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Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing - Page 2 Empty Re: Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing

Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:42 am
Arriving at the training fields, Nano prepared to try out the new A ranked technique. Once ready, he began coaxing his wind Chakra out of his pores. He then condensed as much as he could muster into the palm of his hand. Swiping his hand, he watched as a thin, sharp, white line formed where his hand had been. The crescent shaped slash looked as if it was going to move forward before it flickered and disappeared. His first try was fairly close but it was no where near perfect. He would need to practice this for a while before it would be battle ready.

Excited at the thought of using this in a fight invigorated Nano to the point that he was ready to train for hours on end just to learn this one thing. If he wanted to be able to defend his village he would need to know how to use this jutsu along with many others. While he liked to think he went by the saying, 'It is not how many jutsu you have but how you use them', having as many powerful techniques as possible would most definitely be helpful. Speaking of which, Nano then ran up to a tree and attempted to create the slice of wind.

Due to the close proximity, Nano was able to cut through half of the large, oak tree but from what he had read in the book, he knew this wasn't the limit to this ability. It had said that it could completely cut a tree from 40 metres away. Nano grinned slightly. He was getting closer and closer every time. He felt as if he was going extremely fast with this considering it took him the whole of a mission to learn a B ranked jutsu yet here he was, halfway finished with an A ranked in less than half an hour. It was insane to think about.

Using the weapon he had recently bought, Nano leapt into the air before activating his One Winged Angel's special ability. The key blade allowed him to stand on the air as if it were solid. This being his first time trying it out, Nano was very excited. Simply feeling the wind pass his hair was heaven to him. There was no real reason for him to be hovering other than to test it out but he was not going to stop for a while.

Pushing his Wind element to his palm into a transparent coating of his hand. He swiped his hand from left to right, leaving a silver trail which then burst forward, leaving a deep slice into the same tree as before. Seeing as he was standing approximately six metres in the air, the tree was almost 10 metres away and this showed that he had gotten better at controlling the jutsu. The cut was deeper than before and he had launched it from further away.

This was beginning to get exciting. He was already super excited but knowing just how close he was to learning the technique in just half an hour somehow boosted his excitement if that was even possible. While it was getting much better every time, Nano still knew he had a long way to go before being able to perform it perfectly one hundred percent of the time. He had been about 10 metres away yet he had only been able to slice through half of the tree. When finished, the jutsu was supposed to be able to cut through an entire tree from 40 metres away. However, this didn't bring down Nano's mood as he was used to things like this not working from the start.

Deciding to make it slightly harder this time, Nano slowly stepped upwards using the new weapon and stopped at the maximum height he could reach, ten metres. It was even windier when he ascended in height and it was also a bit colder. Not that that was a bad thing for Nano though, he was beginning to become sweaty and the change of wind and temperature could only do good things for him. Seeing as he was now further away from the tree, Nano started using his Wind element to form the coating of Chakra to create the jutsu.

When releasing the compressed air, Nano could feel the power emanating from it. It was similar to the feeling he received when using the 'Scorch Sphere'. Come to think of it, Nano had forgotten how to perform the 'Scorch Sphere'. Maybe he could relearn it some other day. Heading back to the Beast Tearing Palm, it seemed that the cut had hit the same position as the last one and completely cut through the remaining wood like a hot knife through butter. A loud thump was heard throughout the forest and Nano grinned. That was awesome.

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Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing - Page 2 Empty Re: Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing

Fri Mar 10, 2017 7:48 pm
Seeing as he had just chopped down a tree with his unfinished jutsu, Nano knew he must be extremely close to finally getting it perfect. It had been a long process but he was certain it wouldn't take too much longer. In his opinion, it had taken barely any time at all considering it is such a high ranking technique. It took him the same amount of time to learn the clone technique and that was an E rank! Although, he was an academy student at the time and it was one of the first things he had learnt, if not the first thing he had learnt.

It was an amazing thing to look back on how he has grown as a ninja. It had taken him just over a month to almost be ready for the Chunin exams. He wasn't sure if that was a short or long time but he was satisfied with whatever answer. Even if it took longer than most, that was the past and he is here in the present, getting stronger everyday. Especially today with his learning of his advanced element, a couple of D and E ranked jutsu as well as almost finishing his first A ranked jutsu.

