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The Shinobi Way of Life is One of Pain  Empty The Shinobi Way of Life is One of Pain

Tue May 30, 2017 12:50 pm
“We know you’re a Shinobi,” Takia, Yurei’s mother, said, bowing her head in sadness.

Yurei was at a loss of words. He couldn’t speak or think, but he need not. His father continued as his mother remained silent.

“I followed you to the training grounds. I know where they are. I saw you change your appearance and practice genjutsu. I saw your genjutsu scroll this morning.”

“Father, I-“

“I saw you deliberately disobey the both of us.”

Yurei fell silent, swallowing his saliva.

“Well? Do you have anything to say for yourself?” Roshi said, taking a puff of his cigarette. Yurei’s father had been smoking for as long as he could remember, but he always tried to hide it or at least go outside. Not now. Now his entire home smelled of burned tobacco. Its stench singed Yurei’s eyes and nostrils with its cancerous touch.

“Father, I tried to tell you, I really did, but-“

“NO!” Roshi yelled, smoke erupting from his mouth like a volcano. “You disobeyed our instructions. You became a shinobi! You took the exam and now you are a genin! Give me your bag!” His words stung like the cigarette smoke.


“Give it to me!” he roared, ripping the bag off of Yurei arm. Roshi turned it upside down and emptied its contents. The Genjutsu scroll, his ninja weapons, and his headbands. “You’ve been playing at this game since you could walk, but I never imagined you would go against EVERYTHING we have told you.”

Takia watched with her head down. Her dark hair was still, and it shrouded her face and eyes.

“I have watched you grow up playing pretend, I have done my best to keep this family and you safe, but now you have endangered us all! Do you know what these villagers do to shinobi that live here? A boy’s house was just lit on fire not too long ago by a mob because he chose to walk the path of the shinobi. Is that what you want for us? To be burned to death as we sleep because you couldn’t keep your fantasies where they belong – in your head!”

Fear turned into anger.

“Being a shinobi isn’t something to be ashamed of,” Yurei said. It was originally Damon who had said that to Yurei. Never have those words bared so much truth. Never before had they resonated so strongly with Yurei. “I hoped you would understand that and respect my choice. It’s in my blood.”

“You don’t understand, Yurei,” Takia spoke up.

Roshi glanced at her, then glared at Yurei. “You don’t know the consequences of your actions. You’re not old enough to accept responsibility. You don’t know what’s in your blood, you-“

“Because you never told me! I don’t even know my last name! Who my family is! All I have is you two, but it’s all a lie. I have no clan! Nothing to take pride in! I get mocked because of how a look, I get ridiculed for choosing the path of the ninja! I made this choice to protect my village and the people I love, but all they have ever done is mock me, use me, control me, or lie to me. When I was seven years old, you told me that I could never be a shinobi. I didn’t have the chakra for it. Well guess what, Mom and Dad, I do have enough chakra for it. And I am good at being a shinobi. I haven’t even been a genin for a month and I already know advanced jutsu. I can be the best ninja the world has ever seen, but you won’t let me because you made me live in this forsaken village where everyone who is different gets mocked or killed!”

“You just don’t underst-“

“I do understand! You’re just being selfish and scared! All you have ever done is hid and smoked your cigarettes. You won’t fight or stand up for anyone. All I have ever known is to be kind to others, but what about those who aren’t kind to me? Who kill my kind? Should I just ignore them and try to hide who I am? Because that’s what you have taught me! That is the most important lesson you have ever taught me. To be normal. To blend it. To not be myself or stand out from the crowd. Well look at me! You won’t stand for the shinobi way! You won’t stand for anything! You won’t even stand for me. And that’s what hurt the most. You can’t even look me in the eye now because you’re so angry I chose to embrace me.”

Roshi sat in silence. The room was silent, save for the hiss of his receding cigarette, burning away centimeter by centimeter. “You don’t know what your mother and I have been through. You don’t know why we won’t let you be a shinobi. It was about protecting us, and upholding our vows. I don’t stand for shinobi kind because I agree with the villagers. *We* agree with them.”

Yurei held his breath. It couldn’t be true. A cold chill ran up his spine. His hands felt weak. His sweat ran cold.

“Your mother and I were part of a caravan of traveling shinobi with no home. Our home was with one another. Myself, her family. Her brother and sister.”

Yurei’s lip quivered. He stared at his mother with pleading eyes. She offered no response.

“We loved one another, and I loved your mother. That is where we met. And where we vowed to never practice jutsu of any kind ever again.”

“..why?” Yurei asked. He could barely get the words out.

“Because all of them died. 14 years ago, before you were born, our caravan was raided by shinobi. Your mother could not defend herself. She was pregnant. With you. Myself, her brother, and her sister fended off the raiders. They died. I did not. Every war that has ever been fought in this shinobi world has been because of shinobi. They breath war. It is their nature. It was almost ours. Jutsu is devasting, and the pursuit of power leads to great, more advanced, deadlier jutsu. More lives will be lost because of it. Your mother watched her brother and sister die, slowly, because of shinobi. I lost my mother because of shinobi. My father. Her father. Every problem that has ever existed for us has been because of those damned ninja, and now you’ve joined them! Shinobi have come so close to destroying all life as we know it!”

