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Ryo : 2200

Toru Time! Empty Toru Time!

Sat Oct 17, 2015 12:29 am
Hikashi walked around Kumogakure after an entire week of constant rain showers, something was up and she was going to get to the bottom of it with or without Kurame. She was supposed to be training to get out of the freaking academy she had been stuck in for too long at this point, but seeing exactly what was causing so much rain was the bigger issue. She walked with her long, black boots and jacket worn like a dress. Her beautiful eyes she always hated were looking for the source.
"What could possibly be causing such a large amount of rain? Is this some kind of powerful ninja doing this?"
She walks by an odd white doll without a second thought. Her umbrella covered her from the rain drops that were going off one by one over the covering. She always liked the rain, to her it was calming and friendly. All the more reason to continue on farther down the streets for this ninja. She doubted this ninja was like her in the least bit, and especially since she was pretty sure she was the only one like this. To her this was no direct burden, but a opportunity to use the power of the water better then any other ninja. She dreams of becoming better then the Mizukage some day, assuming she was of the water element as well. Hikashi worried very little about something as silly as being limited to one element. She was a women of research and knew very well that to focus on one category was going to make you much better overall, this is usually seen in economy with specialization within factories and assembly lines. Hikashi wasn't stupid though, she knew she was less versatile, but she would become a water goddess nonetheless. Hikashi looked up to see a couple of doves flying above, and enjoyed their elegance. They flew through the wind with ease, and their pure beauty caused the ninja in training to purse her lips in awe. She continued walking through the rain instead of training up to her brothers level like a smart person would be doing. Hikashi could be such a fool sometimes.
Eventually, She walked by the doll again, and this time took more notice of it.
"What child had left such a doll?"
Hikashi looked around then looked at the black eyes and the stitched smile. This had to be that one doll she read about as a good luck charm for rain. This doll must be causing the rain, she thought!
"Why do you bring showers over our crop less village?"
She held the doll in her hands, and looked down at it.
"Lady, I bring rain for the ones who don't understand it. Do you see the true beauty falling in every rain drop I bring down upon this village?"
Hikashi looked at the doll as it talked telepathically to her. She cried out, and threw the doll in confusion.
"Did you just talk to me? No this really couldn't be."
Hikashi's eye's practically fell out of her eye sockets as she saw the little rascal float off the ground near her.
"You do see it! The beauty in the rain pouring down over you! I'm Toru and I used to be a man's doll until he left me for my rain powers. I have been talking to you, because I am not just any doll. I am a young lady sealed inside of the doll itself. I used to be a great water ninja well known across the villages. If you wish, I can offer assistance for you."
Hikashi's jaw dropped to the ground hearing the doll talk. Nothing in her books talked about a ninja named Toru inside of a doll! She began to panic as the doll floated around her. Until she noticed the doll frowning at her. She stopped in her tracks, and looked at Toru.
"I am truly sorry for my actions, Toru. If you wish to assist me, my name is Hikashi Meijin and I am perfect for you by the sounds of it. I am still in the academy, and working up to my brother, but I will become the best water ninja in Kumogakure then the ninja world itself! It is an honor to meet a possessed doll who wishes to be my friend."
She smiled her beautiful smile at the doll, then began again.
"I can pin you on my coat if you wish. If you want to work with me, you will have to make sure you up to the risks. I am going to be training hard to become stronger as a ninja and go against powerful opponents. I also wish to join together with other people suffering this disease, if there are others in such a large world."
The doll floated around Hikashi with a wide smile.
"I wish to help you realize your dream, Lady Hikashi. If you allow me to join by your side, I am sure I can help you into the right direction with your water powers. Pin me to your shirt if you wish, just make sure you don't do anything stupid while I'm on your shirt. Thank you very much so, to bring me off that dirty ground was a blessing. Don't mind me while I'm your coat, I shall be fine."
Hikashi smiled, and pinned Toru onto her coat. She smiled as the rain stopped as well, and the dark clouds cleared up above her.

"Today really is a fine day, Toru."

Ryo : 2200

Toru Time! Empty Re: Toru Time!

Sat Nov 07, 2015 11:27 pm
The Toru showed a bright smile and partnership to be remembered was formed that day. Maybe they would bring pride to a clan of failures, who knows. Hikashi walked away with the Toru happily.
The next day Hikashi began to brush her beautiful hair into curls that left every single hair perfectly in place. She looked at her ugly hazel eyes and her face drooped. The hairbrush came down with a sudden bang against the table. She picked up one of the magazines by her toilet.
"Why can't I be like them?"
She looked lustfully at beautiful women with luscious eyes. Hikashi could only wish to be like them. To be.... wanted. She walked back to her room disapointed, then looked at the Toru.
"Lady Hikashi, Is something wrong?"