With the tree already on its side, Nano decided to continue to chop it up into smaller pieces. Any practice was good practice at this point. He was incrementally boosting his skill every time he used the jutsu and gaining experience. Since he was still standing in the air wielding his One Winged Angel 10 meters above the ground, Nano was seeing the tree with a birds eye view and he could see his past attempts at cutting the tree in two. Determined to cut all the way through, Nano mustered all of his willpower and skill fully pulled at his Chakra as if he were pulling on a rope and eventually positioned it in the tenketsu on the palm of his left hand.

He swiftly dragged his hand in a semicircle and watched as the familiar silver crescent burst forward. It was like slow motion to Nano as the sharp wind he had conjured burst through the entire tree and left a large indent in the ground underneath. The two halves of the tree split with a loud crack making it obvious to see just how sharp the jutsu was. The parts of the tree where the technique had split it were completely flat, without a single imperfection. From what he could tell, this was due to the A ranked jutsu being so exact it was sharpened on even a molecular level.

Of course, Nano could be wrong but from his observations that was what he thought. As the jutsu seemed to be perfected, Nano was going to test the range for himself now. He walked exactly 25 meters away from the tree and as he was already 5 meters away and 10 meters above the ground, he was now at exactly the range said in the book. 40 meters away from the tree, Nano wasn't completely sure as to what would occur. It could either slice through and look awesome or fail completely and make him look like an idiot. Either way, it would help him progress in his learning of the A rank.

With that said, Nano channeled his Chakra exactly as he had before and watched as the opaque silver light whooshed away from his arm and charged directly into what was left of the poor tree. The resulting sound was nonexistent as the sharpness of the jutsu was so high it didn't even look as if there was ever a cut if you were to push the two ends of the tree together. Though, it was quite visible as soon as you parted the two pieces and saw the completely flat end. 

Excited about his learning of such a powerful thing, Nano began doing a happy dance. He ran around in circles while jumping every couple of seconds. He did the worm. He even did the Gangnam Style dance. After doing so, Nano self consciously looked around, hoping with every fibre in his body that nobody had seen that. He normally did not care what people think about him but that dance was something even he wouldn't show to anybody.

Once his 'dance' was finished, Nano used the jutsu one last time. He controlled his Chakra the same as every other time and swung his arm from left to right. Listening to the satisfying swoosh of wind, Nano smiled. He was so going to show this to all of his friends. However, after using so much energy to practice the technique, Nano was just about ready to collapse. He needed to find a shady spot like every other time. Heading over to the now familiar shady tree, he realised something. It was cut in two!

There was no way he could use this tree now, the leaves which were shading the area where now lying on the ground! He would have to find a new one. But the thing is, there was no trees left in the area. Normally he would just sit down without shade but it was boiling hot. When he had started it was only about 8 am but now it was noon, the hottest part of the day. If he didn't find some place soon and get a drink, he would probably faint from heat exhaustion.

Sprinting as fast as he could in his hampered state towards nowhere in particular, Nano eventually found a small shack. He knocked on the creaky wooden door and listened to a pitter patter of steps walking towards him. When the door was opened, he saw a smiling old man with a curly beard. Taking a liking to the smiley old man, Nano decided to ask if he could borrow some water. When he did, the man didn't respond and just quickly grabbed a jug of water filled with ice. Nano thanked him before grabbing a cup and taking a sip. He let out a sight of relief and thanked the man once again. Learning high ranked jutsu was tiring work.

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Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing - Page 2 Empty Re: Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing

Fri Mar 10, 2017 8:22 pm
Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing - Page 2 Empty Re: Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing

Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:10 am
After finishing his glass of icy cold water in a single gulp, Nano thanked the kind old man for his hospitality. The man gave him a wide smile and patted him on the back and telling him it was no problem. Returning the smile, Nano stepped off of the man's verandah and began heading to the normal training spot where he had recently learnt his first A ranked jutsu. Seeing as earlier he had been idiotic and had left the library earlier without checkout out more than one jutsu due to his excitement, Nano changed directions from the training ground towards the library. The walk was long and boring considering he had walked it more than 3 times today but looking around at the scenery managed to ease his hyperactivity for the time being as he made his way to the shinobi section of the library.

