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Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)

Hikari Namikaze
Anaphiel Hidemori
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Hikari Namikaze
Hikari Namikaze
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Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)  - Page 4 Empty Re: Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)

Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:09 pm
"GUH!" One of the proctors said as the sky opened up and rain begun to fall on them "WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THIS RAIN? IT WAS JUST SUNNY SECONDS AGO!"

"Yeah! Another piped in "What do the gods think they are doing today? Perhaps one of these foolish genin has done something to upset them? I mean, besides being practitioners of demonic magic!"

The Jounin would roll her eyes at this comment.... were these..... were these men really the best choice to grade these exams?

"This isn't the work of the Gods, my good sir." Hikari would explain to the proctor's. "This is the work of a jutsu... the young boy is doing this, he is making the rain. It allows him to sense people from far away.... Actually, it is a very high level water style jutsu...

"Wow.... he can make it rain....." The third proctor sarcastically sneered. "So Impressive.... lets make him a Queensgaurd."

Another one would look at Hikari and point at the... well... very nice and new looking suit he was wearing, "Well... Make him stop! He is ruining my clothing!"

"That... I can't do sir...." Hikari would explain. "This jutsu gives the boy access to water style. And it is very important that he has access for the rest of the exam."

"Bah.... who cares about that! Just make it stop!"

Hikari... a little bit out of anger, would raiser her hand and call upon the shield of Heaven. A wall of light (That was able to be seen through,) Would surround the three men and Hikari, basically acting as an S rank umbrella jutsu.


The man would look down at his clothes and mumble in a bit of anger. Still obviously mad.

Once the mist came in, the proctor's would all moan again, "The hell is this Shit?" He would ask "I can't see a bloody thing!"

Hikari would sigh again.  "Once again... that is kind of the point..... you can't see him, but neither can his opponents.... "

"How are we supposed to grade what we can't see?"
The man would ask. "Like seriously..... that boy should of thought more about thi...."

"I can see just fine." Hikari would cut the instructor off.
"And seeing how you all usualy are unable to keep up with the action, I don't see how this situation changes our current predicament."

The man looked like he was about to say something... but couldn't think of a good come back, so he would instead shut up.

At the end of the fight, it appeared that all three gave up at the same time, not wishing to hurt each other any more. "What.... is this Nonsense?" One of the men would ask.  "They.... Don't wish to fight anymore? THAT IS THE POINT! THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO FIGHT EACH OTHER!" [/b]

Hikari would drop the shield protecting them, and would start to humblely attempt to change the proctor's mind. "Sir, honestly, I have to agree with them on this. They have all shown their abilities to the point that any more combat would be useless. Actually, there have been multiple times that I was about to jump in and stop the fight up to this point."

"Why?" A different proctor would say. "If they were on the battle feild, would they be allowed to say 'Well jolly, I don't want to die, so lets stop here for the night!' No! No they wouldn't! This entire exam was a joke! Nothing big and cool happened. Two of the genin ganged up on another, Very Honorable, and the third hid and attacked from the shadows the entire time! And on top of that.... they all gave up in the end because 'they didn't want to hurt each other?' Bah... if all three of them died in this exam today, that would of been fine, they all would of had gained their glory, and we would of had 3 less Demonic magic users to worry about! They all fail."

"Sir, I really emplore you to reconsider......"

"Inform them Namikaze." The man would say "Or should I inform the Queen that you have been disobeying direct orders?"

With a sigh, Hikari would telleport back down to the arena floor, and would look at the three genin that tried so hard.... a tear could be seen in her eyes. "The proctors have reached a decision. Despite fighting valiantly and skillfully, it has been decided that all three of you are not ready to become Chunin.... I am sorry... all three of you fail.... please come back and attempt another time."

Hikari would turn away... not able to even look the three of them in the eye, before returning to the proctor's side, and escorting them out of the arena and to their own homes.

[Exit unless interrupted]

(I don't want to bother with figureing out AP, will post if more is needed)

TWC: 1426

1086 Words toward HBH Completeing it (Will post the others if needed, but it was done over like.... a dozen threads so would rather not. Will do if needed)

340 words towards mastering the tech to be used without hand signs.
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Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)  - Page 4 Empty Re: Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)

Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:20 pm
Hikari approved unless interrupted
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Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)  - Page 4 Empty Re: Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)

Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:43 pm
Sanae looked around shortly as the other two gave up and shook her head lightly with a smile. As Tamaki had managed to get within arm's reach she hugged around his waist to support him standing. Nuzzling him a little for comfort and smiled at him: "Don't worry about it too much. The task was to show what we can do and to have us not kill each other and that is what we did to the extend we deemed right", she rubbed her hand over his hair and would welcome Kotetsu also supporting him if he needed that.
Then in the blink of an eye Hikari appeared before them and told them how everything had turned out. As it seemed it had been decided that they were not fit. Sanae took a deep breath and nodded at it. She took this as it was and she knew why. She barely made it work and as for her skills she was more of a critic herself. But as she wanted to ask if she would at least have medics looking after them she turned and did not even look at them anymore. Sanae signed: "I'll bring you back inside and see if I can find a medic inside this arena that is not scared of demonic fighters or something and maybe afterwards we could eat Ramen I am starving", she said trying to swallow that pill with pride.

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Akabayashi Terumi
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Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)  - Page 4 Empty Re: Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)

Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:49 pm
“Seventh gate open.” The voice would call from the heavens above the clouds. As the ninja folded his wings and crashed down from the heavens above. Creating a gigantic dust cloud as he had landed. The man was a color of a mix between a stone-ish grey and red. A green what appeared to be aura would waft from his body. Of course, Hikari could see that the aura was not any form of chakra, but it was indeed there. It was pure sweat.

