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A Hawks Flight (Training) Empty A Hawks Flight (Training)

Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:32 am
Kenji hadn't been in his old home long when curiousity struck him, a village void of shinobi. Perfect opportunity to learn somethings from the village, after making his way through the village Kenji began exploring the hidden library beneath the research center of Sunagakure's administration building. While searching various scrolls he stumbled across a book that was tattered and covered in dust, a hand written account with the title "Taka Plateau" which of course lead Kenji to at first toss the book aside as he believed it to simply be someones attempt to write a little story. His thoughts however changed when the dusty book flipped open to a page that had writing in the margins and a paragraph underlined, apparently researchers sought something in the book but what it was Kenji did not know. Grabbing the book he read the paragraph:

'In the desert sand a sole guardian from above, he watches us. We know not what he wants nor what he intends but his cry is a sound of triumph. The hawks above Sunagakure no Sato are who I speak of,
Shinobi are unaware that they guard us from their home, only a smart man knows their home to be true. For when the sun lays to rest can a ninja find the way.'

Strange as it read Kenji felt it was simply a story telling of some old legend but decided to further look at the notes which simply read:

'The Hawks above Sunagakure have been observed they fly west from the administration building, but only when the sunsets like the story tells.'

Continuing on he read that the story was true and the man had traveled describing the 'Taka Plateau' as a beatiful oasis that resided high above the deserts of Suna. Kenji continued reading the book learning more of these 'Hawks' that supposedly guarded Suna and 'choose to trust very few shinobi' to summon these birds of prey. As he read he became more and more interested and so he decided to find this path west of the administration building, With that said he exited the library and returned to the outside world seeing a hawk in the sky. He walked to the farthest west side of the building and waited sitting with his sword in lap and hit back against the wall, he let time pass till the sun cast its final glow over the village. Sunset had arrived. Looking to the sky Kenji saw the hawks gather which in nature was quite unusual, they flew west from Kenji's location and like wise Kenji followed on foot. Reaching the edge of town he saw a path that lead out of the village blocked by rubble like someone had sealed this entrance for good, or so they thought but instead there was a weak point that could be broken with a good strike. With time slipping away he drew his sword and allowed his chakra to flow into the blade and then struck the support allowing this exit to reopen and Kenji ran through, as he exited from the other side he saw the hawks still and it appeared a rather large grey hawk was looking back at him with some intent. Kenji carried on following the hawks as they flew farther and farther into the desert beginning to see this play out like his childhood adventure for his blade Kenji grinned knowing the danger of the desert when nightfall came.

With the sun gone the desert grew cold, dropping to single digits in temperature. Kenji was freezing as he stumbled on watching the hawks ride the currents of the wind, his eyes not averting as the grey one once again looked at Kenji. This time his eyes spoke to Kenji, they told him to push onward and not give up for strength was with in reach, but Kenji would have to fight the cold and the misery of the frozen wasteland that the desert had become in the night. Every mile leaving its toll on Kenji as he forced his way through the cold night, his body growing tired and weak though his eyes remained stern and looking toward the path his guides were laying out before him. Falling on his face Kenji felt ashamed to feel the strength drain from his body, the sound of a hawk screeching so close then a thud on the desert ground in front of him. It was the grey hawk who up close turned out to be a large bird standing 150 centimeters tall, with golden eyes and a light colored underbelly. He then spoke to Kenji physically

"Young Shinobi, why do you stop? You are the first in many years to understand our call to bring you ninja to your feet. Stand tall and fight this weakness." He said this in a noble manor as his demeanor had portrayed when he stood before Kenji.

Stabbing his scabbard into the ground like a cane Kenji forced his self to his feet, looking the hawk in the eyes and speaking "I don't know what's going on but I will not loose my strength." He felt his self smirk as he looked at the hawk who nodded and spread his enormous wings, in one quick thrust was back into the sky doing circles above Kenji till he caught his breath.

With his stamina returned Kenji returned his blade to its place on his side and began to follow the Hawks once more into the empty desert, his mind determined to see the journey through as he carried on the sand that covered his body from the wild gusts that whipped the top sand up. Kenji carried on, nothing would stop him and only when he reached his destination would he stop. The night was passing now as he walked the desert, but now his next challenge following the freezing cold. Sandstorms. A massive cloud of sand came fiercely ripping across the desert floor, collecting more and more of the small stones and sand that in a raging storm like this could tatter and beat any man to the edge of his life. Though the storm came Kenji looked to his hawk who tucked his wings and dove into the storm like a bullet, showing commitment to weather the storm together with Kenji. Who like wise tightened his cloth belt and loose clothes then charged headstrong into the dust ridden storm.