Giving a slight nod to the librarian as he had done earlier, they give him a weird glance but shook it off. Nano had expected this. Who wouldn't be curious if someone came in twice for no reason? Searching for the right shelf, Nano made sure to not make the same mistake he had made last time when he found that rather erotic book by accident. After a few short moments of searching, Nano soon found the same book he had used last time. Skipping through the pages, he noticed that the book was categorised into elements and then into ranks. Normally Nano would have skipped right to the A ranked section but he knew that his body couldn't handle that sort of work at the moment. Seeing as he was running a tad low in the fire jutsu department, Nano picked that section to start with. Wanting a low ranked but also not too weak technique, Nano decided to choose a C ranked fire jutsu.

The first page he saw was labelled Great Fire Ball. This sounded promising. Skim reading through the pages, Nano picked out the key information. First, you have to knead Chakra in your stomach and release it through the mouth. Second, the handseals are horse, tiger. Third, there are two ways it can be used. One is by releasing a large ball of fire with a 2 meter diameter, the other is by shooting out a cone which spreads outwards. Now this was really starting to interest Nano. It was like a two for one deal here! He had decided that this was definitely a jutsu worth learning. 

Not wanting to have to come back here another time, Nano decided to stock up on jutsu to learn. Flipping through the pages back to the directory, he pondered on what else he could bring back to train. Maybe something new? Reading through all the types of jutsu, one section caught his eye. It was labelled Fuinjutsu. Now that was something he had never heard of. Luckily there was a brief explanation of how it works. The explanation went as so: 'Fuinjutsu is the shinobi art of using chakra to create seals which can do almost anything. It is mostly a utility based shinobi art but it is powerful none the less. Fuinjutsu can be just as powerful if not more than any type of Ninjutsu if it is used correctly.' This definitely seemed like something Nano wanted to learn. 

Seeing as if he was going to learn some sort of Fuinjutsu it would be his first couple, Nano decided to find some low ranking ones. The two that he found most interesting were the Fuinjutsu: Breaking and the Fuinjutsu: Locking. Both names made it obvious what the use of each where. Breaking seals and locking things. After reading through the descriptions of the two, Nano placed the book back on the shelf and walked out the door. Seeing as he had found the fire jutsu first, that would be the one he would learn first.

Once he arrived, Nano sat down. This next technique would be extra difficult as fire wasn't his first element. He had only recently gotten the hang of it and this would be his highest fire jutsu should he learn it. Welp, there was no use hanging around. The more time he spent practising it, the better he would be at using it. With that thought, Nano began kneading his Chakra in his chest and decided which of the two possible outcomes he would attempt first. After deciding to try the ball of fire instead of the cone Nano released the fire, giving in to the tension building up inside of his throat.

Just as the fire was about to be produced, Nano swiftly went through the horse and tiger handseals  which finalised the making of the large orb of fire which then went on to burst forward in a flash of fiery orange light. The sphere impacted into the side of a tree then dissipated into nothing. The resulting black mark left on the tree was evidence that the jutsu had most definitely worked. Seeing as he had now completed half of the jutsu, Nano decided to sit down for a bit. He would not be resting however, choosing to meditate and feel the fire Chakra flowing through his veins. If he could better release his fire Chakra in the first place, theoretically his jutsu should be easier to learn and perform. With that said, Nano felt a warm feeling overcome his senses as he delved deeper into his subconscious. It was like a crashing wave against the shore, flowing back out to sea after each sudden hit. It was almost as if the fire was flowing alongside his blood, mixing it into a more liquid form. Although, Nano knew that that was impossible. Maybe some sort of clan could do that, who knows? But certainly not him. That book on the Gōka clan certainly didn't say anything like that. He just couldn't help but feel that way. If anything, one would expect the feeling to be originating from water Chakra but he knew for a fact that that was impossible. The book on his clan had also stated that no Gōka clan member had ever been capable of using the water element in recorded history.

After about ten more minutes of meditating, Nano would stand up and attempt the jutsu once again.

