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Kenshin Gains Knowledge and Wisdom (Mission) Empty Kenshin Gains Knowledge and Wisdom (Mission)

Tue May 03, 2016 8:21 am
Kenshin found himself in the grand library of Hoshigakure, reading over various books and scrolls in the attempt to learn more about his new home, but much to his annoyance and disappointment none of the information he was reading seemed to be up to date, in fact most of it seemed to have been written in a time before Hoshigakure had become home to any shinobi. The silver haired teen released a small sigh of annoyance as he closed the old tome, he had been in the library for hours now and none of the books or scrolls that he had read in that time held the information he had been searching for, mostly because said books and scrolls were written quite some time ago and had no truly up to date information. Kenshin pushed the chair he was sitting on away from the table and began to gather up all of the books and scrolls that he had been reading, he then began to place each and every one of them back into their rightful places on the shelves, as he didn’t want to be rude and leave the books and scrolls lying there for the librarian to have to put away later. With the library not having the answers he was looking for Kenshin began to stroll casually down the streets of Hoshi, his robes and top hat protecting him from the harsh midday sun that was shining down brightly on the desert, he was hoping that a trip to the library would tell him more about the current political situation in Hoshi, specifically how the more religious and pious citizens were reacting to the fact that Hoshi was now home to a rather large number of shinobi

As he walked down the rather busy streets of Hoshi he began to take in the sights of some of the churches and mosques of the village, and something immediately stood out to him, some of the buildings actually had little signs with the words ‘No Shinobi Allowed’ on their doors, and if he was perfectly honest with himself then he would admit that seeing that level of discrimination annoyed him more than a little. The reason for this was simple, the silver haired teen himself may not be religious but he was certain that in a village like Hoshigakure there would be no shortage of religious shinobi, and the fact that the very places that they would go to pray to whatever deity they believed in wouldn’t even allow them to enter simple because they were shinobi truly bothered him. As he continued to look at the building he noticed something that got a small, almost unnoticeable smile from him, there were some mosques and churches that didn’t have the signs posted, something that he took to mean that unlike the other mosques and churches in the area they welcomed shinobi with open arms, and he took this small sign to mean what while it may be going faster in some areas and slower in others, that the religious people of Hoshigakure were getting more and more used to living alongside their chakra wielding brethren.

As he continued to walk down the streets of Hoshi he arrived in what looked to be a farmers market, there were stalls of merchants everywhere trying to pedal their wares to all who passed, the wares in question being a little bit of everything, some stalls were selling fruits and vegetables, some were selling fresh and dried meats, some were selling clothes, others useless trinkets, truly there was a little bit of everything being sold here. As the albino walked through the market he took in the sights and smells all around him, the aroma of the area was filled with the sweet smells of ripening fruit, the smell of blood was rather evident near the stall selling meat but that was to be expected, he watched in fascination as people scrambled from stall to stall, obviously looking for the best bargain. But there was something that he couldn’t help but notice, as he expanded his senses and took in the chakra signatures of everyone that he walked past it became apparent to him that some of the people in the crowd were shinobi, while the other people in the crowd were civilians, and based on some of the ornaments he could see on them he was able to tell that they were some of the more religious people, and even though they could clearly tell who the shinobi were they were not doing anything against them

This made his smile grow a little more, it was obvious that while some people may be sticking to the old traditions about chakra and chakra users there were some that were changing with the times, and hopefully that number of people would continue growing and growing, until eventually there was harmony between civilians and shinobi in Hoshi. Of course he that something like that would not happen for a long time, but it didn’t change the fact that he was hopeful it would happen in the end, honestly after his meeting with Akihana he found himself regaining some of his lost sense of hope about humanity, something that he felt was completely impossible after the events that happened in his past shattered those hopes, but it actually seemed that Akihana had managed to restore a small amount of that faith, and while she may have only restored a small amount of his shattered faith it was a start. With this the silver haired teen thought that he had got enough of an idea about life in Hoshi, and began the trek back towards the Inn he was living in, he really had to think about getting a permanent house in the city, maybe he would take Akihana up on that offer for lunch with her and her son, and while he was there get her help in finding a more permanent place to live in the village. Kenshin decided to get there faster by utilising a technique that he had practiced earlier, it worked similar to the one that increased his strength, he used chakra to energise his body and he found he was able to increase his speed to extraordinary levels. He looked around to ensure that nobody was watching him, before he vanished in a blur of speed


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Akihana Akari
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Kenshin Gains Knowledge and Wisdom (Mission) Empty Re: Kenshin Gains Knowledge and Wisdom (Mission)

Tue May 03, 2016 8:33 am

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