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Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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A man of knowledge and wisdom (e rank mission) Empty A man of knowledge and wisdom (e rank mission)

Sat Dec 09, 2017 3:55 pm

Some times the world moves on before one's eyes. The vigors of life, merely an excuse that even a wise man turned fool. While the granted gawked in fear and ignorance as the instants passed them. Merely an reminder that even a person  learns faster while  experiencing life.

Then there were thoes like xuba whom walk the world half asleep partially because he work up less than an hour ago. Plus he was tryimg to come to grasp with the mission aspect that does not involve him facing a risk. Or  burying a body. These ideas were forgine as he noted that the pay was for something simple. Though xuba decided it was best to take his time with this.

Are all these missions so simple?  Are these things going to all be this simple to think that i had to snap necks, and burn caravans... hunt down killers seeking my head. For some scraps. While the villagers here chase after the paper boy's... how upsetting...

Xuba thought as he reflected on his recent works and shook his head mentally in disbelif. The mere thought that it was a struggle for some shinobi only told him that this alone was the reason why few can actually hold their own in the feild.

For xuba this was a cake walk of a request to report on. Especially in the now established village. A man of the world requesting  to learn things could be easy. As he started his systematically  based work on analyzing the  city plaza like a man of curiousity. His eyes like a wide spreading mist scanned the area as he took in the inspired housing and building architecture. A simple task that while dull to one. It was  of interest.

After all this was the home in which he left oh so many years ago. The mere child only an reflection of who he embodied himself to be. So that child was awake. Taking in every new detail that was there. New about the once kingdom. Now vastly improved in some ways.

Wow defintley an amazing change in all of these years. The market place for bread.. ah they turned the rustic water fountain into a garden of many waters. The forest brings life to the desert slums of the land. As it perhaps is ideal for hunting. I see the roads still are polished naturally. Knights academy improved. Hm

Xuba thought as he compared the child memories of home to the current day memories. The present held a gift to xuba. That being simply progress in the depths of suscess and  failure. The area being simply composed of the small shopping hubs. Was merely a revealation of  the small vendors once being  the major draw point to this castle. Only now that being many times  smaller then than it was presently. The old father son spots merely driven out by a more modern visage.  Of shops and weapon smiths. Where the market now busy as he recalled being there with sanae. Still it was alot more then that meets the eye.

Hm who knew that  this was merely the case. Incredible still. Absolutely wonderful. The shops held aplenty, with the sounds of the singing hammers... perhaps i should head back to the smiths again for another day of works? Ah tailors mother once was there. The bars of course defintley a common spot. Lavirish estates of living here.

Xuba thought as he asked around picking up small bits of the past. As he composed it together slowly through the day  he understood that prior was only a kingdom.  Only to be revealed to the eyes of the powerful shinobi. To merely establish a shinobi force. Which was mildly.  As he then also took note of the world. A man to simply cross the borders of the known and unusual. 

Humans were not made for perfection. A note that xuba took seriously. For if man was meant for perfection the lands would not need a shinobi force for infiltration. Nor did the thought of violence and wars were nessary. Where there was apparent peace often showed humans ugly head and dark soul

Although through the observations xuba noted the cracks in the stable establishment. The very note between the glares shot at the shadows by the freindly religious people. Were of showing that even the light makes sn even greater shadow. It was well known that the concept of hatred and dislike was merely the acceptance of that each person while able to eat, sleep, and breath. They were not made from the same cloth, nor of the same mind. Otherwise they would be a simple singularity. In the ream of darkness. Only to fade away in due time.

They speak of joining in gracious, but their daggers are in their voices and breath flames of doubt to others. Perhaps if they looked to the singularity life, they will long for their own will and way? But perhaps begging for what to get without looking to the rewards and conciquenses. I would not be shocked to see the very people that sing praises by day, and whisper curses by night are the ones to cry for freedom from the very shakles in which they bind themselves by through faith. 

As simple as it seemed the thought held weight with xuba as he had seen it before with sanae. It wad merely proof that even with co existance the idea of truce was temporary compared to the grasp of eternity. As even if two sides agreed. Take it 10 days or a milinia the end results would returm

It is human nature and the willnof nature to  oppose the peace of life. Where there is not war. There is everyday battles of famine and alimemts of sickness. For all it merely results in conflict. Is simply a greater number of the above.even amid agreements and peace talks a man cannot stare into anothers eye and promise eternal peace, just like an alcoholic or chronic smoker cannot promise to dive once more.... it is sickness of all of its own.

Xuba thought as His eyes glazed over his daily work. Proud of it and accepting the results.Xxuba handed in the work and walked out a tad bit happier through the simple task done. Simply the first of a lengthy observation. The notes  simply a passdown to the  library. He kept most of his thoughts to himself as he noted a few of the more impressive bits. From architechture to the names of the villagers whom he happend to speak to. Finally neatly writing his finalized  bit. Xuba picked up his money and walked off.

(Mission done: Exit)


1k to figure 8 formation C ranked

Mission rewards:

500 ryo
1cd post with kage

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A man of knowledge and wisdom (e rank mission) Empty Re: A man of knowledge and wisdom (e rank mission)

Sat Dec 09, 2017 4:02 pm
The mission wordcount is 1000.
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
Tatsuma (xuba) Uneo
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A man of knowledge and wisdom (e rank mission) Empty Re: A man of knowledge and wisdom (e rank mission)

Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:06 pm
Yep and done. Zzzz
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A man of knowledge and wisdom (e rank mission) Empty Re: A man of knowledge and wisdom (e rank mission)

Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:52 pm
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