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Roxio Utuma
Roxio Utuma
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Mysterious Errands (Mission,P,NK) Empty Mysterious Errands (Mission,P,NK)

Fri Jul 15, 2016 6:44 am

Roxio was quite a bit confused about this mission. He read the scroll over and over again when he decided to take it. The scroll read "Within Hoshigakure stands the finest restaurant in the known world. No one knows the secrets of this restaurant and neither is it your job to find out. Your job is to simply wait outside this restaurant until someone hands you a package and utters the code word "The Lavender Peacock". You are then to take the package and deliver it to the address written on it without opening it. Once you reach the address, you will hand it to another person with the same code word you were given." The young ninja knew the restaurant that it was referencing, but did not realize how secretive its menu ingredients or items actually were. He dashed out of his house and headed towards the restaurant and kept thinking to himself "The code word or phrase is The Lavender Peacock." Though he did take time to contemplate "Why a lavender peacock?." He arrived at the restaurant and sat in one of the chairs at a table. A waitress walks up and asks "Would you like anything sir?" Roxio smiled and responded "No ma'am not at the moment. I am waiting for a friend." He reached up as he said this adjusting his headband hoping it would signal to someone that he was here for the package. He waited there for a while and even ordered a water as he sat with his note pad and drew a peacock on it.

The young ninja was in a daze as he drew a moderately good peacock. He looked up and a man was standing on the other side of the table. The man sat down and smiled asking "How is your day going?" Roxio replied with "It is going slowly but surly sir. How about yourself?" The man replied with "I am doing fine. This restaurant is the finest and best around. Too bad though the lavender peacock is not around." Roxio's eyes immediately fixed to the man's eyes. The two knew exactly what was happening. Roxio laughed and said "The lavender peacock surly is a magnificent creature." The man smiled and took out a small box stating "This is a present for you my new friend. I must be on my way." With this the man got up and disappeared. Roxio slide the small box to himself and noticing a tag on it with an address. "This is clear on the other side of the country." Roxio though as he sighed and leaned back in the chair. If you were to watch him from another person's perspective. You would have seen Roxio lean back one second and as someone walked in front of you and past you Roxio would have vanished along with the package.

Roxio disappeared with a blur of speed dashing onto a roof top. He look as far as he could see as the journey was a long ways away. He put the package in his back pack and started dashing from roof top to roof top. The journey was a long ways away good thing he packed a snack and some water. He dashed from roof to roof and got up onto a steeple and stopped. He felt like a pirate standing on top of a crows nest looking out in the vast ocean. Jumping off the top of the steeple in a swan dive Roxio hit the ground, and jumped back onto the roof tops. It felt good to feel like you were flying, and this was more exercise than he had expected on this mission. He could feel the cool breeze hit him from time to time. It was nice and cloudy outside the sun coming out to say hi here and there. Roxio finally had to take a break finding a nice place to sit; conveniently it was a park. He sat down on a bench, pulled out a bottle of water and some crackers with cheese. He munched on the crackers and cheese as he noted that there were a lot of people out today. It was quite a nice day, and school was out for the time. A bit of a break from all the learning always a good thing. The crackers were a bit dry but that is what the water was for. He would really like a soda at the moment but water is better. Finishing his crackers and water he picked up his back pack and headed back off. Dashing from roof top to roof top he noted the sun was going down. This was taking a long time. Good thing there was no time limit to this or he would be screwed. Though he would be going faster than he currently is. Noting that it was getting colder and he would have to probably grab a place to sleep and head back to the house in the morning. Hopefully the churches would let him in even though they do not like ninja. He could always hide that fact though. Roxio understood why they did not like ninja but both sides could be less hostile.

Through his journey to his destination he thought of a lot of things. Most of when he will be able to get the chance to be a chuunin. Though he did have a ways to go. The young one had a lot to learn, but he felt the urge to get higher. He did not want to feel like he is stuck in one spot, but once he hits his goal of ANBU he will feel complete. Roxio did not want to be kage. His body was moving on its own at this point dashing from roof to roof as he heard his feet connect to wood or tile with each landing. He chuckled and thought "These people might be mad, but oh well. It is just for a second." He stopped and stood up straight and stretched a bit. His muscles ached a little as he sat on a roof and started drinking a bottle of water again. Noting he was about half way there this hurt him. "For a D ranked mission this is relatively a pain in the bum. I am carrying a small package that i do not know the contents of. For all i know it could be a golden fork for all i know. The thought of this irritated the ninja but it was his task so he had to bare with it. Some tasks that will be given to him in the future might not be as desirable. "Oh well" he thought "There will come times where i must do things just like this but on a more important terms." Getting up and dashing off again the sun was going down and he could see the moon coming up. The sunset was beautiful the odd color pattern in the sky showed how beautiful nature can be. Though nature can be the most destructive, dangerous and deadliest thing.

