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Ryuu H
Ryuu H
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Ryuu Hyuuga: Eight Trigrams: Sixty Four Palms Empty Ryuu Hyuuga: Eight Trigrams: Sixty Four Palms

Mon Oct 12, 2015 9:02 pm
"I am on a roll!" Ryuu yelled to himself when he woke up, sitting up in his bed. Ryuu had been on a rolls in the passed few days, learning new jutsus and techniques as he went along. He had most recently learned his first higher ranking jutsu, the Shadow Clone Jutsu. But one thing that Ryuu had not been doing is going through enough personal growth in regards to his own bloodline. He had learned the Byakugan, but he has yet to even do anything with it. So Ryuu finally made the decision that he was going to learn his first bloodline jutsu, other than the Byakugan. He remember hearing a few of his clan members saying that the base line jutsu is the Eight Trigram: Sixty Four Palms. So Ryuu decided that that was going to be his next jutsu to learn.

Ryuu had gotten up from bed, readied himself for a full day of training, grabbed his ninja tools, and headed toward the Training Grounds. "Chakra Control is going to be essential when it comes to conquering this jutsu, if I can't get my chakra under control and keep it consistent, then this jutsu is just not going to work." Ryuu thought to himself. As Ryuu walked toward the Training Grounds, Ryuu had been thinking about his controlling of his chakra. "Keeping it for that long will be very difficult, but I think that I can do it. Let’s get moving.” Ryuu walked through the gates of the Training Grounds, found a spot that was deserted, and noticed that it was actually a very cool day in Suna, this made him very happy.

Ryuu decided that his first step to learning this jutsu was going to be warming up and once again, practicing his chakra control was going to be essential when it comes to learning this technique. Ryuu stretched and took a few laps around the training grounds, passing by and taking a look at the other ninja in the grounds. “The cooler weather definitely brings out more and more people” Ryuu continued his warm up, now he did his warm up again. But focusing his chakra in his eyes, a constant, steady flow of chakra, and activated his Byakugn. He then did another lap around the training grounds, keeping his Byakugan activated. Not feeling a huge amount of chakra being drained for the minutes that it was passing, and feeling more and more comfortable as each second passed by that he had his Byakugan activated. Ryuu wanted to make sure that he was going to be able to keep his Byakugan activated while in battle, if he couldn’t use it in battle. What was the point in even having the blessing in the first place?

Ryuu then, after having his Byakugan activated for close to twenty minutes, he deactivated it. Feeling good with himself, he decided to begin his training of his second bloodline technique, Eight Trigrams: Sixty Four Palms! Ryuu then got into the Hyuuga fighting stance, activated his Byakugan. “To begin this training, I have to first learn to channel the chakra of mine, down my arms, through my hands, into my fingers, then create small, needle like structure protruding from my finger tips, and that is what will cause the damage to the chakra points in my opponent's body.” Ryuu explained the technique to himself. Ryuu then made his first strike, curling his pinky, ring finger and thumb into his left hand, pushing his chakra into the extended fingers, being the index and the middle finger. When he performed the strike with his left hand, he could feel the chakra go into his hand, but not all the way into his fingertips, let alone protrude out of them.

Ryuu did not let this distract or discourage him, “Let’s do this again.” Ryuu got back into his stance, and tried again, but he focused more chakra into his fingertips. Ryuu again curled his pinky, thumb, and ring finger. He then struck the air with his left hand in the position, he focused even more of his chakra into his fingertips. When he finished his first strike, he felt the chakra rush all the way into his fingertips. But still, he could see or feel any needle like structure come out of his finger tips. Ryuu then realized that he needed to practice his chakra control very quickly, to make sure he remembered the feeling of his chakra moving into one certain spot. He stood up straight, put his hands in the same position and focused his chakra into his fingerprints, when he could feel his chakra coming into his fingertips, he then focused just a little more chakra, and continued to channel more and more chakra until he could begin to see his chakra forming the needle coming out of his fingertips that were extended.

