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Sun May 06, 2018 10:00 am


Kari stood in front of the the two secretaries at attention. Today, the two wore smiles on their faces though they could not achieve the same radiance as most people Kari knew. Still, it was better than hers so she took note.
"Kari, once again you exceeded everyone expectations. Your efforts to helped maintained the relationship of the Shinobi and the Queensmen have been noted and as a reward, we found a nice mission for you that does not involve people," praised the female secretary.

"Thank you Ma'am," Kari followed with a short bow.

"Yes, even I am shocked you did not messed up. Never the less, now we need you to do a little report for us. Find a part of the city that you find interesting and make a report on it. Feel free to use the library and any resources available to to you. Do you have any questions?"
The man stroked his beard as he continued to read what Kari would presume to be her previous mission report. With a shake of her head, she was sent off.

Out of everything in this town that interested Kari, religion was on the top of the list. Kari herself was not a strong member of faith and neither was her mom. Her dad was well informed and experience in the many different customs of this country but she doubted he really followed any of them. His mind was always on the betterment of the inn. Her only experience with them was a shelter from other kids until she became a ninja and then they shun her as well. If she could learn why, then maybe she could do something about it. Shrines and temples were always peaceful places and she loved sitting in the gardens and listening its orchestra of ambient sounds.

With her mind set, she decided to go under disguise. Forgoing any items which key into to her connections to the shinobi, Kari oped to wear  long dark blue pants and a modest light blue buttoned shirt. She also bought a charm matching the deity of the temple she would visit. Her hair was lit down and straighten. When she visited the library, she discovered shrines would allow outsiders to work in them without having to devote their lives so that seemed like the most reasonable choice for her.

Kari arrived at the shrine early in the morning. She did her best to put on a small smile but she felt uncomfortable not having her collar of her jacket or cloak and it showed on her face. Her teeth clenched and grind and her head would drift the ground as if she was trying to support a heavy weight under her chin. The miko running the front desk did not mind as she maintain a bright shining face that rival the morning sun. Kari could not help but revert to her natural blank expression with her mouth curled in awe. She quickly snapped out of it remembering her primary goal.

"Greetings, how can we help you so early?" The girl cheerfully asked.

Kari was amaze the energy she had in the morning. Even her mother who could fool a interrogator had trouble being this gleeful so early. Kari spare no time in delay. She prepared for this exchange starting off with a small bow.

"Uhh, hi. I umm. I wanted to shadow a Miko for a day. If that was okay. I want to learn more about the culture."

The girl giggled before looking down the girl.
"I don't think we are that special in today's age but I would be happy to let you shadow me," the girl opened the counter, "Why don't you come back here and we can find you a uniform."

Kari raised her head, a little surprised. It was that easy to gain access and there was no push back either. Was it because she was not wearing her headband or the star on her outfit?

"Are you okay?" The girl asked while tilting her head and placing a finger on her lip.

"Ahh, yes. Sorry."
Kari quickly stood up and moved behind the counter following the girl into the back room. Another woman, a couple years older appeared and walked to the desk after exchanging a few words with Kari's guide.

"Lets get started. My name is Himawari Aoki."
"I am Kari Tsukami."
"That is such a pretty name. Can I call you Kari?"
"Ah, yes... sure."
"Yay, okay call me Hima. No, Hima-sempai."

She giggled again before opening a closet filled with uniforms. The girl was a several years older though Kari would be surprise if she was the age of 20. Sempai seem appropriate but Kari would have used sensei or sama had he been her teacher.

"Okay so do you prefer pants or dresses?"

Kari looked down unsure how to answer. She preferred pants for missions and climbing trees, but she did not want to come off as a ninja.
"Dresses," she lied.

"Yeah, dresses are much cuter. Especially for your height."
Hima was a good foot taller than Kari and wore pants, causing Kari to wonder if she should change her mind.

"Here try this on, It might be a little long, but I have a feeling you can handle it."
Hima handed Kari a red long skirt, long socks, white haori. After a few minutes, Kari came out dressed a like an Miko.

"Great, now all you need to do is smile!"

Kari hesitated. Her smile was not ready. It had no glow or sense of person. Also, people would describe it as weird and creepy. Still, she was ordered to smile so she did. Hima smiled back but closed her eyes. Then she chuckled before grabbing Kari's hand. This was not a new reaction for Kari so she cease and returned to her blank expression. The girl guided her to a bell and asked her to sweep. Kari, not sure what else to do, just swept. After sweeping the area around the bell, she noticed the bell was dusty and dull. So she found some polish, after asking a nearby Miko, and proceeded to polish the bell. Then she moved to all the other gold and bronze areas in the temple. After a few hours, Kari had managed to polish the entire temple to include the wood, windows, and even the stone statues.

At the end of the day, a monk offered Kari a full time position as a Miko. Kari respectfully decline stating that she wanted to learn about these temple. She offered to returned the outfit but they allowed to keep it and said she could return anytime. Kari gave one last bow, thanking them for the experience. Then she walked home, realizing that her father had too much influence on her. To think she would do so much cleaning on the fact that her father would disapprove of such a scene. As for her lesson learn, she found out that temples were not very religious at all.

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Fri May 11, 2018 10:07 pm
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E - Rank Mission: Knowledge vs Wisdom (solo) Empty Re: E - Rank Mission: Knowledge vs Wisdom (solo)

Sat May 12, 2018 12:11 am
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