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Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing - Page 2 Empty Re: Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing

Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:50 am
Standing up after his time meditating, Nano was now rested and ready to continue learning the second half of the technique. From what he could tell, this bit would be harder than the last. The first half was a simple sphere of fire, this one would be a giant cone spreading outwards. In comparison to the first part of the jutsu, the cone was humongous. With that said, Nano was hoping that even though the second half would be more powerful, it would still be just as easy to learn. The first section had been fairly simple and had taken him barely any time to complete. If he could finish the second half of it within the next hour, he would be able to continue on to try making his first Fuinjutsu seals.

Confident he would be able to finish this quickly, Nano took a large breath and kneaded a large amount of Chakra in his stomach before releasing it all at once out of his mouth. A great wave of fire flew out but promptly dissipated into nothing without a trace. It had reached a length of 5 metres, one quarter of what was meant to happen. He had expected this to be easy but obviously he was mistaken. Maybe he wasn't as good at fire jutsu as he thought he was. Maybe this jutsu is just plain hard. Who knows? Wanting to get it over and done with as soon as possible, Nano repeated what he had done beforehand but tried pumping more Chakra into it. Somehow, the outcome was even worse. It completely blew up in his face, launching him back a couple of metres. His eyebrows singed, Nano got up and began thinking about what he could be doing wrong. He had thought he had done everything right! What could it be? Remembering the book, Nano recalled it speaking about kneading Chakra in the stomach and releasing it from the mouth but there was one thing missing. Finally realising his mistake, he yelled out 'How could I forget!?' It was such a rookie mistake! He had forgotten to do the handseals! What was he thinking? 

Walking back to the area he had blow up in which was now covered in black marks on the floor, Nano kneaded his fire element in his stomach whilst taking a giant breath. Letting it all out in one long heave, Nano made sure to do the two handseals this time. Horse->Tiger. The outcome was a perfect cone shape erupting from his mouth, rushing out until finally impacting with yet another unfortunate tree. Seeing the tree lit on fire made Nano grin. He wasn't the type of person to hate trees, he just really felt great being able to send out flames like that. Not to mention he knew there was bound to be someone capable of regrowing the trees around the village faster than he could destroy them. After completing the fire technique, Nano had no idea what to do. With nothing too exciting happening, Nano had no idea as to what to do. He could start doing his sealing practice but at the moment he was way too hyped up to do that sort of work. There was no way he could sit still for a long period right now.

On that frame of mind, Nano realised he needed something to calm down his mind to prepare for the task at hand. Thinking of calming things to do, Nano decided to do something he had done earlier that day. Take a stroll in the park. Walking over to the pathway, Nano slowly stepped past the beautiful scenery, appreciating all that it was giving. As he had vowed to do earlier, Nano was taking in the beauty of it all to the best of his abilities. Every other day he would just ignore such things but from now on he would refrain from things like that. Listening the the melodic chirping of the birds, watching the rustling of the healthy green leaves billowing in the wind, tasting the coarse bark of the large oak trees. Well, maybe not the last one. He had not done that. However, that wasn't to say he hadn't done it in the past. Reminiscing about the times when he had nothing to do but roam around in the woods looking for something to do. Now he had duties he needed to fulfill. While there was less freedom now, Nano was happy with his choice to join the Shinobi force.

Remembering he had packed a stick of gums, Nano grabbed it out of his pocket and ripped open the packaging. Taking one of the singular bits of gum and removing the second bit of packaging, Nano popped it into his mouth. He stuffed the remaining pieces of gum into his pocket for safe keeping before continuing on his walk. He chewed the strawberry flavoured, pink candy until it became malleable in his mouth. He then positioned the lolly around his tongue like a sheet on top of a person to make a ghost. He then inhaled before exhaling his hot, steamy breath and expanding the pink substance. Once it was the correct size for a Nano's likings, he opened his mouth wider and bit down on the bubble earning a loud 'Pop!'

Enjoying the sweet taste of the gum, Nano turned back the way he came and headed back to the training fields. When he arrives he would begin his Fuinjutsu training.

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Nano Gōka
Nano Gōka
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Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing - Page 2 Empty Re: Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing

Sun Jun 04, 2017 5:53 am
Claiming 10 stats and Great Fireball
Kobayashi Senshi <3
Kobayashi Senshi <3
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Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing - Page 2 Empty Re: Time To Train... Alliterations are amazing

Mon Jun 05, 2017 3:06 am
Approved good read Nano
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