He was almost there as the sun was now down and the night had gained control of the country. Roxio preferred the night though to be quite honest. It seemed so much more peaceful and mysterious. He kept on his way though trying not to take too many breaks on the way their but he had to rest for a minute as he arrived at another temple's roof top. His legs were pulsating with slight pain. It has been while since he did so much cardio for a long period of time. Roxio sat indian style on the roof as he listened to the country get slowly quite. Everyone going to bed and laying down for the night. For the sand man comes each night. As the city soothed into its slumber there were still people up and moving around. Night owls just like Roxio is. People who preferred the night over the day. Roxio laid back on the roof top and looked at the stars and the moon. They glowed without interruption from clouds. It was almost mesmerizing as he continued to stare at the moon. He came up with a quote in his own head and wondered if it seemed right towards ninjas. "We work in the dark to serve the light." Roxio chuckled a little at the thought of it. He had so many quotes that he liked but most of them he felt true. Ninjas did work in the shadows for the greater good. Sometimes that is what is necessary. He dozed off for about an hour and woke up. A slight nap did not hurt and the package was still in tact.

Roxio sat up and drank some water and dashed back off at the dead of night. If he was a blur in the day light he was invisible now to the normal person. He was almost there and he could probably make it by sun rise, but he was now on the street dashing through empty streets and allies. It was like a maze so if someone were to be trying to follow him. It was gonna be tough to do so being that he was just going down random allies and streets it had seemed. Though he was still going in the direction of his destination. Dashing back onto the roof tops he was almost there, but he was wondering if he would get there too early. The young ninja was about worn out. The trip across the country really took a toll on him. Though he did get to see much of what he had not explored as of yet.

The ninja arrived near his destination and had it in sight from a roof top. Though it was still night but the sun was about to rise. The house he was suppose to deliver to was blacked out. Everyone was asleep Roxio had assumed. He will now wait since he did not want to disturb someones sleep. So he sat there letting the hours go by as he rested and thought of things. "Besides medical what else do i want to do?" He asked himself "There is ninjutsu but that seems generic. Taijutsu is a thing which i might try. Weaponry is cool i like pointy objects plus poison can be coated on the weapons themselves. Funinjutsu seems more utility than fighting. Genjutsu but that does not interest me in the least. Puppetry but that does not interest me either. Space-Time is really interesting and seems like something in the future to be able to use." He pondered it for awhile and decided "Weaponry and Space-Time will be for the future." The sun was rising bringing on a new day in the ninja world. The lights came on in the house as Roxio began to see movement. He waited a awhile for the occupants to wake up so they were not suprised. One of the occupants or maybe the only occupant of the house came outside with a cup and sat at the table.

Assuming it was coffee Roxio figured he was awake enough. Roxio disappeared in a blur of speed one last time for this mission and appeared behind the man that stepped outside. There were two chairs one with the male occupant of the address Roxio was assigned to deliver the package to and the other empty. The ninja walked up to the chair and sat down as the male sipped on his coffee. Not phased by the entrance of his new guest. Roxio started off with "It is an amazing sun rise. Look up there. The amazing colors that come out of nature are amazing." Noting that there was a lavenderish color in the sky he continued "It even looks like the lavender peacock in the clouds." The man chuckled and said "I do agree nature is amazing. It does look like the lavender peacock." Roxio smiled as he took the package out of his back pack and slide it to the male. The man laughed and said "I am sorry it was such a bother. Traveling all the way across the country but i will tell you you made someone happy today. I gotta be honest though i did not expect you so early." Roxio laughed and replied "Yeah i tried. I just wanna get back home. My legs are aching." The man smiled and said "Go home. You will get your pay." Roxio dashed off and headed home.

(2,220/2,000 words, + 1,000 ryo, + 3 AP)

Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Mysterious Errands (Mission,P,NK) Empty Re: Mysterious Errands (Mission,P,NK)

Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:15 am

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