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Mission Meet and Greet Empty Mission Meet and Greet

Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:07 pm
It was early in the morning around six O'clock when Cole remembered that today was the day of his mission. It was his turn to guard the gate and keep watch of people. He knew it didn't seam all to important but it really was the gate guard was responsible for keeping all the missing nin and people that wanted to cause trouble out of the village. It really was one of the more important missions and jobs that a genin could get. It then hit him that he only had about an hour to get to ready and get to the gate and it was around 45 minutes from his house.

Cole shot up and threw his cloths on and ran down stairs grabbing some toast off a plate his mom was making. Were you going he heard his mom scream after him as he was making his way to the door. Cole turned his head as he slide his shoes on and told her that he had a mission to guard the gate today for a few hours and he needed to go or he was going to be late. His mom nodded and cole was out the door and gone. He quickly ran across the street and jumped onto the roof of the building across from his house. He used the body flicker jutus a few times to make up time, so he wouldn't be late.

Cole stopped across from the gate and sat on the roof of the building. He let his legs dangle off of the side of the building, and he started to eat the toast he had been holding onto it was cold now and hard but he eat it anyways. Once he was done with the toast he jumped down and ran over to the gate. Their was a man their he was one of the six man that rotated on guard duty. Today the man had a funereal to go to so cole was their to watch the gate while he was gone.

“Good morning” cole said and the man replied the same. “Thanks for watching the gate for me, I should be back around noon”  the said. Cole nodded and took his spot by the gate. The gate was big and probably was to big really cole thought, but the more he thought about it the more he realized that it wasn't. If it wasn't bit like the walls than their wouldn't be any point cause people could just climb or jump the walls and everything would be pointless. It didn't take to long before someone came up to the gate wanting in their had been a few people going out, but the other guard was checking them Cole was suppose to check the ones coming in that way they didn't get confused and let someone in with out checking them. It didn't always work this way but in the mornings it busy with people coming and going for work so they do it this way to make it more organized. At least that's what they told cole and went with it made sense to him anyways.

The first people cole got coming in the village was a little old man with a wagon. He stopped before cole could get over to him. Cole looked under the wagon seeing nothing and lifted the tarp over the wagon and their was just some cabbage, so cole waved him through and told him to have a nice day. It went like this for a while till around ten O'clock when it started to slow down. At this point cole noticed a wagon coming in the distance. It wasn't like they farmers wagons he had been checking most of the day this one was up and looked like one you would use for a wagon train. It had plenty of room in it and it wasn't used for farming it was for transport. Even though it was weird cause you didn't really see wagons like that in this area he thought to himself. He figured that it had to be from a different country, but their was no marking or signs that showed were it came from.

“I have a bad feeling about this one” cole said looking at they other guard. Cole was still a genin but the guard was a chuunin. The village like to keep at least one chuunin on guard just encase.  The chuunin which cole learned name was Fred said he agreed something seamed off about it. The wagon came to a stop just out side the village gate which was another thing that was odd to cole. Everyone one else had came on into the village before stopping. Cole let the Fred go first out side of the gate and was ready to back him up encase it was an ambush. Cole didn't know how much use he would be it would all depend on how skill the enemy was in the case of an ambush, but he did believe that he would help Fred with everything he had.

Once Fred was outside the walls and was fine cole joined him. On they other side of the wagon looking it over. Cole walked up to the guy driving the wagon he was fairly young still in his prime. He was wearing a black t shirt and blue jeans, and had mid length black hair that covered half his face with the wind blowing around. He looked innocent enough but cole didn't trust him, and Fred didn't either as he walked around to the back of the wagon to lift the flap and look in. Cole waited for Fred to say something before doing anything. While never taking his eyes off of the guy, cole would make small talk with the guy asking him were he was coming from, and what he was doing here. The man told cole he was from the leaf village heading to the sand village and had to make a detour cause of some trouble on the road. Cole thought that it was a little weird as did Fred who over heard, and came back to the front of the wagon and asked the man to step down, but he man didn't and instead took off running away leaving the wagon.

He didn't get very far as a shinobi flew from the top of the wall and tackled him in mid fall to the ground. The shinobi then just slid right into the ground while the man hit hard. The shinobi then rose back up out of the ground and grabbed the man and pulled him over to the wagon. He sat the man down and leaned him against the wheel nodded to Fred and them went back into the ground and with in a few seconds was back on the top of the wall. Cole thought to himself that that looked pretty bad ass before turning his attention back on the cart.

“Its more smugglers” Fred said, as he tied the mans hands together. “Take him to the prison and tell them what happened and you should be free to go after that” Fred said. Cole nodded and lifted the man on to his shoulder and took off. Cole was strong for his age and he knew that he could get to the prison in no time and let them know what had happened.



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Mission Meet and Greet Empty Re: Mission Meet and Greet

Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:51 pm
Sakana Meijin
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Mission Meet and Greet Empty Re: Mission Meet and Greet

Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:49 pm
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