grown to like a consider a friend although he too went missing during the exam. Gazing at Yen's beaming smile Love decided not to think about what might have befallen Mal and Ayame for that matter. The red head had, at that moment, realized that in her short time back she hadn't seen or heard about that girl.

Listening to the words of that child about how her clan didn't want to accept Viper's half-blood children made Love want to roll her eyes. That little girl made it seem like it was the entire clan rather than a handful of people but then she couldn't really blame her, Ashie only knew what she was told. It was one thing to fear one half of your bloodline but with many Uchiha not wanting to accept them either Viper's children probably shied away from all white or unusually dark eyes. Sad but not sadder than a kage abusing his power to force a clan to change their ancient ways, especially when he belongs to a clan with a worse tradition. On that note, Love thought about how Yen as a father would say that Viper was just trying to protect his children at all costs. Love wanted to scoff when the girl did as she replayed the child's words in her own mind. The children brought two clans together and through the bond of love no less.

When Yen mentioned that he had also developed the earth nature along with water, Love nodded as she didn't have any earth jutsu to show him. He had also already seen her resurface from the ground after Yen had taught her the jutsu. Though his current thought caused a weird stirring in Love, his smile was still beaming but there was private inward smile for her. Love smiled slightly back when he had spoken out loud though she'd already beaten him to the punch. "Well, when you gain better control over your chakra you'll be able to use skills that don't drain your chakra. Eventually, you'll even be able to create one unique to yourself, like this the Raiton Cape." She said raising her hands. If either of them were looking close enough they would be able to see tiny sparks follow her arms to their new position and then down to her sides. "I made this a while back and recently created a jutsu to be used in tandem." She told them without saying more allowing them to ask what they wanted to know. Love didn't know how Yen would go about getting more chakra as he sought but she would show off the jutsu she mentioned if asked.

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Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:26 am
The boy looked towards whoever was talking, respectively, each when they spoke. Such liberties, they took such liberties over him, promises and declarations. 'It's so damn easy for people say whatever the hell is on their mind, spouting off whatever pleasantries they think will be good. How dare they bring my hopes up again when they are just going to die, fail, or even just plain out give up and run away like everyone else has before them'. The typical disregard and disgust played itself out through his mind as has been this entire time of this exchange. Disgust for others, disgust for himself, disgust for the world.

It would be reasonable for people to think the boy had problems, but then I would be tastelessly and incessantly repeating myself for the sake of word count if I went through it all again. Thankfully, there was some great and golden material presented by yen in the form of instructions on chakra to water down all that youthful angst and pain born anger.

For instance, one thing the boy could not quite understand was the difference between chakra nature's and why most any chakra trained shinosbi could utilize basic medical skills and some other general jutsu like transformation, clone, jutsu, and the such but then not everyone could use even basic lightning or fire natured chakra while others could but then could not readily or easily use other forms of chakra no matter how basic the jutsu is. He himself had been learning about a few basic doton style techniques and could crudely but easily use Rock Section Cane jutsu but then he was having great difficulty grasping the concept of Fire Stream jutsu or even a lightning based medical jutsu.

Even further still, he seemed to have a knack for manipulating things with chakra and was even reading on ways to manipulate them even at a range but yet while he learned to manipulate things with chakra he could see others learn to bring out the best of weapons and armors or to even bring about greater utility in their combat prowess using taijutsu.

He didnt even dare try to understand Doujutsu at this time, the idea of using chakra to further infuse or alter ones body based on some genetic component... though that particular thought nagged at him pretty often, it really just led to his head spinning into a frenzy if plausibility.

Despite his look of concentration, apparently through more so due to furrowed eyebrows, he still held his pressed smile as he answered Yen's question " Sensei Yensung. When Iwagakure, and then even Konohagakure, gave me the chakra paper it disintegrated. Aside from seeing some of the more public jutsu in Iwa, I am not very well informed about the elements."

Their was actually a great deal more clarity in what Sakumo did, as she presented an example of combining natures for more personal and unique jutsu. It brought his mind back to seconds ago when he briefly contemplated on how the confusing concept of a basic chakra natured jutsu within a typically general field of chakra application. The notion of taking a bland use of chakra and applying chakra nature to it for more varying effects, but this still didnt explain why one was so limited in ability to grasp the natures of chakra so... her simple example certain did help enhance his understanding of chakra, though.

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Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:21 pm
Yen heard the boy's expression and frowned slightly having to see he needed to grasp a bit deeper to enlighten the boy a bit more. Yet there was not as much of a frown of disapointment. It was concentration to simplify the simple thing. Nature of chakra was inate naturally. One understood water needed by all living things were assured, but a water nature induvidual made water a second home.

"We shall start at the beginning then. In Its raw form. Chakra holds simply no element.... what this means is while it is there. It will not hold the wetness of water, or the burning heat of fire, the force and physical pressure of wind, the grubby sturdiness of the earth, and the jolting flare of lightning."

Yen stated as he noted love had completed her technique which yen thought was an interesting sight and hence he smiled as he continued.

"Shinoskay take a moment and consider. What it means to hold the power of chakra. Take a moment. Imagine the disire to utilize such control yet not have it in our grip.  It is why a civilian is unable to use chakra to even our potential. Fire is caused by friction to them. Or an appliance that applies little friction.... the earth may rumble, but that is due to natures course of action. Lightning comes from the sky above us and without the ability to safely utilize it... it can be lethal to a normal induvidual. As for water it is to drink, to bathe, and although nessary, it too can be devistating. One may get crushed by a giant wave, and finally the wind. Air we breath, but can ravage both mortal and home easily. This is what it is like without such control... even we are unable to combat nature. Yet with elemental knowledge we are a step closer to understanding it."

Yen stated  as he scooped up a pebble and with a half tiger handsign the rock grew into a nice long cane. For yen simply utilized the rock section cane technique.  Pointing the cane at shinoskay he spoke and smiled.

"To use an element is to understand it is a part of your being and who you are. Think about what makes you peaceful... odds are you are closer to your element, in both personality and actions then you may realize. With chakra. To a civilian who may call a cloak of lightning, a cane made from a simple cane. To them it is impossible unless you are a shinobi. You dedicated seemingly tedius hours and efforts to learn how to use your chakra in many ways. We can move faster, hit harder, and survive seemingly impossible odd. That right there is the basics. Chakra and chakra nature are one in the same. You are the deciding force on how your chakra and knowledge of elements  are fully aopplied. Think about the element shown to you on the nature testing paper. What does that element represent? Far more then destruction or death. An fire user can make heat to keep their allies warm. Earth user can provide shelter. Just to name a few things. However, you must expand your mind and horizons. It is tricky yes. But to understand in my experience, one must dive right in. But should say you attempt to touch love. Well it may be quiet a shock to you at end of the day.,"

His thoughts were fully on the subject at hand which he was certain to make sure shinoskay would understand the vast world chakra enables, but it is purely based on the drive of the induvidual. Which his hope was based on shinoskay fully understanding what yen was giving him.

Knowledge was truely underapprectied. As it was knowledge that forged kingdoms, ruined dynasties ansd made shinobi both visible and vulnerable. All which simply spelled an ill fate to the unfortunate. However the second swing of a dose of knowledge shows,one the way forward.

In the end knowledge is what assures,in shinobi world victory and defeat. As crule as it is. That is how it works in the end... how much will one risk for knowledge,and its own very sake. 


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