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Isemori Uchiha
Isemori Uchiha
Survived 2021
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Meet and Greet (E Rank Mission | Solo) Empty Meet and Greet (E Rank Mission | Solo)

Wed Jan 13, 2021 11:15 am
The sun was beginning to rise as the young Uchiha let out a loud obnoxious yawn as he began to approach the Hoshigakure's gate. He was assigned this morning for this mission and granted, he was eager, but ... he was also just a little bit nervous. He may have been just a genin, but anyone who knew better knew that guarding the village gates was a very big deal. You were held responsible if you let someone dangerous enter the village gates. That was the whole point of guarding the gates anyway, right? Well, that was the reason why Isemori was kind of nervous. However, he was determined to stick with the mission. He needed experience as a Shinobi and the only way he could do that aside from training was to take on missions. It was slightly chilly outside, despite the sun already having risen at this point, which Isemori didn't have time to properly dress for the slightly cold weather this morning.

Isemori had started his post, keeping an eye out for anyone who was coming up to the village gates, actually paying attention for once. Usually, Ise had the attention span of a peanut, however, he couldn't afford to screw up here, especially since he had just recently become a Genin. How could become one of Hoshigakure's greatest ninja if he couldn't pay attention to someone who may or may not be a potential threat to the village whom he was supposed to protect? It was nerve-wracking when you think about it; especially for someone his age. Then again, there were actually shinobi who was around his age who probably had more experience than he did. As the young Uchiha continued to overlook his post at the gate, it was then that he had vaguely seen a carriage of some sort in the distance. Ise continued to watch the approaching carriage, only to realize that instead of it being a carriage, it was actually a wagon that carried a bunch of vegetables piled on top of it. The person who was directing the horses attached to the wagon was a very small elderly woman who about four feet tall.

When she had approached the gate, Isemori had promptly stopped her. He felt bad for stopping her, however, he had to do his job. He had asked her what her business was, however, Isemori could already take a guess, given the gigantic pile of vegetables piled behind her on the wagon. From time to time, there were farmers who would come in and would sell their vegetables to potential buyers - more than likely the Church in the city square, which was exactly what the old lady had told Ise. From what he could tell, she didn’t seem like she had some sort of ‘hidden agenda or anything, so with that, the young Uchiha and the other guard had let the old lady pass through into the village. Ise after a while of getting the hang of his mission; asking the people who would later come towards the gates to enter the village the questions he needed to ask them while also watching out for potential signs that they could be lying to him. He would also check for badges when need be as well. He was then told that his mission was complete. As ise had been relieved from his duties, he had a smile on his face, thinking about all the people who had entered the village. Most of them were people who were just trying to sell things in the market area so that they could have money to provide for their families. Not only that, but he was also glad that he was able to experience how a gate guard worked, what they do. Then again, he knew it always wouldn’t be sunshine and rainbows. There would be times when danger would knock on Hoshigakure’s door, and that was just one of the many important aspects of guarding the village gates.

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Satoru Jugo
Satoru Jugo
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
Missing-Nin (A-rank)
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Meet and Greet (E Rank Mission | Solo) Empty Re: Meet and Greet (E Rank Mission | Solo)

Wed Jan 13, 2021 11:57 am
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