“These chuunin fought valiantly today.” The shirtless kage would say turning towards the proctors. “The queen would agree with me if she were here.” Without hesitation he would move at maximum speed of 220 and appear behind them in a blink of an eye and point a passive finger at the forehead of the one wearing a suit. “How tough do you think you are? I don’t see you in that arena think you could take one of them on?” His finger would move to the mans chest as he poked him knocking the wind out of him causing him to puke.

Then he would turn to the next. “You want to see a demonic magic user? How do my black eyes and red skin make you feel intimidated, I bet.” The mans killing aura would envelope the man causing him to imagine that the demon of Hoshi was cutting him with one of his protrusions. All he did was stand there and piss himself. He would look at the remaining proctors aside from Hikari and just stare at them for a moment.

He would then turn to Hikari. “I’m glad you told me to come, otherwise I would have missed this.” The man wore no shirt or armor so his skin was exposed to the people around. He would point at the three chuunin. “You all…” His skin would return to normal and he would smile. “Pass.”

“Kotetsu to fight one on two and use combinations with your jutsu, you displayed intelligence and resolve. Sanae you desired to protect your ally and did so until you could no longer even at the expense of yourself. That is how a leader does it. Tamaki, you persevered even when you could no longer handle it. You have guts! And I like guts.”

“Ladies, gentlemen, the guy who peed his pants. I present to you the winners of this chuunin advancement selection.!” He would make two lightning clones and in addition to himself would approach all three and hold up one of their hands.

(This happens after Sanae speaks)
Anaphiel Hidemori
Anaphiel Hidemori
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Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)  - Page 4 Empty Re: Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)

Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:15 am
They were talking amongst themselves, with Hikari slightly off to one side. One of them said something to her, and it looked like she was protesting but was cut off. The older Kunoichi made her way over to them, and told them that the  proctors felt that they were not ready to be made Chuunin. Kotetsu was dumbstruck. After fighting so hard to prove himself to these people, who after closer examination, did not even look to be shinobi. They have the gall to decide that they did not deserve to move on? Anger started to build inside Kotetsu. Anger that he had never felt before. It was insulting. With no reason as to why either. 'What more do they want of us...' Kotetsu thought to himself as Hikari started heading back to the proctors. Kotetsu would start to make his way towards them as well. "We deserve an explanation..." Kotetsu said, trying to keep his voice level but clearly not okay with the situation. Sanae was saying something behind him, he couldn't make it out because his focus was solely on the parasites in front of him. There was one jutsu that he could use that would kill them all if he wanted to, but their table and chairs would do. Before he could do anything else though a loud voice boomed out and a man of titanic proportions dropped from the sky.

'Good grief...he's huge...' Kotetsu thought to himself. 'His arms look particularly strong...I wonder if they've been passed down his family line for generations like that...' He was distracted from that train of thought by the man confronting the proctors then speaking directly to the three genin, but referring to Tamaki, Sanae, and himself as Chuunin. 'But weren't we just told that we didn't make it past this round?..' He thought to himself. 'Unless this man has the ability to overrule the proctors...' He had walked over to the trio standing in the arena and declared them all winners. He then made a pair of clones and took them each by an arm, to raise them up in victory. Kotetsu would smile and bow to the man after the clone had released his arm. "Thank you very much." He would say before coughing up a little more blood. "I should make my way to the hospital for some medical attention..." He says with a small chuckle. He turned to Tamaki and Sanae. "Good fight, and congratulations you two. It is well earned."

With that, Kotetsu would bow to the giant shirtless shinobi, and Hikari before making his way out of the arena towards the hospital.


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Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)  - Page 4 Empty Re: Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)

Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:24 am
Kote approved, unless interupted
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Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)  - Page 4 Empty Re: Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)

Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:26 am
It was unanimous they weren't chuunin.
Never mind, slight managerial error...
Tamaki's head was spinning from conclusions.
A vastly muscular man appeared someone Tamaki knew to be the flexkage... our enigmatic leader.
After a display of an over powered nature Tamaki managed to smile after having his hand raised.
Tamaki would resign himself to getting some rest or to meet up with Sanae later.
He was proud of all three of them.
"Sanae, let's get something to eat. "
Tamaki would turn to leave

claim 3000 ryo
part 3 eligibility
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Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)  - Page 4 Empty Re: Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)

Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:29 am
Tamaki approved, unless interrupted
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Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)  - Page 4 Empty Re: Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)

Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:51 am
Just as she had made her mind okay with the fact that she seemed to not have passed and she was about to take her team comrade out of the arena as different thing occurred. Someone jumped into the arena and left a gigantic impact on it and the people currently standing in it. Sanae slowly turned as this muscular man invaded the ranks where the jurors almost had left and was telling them off. She rubbed her ears. Was she kind of dreaming or something like that? Well this all played out like in a bad movie so she would just watch as the men got rubbed in their faces how wrong they were by failing them.
Sanae then tried to watch him rush at them but he was too fast to even see him move so it was just like he appeared close to them in a rush telling what he thought made them pass and then he and two of his clones were raising the children's hands in victory. She blinked confused, but then she looked left and right smiling softly as she saw the other two smile as well. So after that she bowed to Kyosuke: "Thank you Hogokage-sama." She said softly speaking because somewhere in between her voice was lost due to shakiness. As Kotetsu and Tamaki were leaving already she took some time to breath in the moment: "I will be right behind you", she said directed at Tamaki and then she followed out.

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AP (164/261)


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And getting on to Part III
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Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)  - Page 4 Empty Re: Chuunin Exam: Three go in... (IO)

Mon Dec 11, 2017 11:49 am
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