The Toru's face dropped, and she looked at the Toru kind of confused.
"I just keep getting put down for something as silly as my eye color..."
The Toru looked up in shock while feeling a deep sadness that radiated from Hikashi. The words sounded bitter to the Toru as they marched away from the lips of Hikashi.

Ryo : 2200

Toru Time! Empty Re: Toru Time!

Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:10 am
The Toru's face straightened out after feeling bad for Hikashi for a moment.
"You will never be a good ninja..."
The Toru refused to make eye contact as this bitter resolution passed. Hikashi's face turned perked up in a wave of shock.
"What do you mean?!"
The Toru looked at Hikashi gravely. It seemed as if the odd creature knew more about this world then Hikashi thought.
"You can never let yourself slip up from enemies! If you can't handle a simple daily insult, you don't deserve to be a ninja."
The Toru's eyes soften for a second as Hikashi began to just gawk.
"Hikashi... I believe in you.... otherwise.... I would be gone before you had the chance. You seemed special, don't prove me wrong. Lady Hikashi, you seem like you can do so much great things in this world."
The Toru cracked a smile as Hikashi smirked.
"Thank you, Toru."
While still wrapped up in her feelings of despair, Hikashi decided to set off to train with this Toru.

Hikashi walked towards the library excited to go back to researching the hydrogen bonds found in water. She was kind of obsessed with water to the very ends of it because water was the only thing she could use. Hikashi would feel awful to not know anything about water when it was pretty much all she had to learn. She quickly stepped out of her thoughts while seeing the various ninja from her academy that are now genin. Each one had a great power lying in one field, but they seemed to know more then one element... Hikashi was filled with determination thinking about being the best in her field. Nobody could take away from her a great mastery of water she would obtain! There were fire and earth taijutsu specialists competing with each other, there were water and earth ninjutsu specialists never feeling good enough in their field, and even people unable learn anything besides taijutsu and weaponry like the Jashin clan she had read the basics about! The clan, of course, was just a myth to scare off rising ninja to train harder. Hikashi looked down at the Toru pinned to her chest and heard the last thing she wanted to hear.
"Why not go train instead of reading books, Lady Hikashi? You have been studying your whole life, right?"
Hikashi's face turned red.
The Toru smirked as Hikashi struggled for words.
"I should really train jutsu, shouldn't I?"
The Toru simply nodded as Hikashi whipped out her book on all of the jutsu she had to learn. What a pain, she thought. Her nerdy mind wondered off to the idea of actually learning new properties of water and the joys of a good book by her side. Knowledge was power, wasn't it? Hikashi has to listen to reason this time though! She walks towards the training ground with her Toru.

Ryo : 2200

Toru Time! Empty Re: Toru Time!

Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:31 am
"Okay Toru? What do we do now?"
Rain began to fall as a shadowy figure approached them. The Toru looked at the figure, and began to become enriched with willpower. Hikashi looked at the shadowy figure in front of her oddly.
"Uh.... Hello?"
The man quickly struck out a punch right by her head with enough power to shatter her skull. Hikashi took this as a threat, and quickly stabbed the man through the chest with a kunai while grabbing his robe with her other hand. She was sure to only weaken the man while being ready for his counter attack most likely with his right leg. The robed figure poof fed in a cloud of smoke, and the kunai covered in blood was now clean. Hikashi quickly looked around with a death stare.
"Kurame if this is you, I am jealous."
7 copies of the robbed figure jumped out with odd masks and senbon in their hands. They all pointed at Hikashi going at fast speeds.
"A senbon shower? Creative, never heard of that tactic before...."
Hikashi sighs, and quickly throws two more shuriken off track of any of the seven surrounding her. She has to be one step ahead of every battle plan just like Kurame said. The seven chuckled and threw a rain shower of senbon at Hikashi. The two shuriken she threw were both hit perfectly with senbon, and spun out of control while delivering a slight backlash as she wanted. The senbon were thrown badly enough to be hit back with a shuriken that was quickly spinning from being hit. Each of the needles got rid of 4 of the seven clones, and lessened the shower to just 14 senbon. Hikashi then dodged and blocked frantically with a kunai. She was out of breath in seconds at her slow pace. She then grabbed a senbon off the ground while spiraling with a jump and threw the projectiles just to hit the two clones and cause them to go to smoke. Sadly, she was dealing with clones 1/12 of the power of the user who cast them, so this fight was nothing close to quick. Everything happened slow, and her moves looked stupid to anyone who looked at her. Hikashi smiled, and kicked the remaining clone with her toothpick legs. Someone wasted a lot of chakra on a practical joke, but she might as well just not humor then any longer. Hikashi ran away after the clones were all gone while regaining the items she borrowed from her parents.

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Toru Time! Empty Re: Toru Time!

Sat Nov 14, 2015 9:36 am

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