Yurei licked his lips. He couldn’t respond.

“THAT is why we don’t approve. That is why you can’t be a shinobi. You have endangered us all and sabotaged all the work we have strived to achieve. All of it!”

“You’re a sad man, father. You may hate yourself, but I won’t hate who I am because you can’t accept and truly protect us. You’re not strong enough to.”

“I can’t protect you because you won’t let me!”

“Because you are trying to make me hate people I have never known! I don’t know why they did what they did! But I know they are people, and no one should be treated this way because of what they chose to believe in!”

Roshi’s face became flustered. He stepped toward Yurei, rose his hand and struck across Yurei’s face.

“Roshi!” Takia yelled in shock.

“You will NOT speak to me this way! Do you hear me! Do you understand?” He advanced forward and Yurei backed up, holding his face and crawling away on his face, facing his father. “You will not disrespect me or your mother!”

“Roshi!” Takia yelled. “Roshi stop it!”

Yurei backed into a corner as his father stepped forward to him. He rose his hand again to strike.

And then it happened.


Yurei raised his index finger. His father’s eyes made contact with his gesture, and Yurei released his chakra, propelling it at his father.

For Roshi, the room became dark. The wooden house began to twist and splinter. The oak hissed like a deadly viper and cracked like bones with a horrible crushing sound. Roshi backed up, falling onto his backside. “!” he uttered, crawling backwards.

Yurei stood, his veins becoming black and his eyes empty. “You will not touch me again!” he said, his voice deep and warped. Yurei’s limbs extended and his skin became as black as night, stretching into a silhouette with abnormally long arms and legs. His eyes glowed white, as if death itself had come for Roshi. Yurei stepped forward, his long feet crushing the boarding underneath them. Roshi dropped his cigarette, now burned to the brown and cold, as he backed. His breathing quicked and then stopped, turning into a wheeze.

“NEVER. AGAIN,” Yurei yelled, roaring with a horrible screech that would send the bravest warrior fleeing.

Roshi clenched his chest in agony, rolling back and gasping for air.

Then Yurei could see. He stopped projecting his chakra. The illusion faded. Roshi’s face was as pale as Yurei’s, and his eyes as black as the illusion’s body. He gasped for air, grasping onto a table and overturning it, then the curtains, ripping them.

“Roshi!” Takia yelled, running toward her husband. She placed her hands on his chest. She shook with panic. “I-I’ll use medical ninj-“

Roshi clasped onto her wrist. He shook his head. He took one final breath and stopped, his eyes filled with water. As the last breath left his body, his tears rolled down his temples, and he grabbed Takia’s hand. And then his eyes were empty.

Yurei stood in shock. He couldn’t move. His hands went cold. All of him went cold. His heart dipped, as if disappearing. He couldn’t breathe. Tears streamed down his face, blocking his vision. “Father,” he said.

Yurei’s pupils dilated, then shrank. A single tomoe and circle formed his iris, and his pale white eyes stared at his mother and father.

Takia’s tears dripped onto Roshi’s shirt as she placed her head on his chest. “Roshi…..” she said. Her voice trembled, unable to pass through the snot and tears.

“F..Father?” Yurei repeated. His glowing white eyes looked on, almost shaking.

And then there was silence. The only noise that filled the room was whimpering.

Yurei collapsed to his knees and wiped away the first wave of tears. Takia rose and looked at her son. She extended her arm, and Yurei rushed to her.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so, so, so, so sorry. Dad! Dad wake up! Please,” Yurei said, his voice wet with sorrow.

Takia wiped away his tears. The Sharingan, she thought. Takia smiled at Yurei, forcing it as best she could and fighting the urge to cry once more. She knew Yurei cared for him. The Sharingan was evidence of that. But getting over his death would take decade. Maybe never.

She looked down at her husband and moved his hands onto his chest. Her face contorted into another fit of tears and sobbing as she hugged Yurei.

“I didn’t.. I didn’t mean to. I’m so… sorry…”

Takia couldn’t reply. She knew that to be true, but… it was too hard. She thought to force Yurei out. To make him leave forever. To name him as evidence that the shinobi way of life was too dangerous and lead to nothing but pain. But she couldn’t. She loved him too much. “I’m sorry, too,” she said, finally.

Yurei felt his eyes, sobbing as he did so. “M-mom?” he said, looking at her. Takia looked down at her sun and closed her eyes. “The Sharingan,” she said, resting her hand on her husband’s. “The Kekkei Genkai of the Uchiha Clan. Your family. You.. trigger it from sorrow.

Yurei looked down at his father and wiped away his tears. “I’m so sorry, Dad,” he said, ripping off his sash. Yurei folded it, getting his tears on the cloth, then reached over, placing it over his father’s face.

The Shinobi Way of Life is one of Pain. I’m starting to see that now, Dad. This path will be long, but I have friends to walk it with now, and I will make sure everyone will be brought together. For you. For the village. For all shinobi. And for me.

WC: 2020

Requesting: Sharingan, First tomoe
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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The Shinobi Way of Life is One of Pain  Empty Re: The Shinobi Way of Life is One of Pain

Tue May 30, 2017 12:57 pm
Approved, Good read by the way
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