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Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Taiyo Learns the Leaf Gale [private] Empty Taiyo Learns the Leaf Gale [private]

Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:14 pm

On one knee, Taiyo straps on his right shin guard. It covers his calf with the black straps wrapped around the front of his lower leg. It isn't the conventional use of the equipment but it is appropriate for the technique that Taiyo will be practicing.

He stands and walks out his door, an axe in his hand. Initially, the sun is bright, his eyes not accustomed to the lights at first. His pupils adjust, contracting in just a few seconds. Taiyo removes his right hand from above eyebrows, no longer needing the shade they give him.

Taiyo drags the wooden side of the tip of the axe across the grass, making his way to the forest not too far across the open field in front of his home. Often, he makes this short walk for firewood when he runs low on it in the winter. It is summer.

Both of his hands draw up the axe. Taiyo places it over his shoulder as he makes his way past the burnt stump of a training post in the ground at the center of the field.

"I'm going to cut a thicker one this time. As my strength grows, I do not want to continue retrieving new training posts every time I break one down." Taiyo thinks, continuing on.

====================30 Minutes Later====================

The large stake is driven into the ground in the spot where Taiyo's old training post had been, the hole remaining so that he knows where to place this replacement. Being of a thicker tree, the new post widens the hole slightly, requiring more force.

Taiyo steps back a foot or two, bending his right leg so as to loosen the joint and move the mucles in preparation to begin practicing the leaf gale.

(295/1,000 towards Leaf Gale)
Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Taiyo Learns the Leaf Gale [private] Empty Re: Taiyo Learns the Leaf Gale [private]

Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:07 pm
Quickly, Taiyo lowers his body to the ground by bending both of his knees. His upper body turns clockwise while descending so that he has enough momentum to complete a full-circle spin.

With his left foot as the center of his circle, Taiyo begins his rotation. He extends his right leg out as he places both of his hands downward. They rest just above the grass so that they do not cause drag and decrease Taiyo's spinning speed.

Making his way to the 180 degree mark of the circle in which he is spinning, Taiyo begins to turn his head so that it is in a position to see the target, the training post in this case, as he continues.

The remaining space between Taiyo's lower right leg and the wooden post is covered fast, the shin guard making contact with the hard surface. The echoing chok sound can be heard throughout the thin forest of pine trees.

Taiyo's body stops and he stands looking at the area of the post which he had hit.

"To maximize the damage caused by the impact of my strike," Taiyo whispers. "I will use physics. Force equals mass times acceleration. I want to increase force and to achieve that, I must either increase the mass of my leg or the acceleration of my leg. Since I can't increase it's mass, at least not yet seeing as how I haven't mastered growing extra bone mass in my legs, I can only increase it's speed."

Kneeling down and tightening his shin guard, Taiyo prepares for a second attempt, a further planned out attempt.

"Rather than performing a simple sweep, I need to use my strength to enhance the speed at which the kick makes contact with the post. If I do this correctly, I should significantly chip the wood. If not, I'm going to need to keep trying."

(608/1,000 towards Leaf Gale)
Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Taiyo Learns the Leaf Gale [private] Empty Re: Taiyo Learns the Leaf Gale [private]

Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:23 pm
Swooping down again, Taiyo places his hands onto the grass. His right leg extends to the post, resting the shin guard on the wood.

"OK..." He whispers. "The abdominal muscles for turning. And the hips to keep the leg above the ground." Taiyo lists off the major muscle groups that go into making the technique as powerful as possible. "The last one would be the thigh for giving the kick force."

He stands and stretches by turning his upper body left and then right with his hands on his hips, pulling his abdominals. He raises his ankle back and latches onto it, stretching the thigh muscle. Letting go of his foot, his leg falls back down to the ground with his heel making first impact.

(733/1,000 towards Leaf Gale)
Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Taiyo Learns the Leaf Gale [private] Empty Re: Taiyo Learns the Leaf Gale [private]

Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:24 pm
Taiyo’s eyes meet the bottom of the training post. His target awaits him. “I should break some off this time. If I can accomplish that, this jutsu would be complete.”

After giving himself a forceful turn with his upper body by twisting it right and then quickly jerking left, Taiyo gets low once more and extends his right leg to strike the base of the wooden post. One last time, he checks his muscle groups, the ones detrimental to this jutsu’s success.

The abdominal muscles loosen at Taiyo’s will. He no longer needs them after he gave himself the initial swing. The force in it is enough to carry him through the 360 degrees. Not only that, but he cannot increase his speed any further with them anyway.

The right hip, the muscle holding Taiyo’s right leg above the ground and at the optimal position to land a direct hit onto the target, is beginning to become painful. After multiple attempts at the technique, his muscles are bound to get tired. Though it has yet to cramp, the pain is not ignorable. The technique can be carried out but it will not be easy to shift attention from the near cramping muscle. However, he charges through it, believing that the results of this attempt will be worth the endurance.

Luckily, Taiyo’s thigh is in good shape to continue. It will not be until the last few moments when he will need to use it to manually turn force the leg into the intended target.

The time comes and his thigh pushes back so that the back of the lower leg forces itself into the tree trunk. Chips of wood fly, though not extremely far, away from the impact site.

Standing once more, Taiyo immediately stretches to the left so as to stretch his right hip and the tight feeling disappears from it. Only needing to glance once at the training post, he sees the damage caused by his sweeping kick.

“Success... and lunch time.”

(1,000/1,000 towards Leaf Gale)

[Claims: 5 stats, Leaf Gale]
Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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Taiyo Learns the Leaf Gale [private] Empty Re: Taiyo Learns the Leaf Gale [private]

Wed Mar 09, 2016 3:23 pm
Sure. Trial approved.
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Taiyo Learns the Leaf Gale [private] Empty Re: Taiyo Learns the Leaf Gale [private]

Wed Mar 09, 2016 3:29 pm
Full approved cause Charlie rocks! <3
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