With the storm shredding the clothes on Kenji's back and pelting him ripping his skin and battering his body, he walked on enduring occasionally seeing a feather of his grey friend who had chosen to endure the battering sandstorm along with Kenji to help him endure the pain. Suddenly a rather powerful gust rolled through sending the hawk crashing back and into Kenji who caught him though being knocked to the ground by the impact, he removed the remainder of his tattered shirt and wrapped his winged friend tightly then strapped him to his back. Sustaining the injuries he carried on with the injured hawk on his back, the storm beginning to come to an end as the day began to fade into the evening. Kenji stopped with the gusts gone and the desert calm once again, he removed the hawk from his back and released him. Blood was dripping from his right wing and with his tattered shirt Kenji tied it as a bandage which stopped the bleeding and allowed his friend carry on however, he now was going to remain tied to Kenji for the journey. As time carried on he continued to press on the heat of the evening sun beating on his body making him drip in sweat as he approached a massive plateau that stretched far beyond sight into the clouds above. His winged friend spoke, "Here is where it gets... Challenging. You must climb to the top." Kenji nodded and began his ascent up the rocky side of the massive plateau. The red sandstone was sturdy for the most part as Kenji climbed higher into the sky, his hawk friend seemed to enjoy the ascent. Kenji speculated that the feeling he had was love for being this high in the sky again, the broken wing was obviously hurting his pride and making him feel rather useless.

As he reached the half way point of his climb he still was unable to see the top but at this point even the ground was covered by the clouds, the air had become very dense and hard to breath for the young shinobi as he carried on up the rock face. Reaching up with his left hand he grasped a rock and then pulled allowing his weight to shift on to the rock which then crumpled letting Kenji fall from the rock face, as he fell he used his weight to flip backwards drawing his sword he stabbed into the rocks allowing for leverage to stop his self from collapsing to the ground below which upon impact would have lead to instant death. Dangling from his sword his swung his body back against the rock face and re-established a grasp on the side of the plateau, the hawk let out a sigh as Kenji continued his climb. After a few hours of the climb he began to see the top, he finally reached the ledge grasping it he heard a screech from above. Lifting his self up on the ledge he saw thousands of different nests and a large reservoir of water which he quickly rushed to and began drinking, while his back was turned thousands of hawks of various different sizes began gathering around him staring as he drank water for the first time in days.

Kenji rose from the water, it dripping from his face as he saw the hawks with all eyes on him. They all began to fly as a white and old looking hawk stepped down from a perch high above all others on the plateau, he spoke with a wise and old voice "Young Ninja, you have journeyed far to reach our sacred home. What can the Hawks of Taka Plateau do for you child?" To which Kenji responded "What does a land of Hawks have to offer me?" and so their conversation carried on learning of one another and of Kenji's dream. The Hawk looked at him with cheer and spoke "Please let us help your dream, sign this scroll and when your in need we will come to aid you Ninja of the Sand." The massive scroll was placed before Kenji, and as it opened it showed only one prior name on it. The author of the book he found in Suna's archives, with honor now on Kenji's face he placed his right thumbs tip in his lips biting down allowing his teeth to tear the skin off and expose blood. He signed in the second column ending with a blood covered hand print, then the scroll retracted and transformed into a brown hawk that flew off into the sky above. The White Hawk then stated he was the sage of their world, but Kenji was alway welcome to return to their home. Kenji remained on at their home for quite sometime, leaving after 2 days of meeting and learning the ways of the hawks. Just before departing the plateau the grey hawk returned to say farewell, in his beak he held new clothes for the shinobi who had allowed his to be destroyed by the treacherous path to get there. The clothes replaced his trousers with a clean pair and instead of a green top he was given a long black top, also replacing his grey sash with a blue sash to tie around his waist. With that Kenji began his climb back down the plateau and then marched back through the desert returning to sunagakure no sato, where he would continue to further investigate the village he once called home. There he would practice summoning a few of his new friends in order to make use of his new alliance and contract.

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