Excited at the fact that he was able to get the chakra to actually protrude from his fingertips, he realized that he should call it a day, to rest and to end his day of training on a good note. Ryuu then grabbed his things and began to walk through town. As he was walking, he passed by the ramen shop, which he decided that he had to stop by for some ramen. He walked into the shop, greeted the employees that worked there. He received a menu, when he began looking through the menu, he began remembering the last time that he had came to this shop. He had been struggling with his chakra control, but watching the cook make his food made him realize that you must use consistent processes and techniques, to have a constant chakra flow, which then allowed him to get a handle on his chakra controlling, which allowed him to do so many things since then. Ryuu then quit reminiscing and ordered that same order he had on that night. He received his food, at it with a leisurely tempo, paid his bill, and began to walk toward his home. He arrived home and fell asleep, excited about tomorrow’s day of training, where he had hoped to begin his mastery of the Eight Trigrams: Sixty Four Palms!

Ryuu had been sleeping for a while now, when he began to dream, the beginning of this dream was a nightmare, it was Ryuu remembering the genjutsu that he had put himself under the supervision of Salzem, he remembered seeing the tailed beasts, all nine of them, remembered feeling that feeling of helplessness, the feeling of not being able to do anything. He then remembered how he got out of the genjutsu, by finding his parents, Ryuu remembered the feeling he had when he realized that they had not been able to realize who he was. Ryuu was annoyed and angry, yet depressed and destroyed. Ryuu then began dreaming of his parents, and all of the families that he had seen throughout the village. Ryuu’s eyes slowly opened up, he realized that it was still in the middle of the night. So he went back to sleep. Ryuu began dreaming once again, and it was right where he had left off. Ryuu began his dream with himself walking down one of the streets of Suna, seeing mom’s and dad’s surrounding their child, showing them affection and loving their child. Ryuu continued on the road, seeing this more and more until it drove him mad, he began hyperventilating and screamed out loud, as loud as he could. Ryuu then snapped out of his slumber. Ryuu stood up, and groggily walked toward the bathroom and looked himself in the mirror, he began thinking about the dream he had. “I wonder what I was going to do in that dream, toward the end?” Ryuu thought to himself as he was dressing himself to go back into the training grounds for another day’s worth of training. “Never mind it now, I need to make sure that my head is here, in the training grounds, ready for today’s training. Today, I master this technique. No matter what!” Ryuu excited himself as he grabbed his pack and ran out the front door, locking it behind him. Ryuu jumped from rooftop to rooftop, occasionally running across a wall, warming up his chakra control abilities by focusing his chakra with his feet. Ryuu saw the ramen shop, feeling so proud of himself, knowing how far he had come since that day. “Just to think, it was not too long ago, I couldn’t control my chakra whatsoever, and now, I am able to use the Byakugan and I even know an A rank jutsu now, the Shadow Clone Jutsu!” Ryuu smiled to himself and then looked at the gates, thinking of his parents “Soon. I will be strong enough to destroy you, or drag you back here, by whatever means, to make sure you come to justice by our… I mean by my village, Sunagakure.

Ryuu reached the training grounds, ready to train, ready to master the Eight Trigrams: Sixty Four Palms! Ryuu dropped his pack, and began his warm up. He activated his Byakugan, and began sprinting around the Training Grounds. He looked at the people around, and he was able to see the chakra gates that were inside each person’s body. Ryuu found it amazing that he was able to see something even the great Uchiha’s couldn’t. Ryuu then began his chakra control warm up, activating his Byakugan was step one, then he began running up the buildings in the village. Once he was finished, he tried to do what he was not able to do the day before, enabling his strikes to hit a person’s chakra gate, the protrusion of his chakra through his index and middle fingers. Ryuu stood up straight, put his hands in the correct formation, and channeled his chakra just as the day before, only this time he had found the correct amount right off the bat. He was able to make the needle like formation of chakra coming out of his fingers, which would mean that he would be able to shut down an opponent’s chakra gate, if he was able to hit it, of course.

Ryuu then began practicing the form of the strikes in which he was going to need to master in order to do this technique in the first place. Ryuu got into the stance, continued to have his Byakugan activated, and performed the first strike. When he thrusted his left arm, with his hands in the correct of the index and middle finger extended, while the others were curled in. Ryuu could feel the chakra thrust through his fingers, which is exactly what he needed them to do. Ryuu became happy with himself, but he still had very many strikes to attempt and to practice. Right now, he was able to do one palm, now he needed to work his way to 64 palms.

Ryuu then knew that he didn’t want to ask someone over and completely diminish the majority of their chakra, so finding someone to actually perform this technique on was going to be difficult. But then he thought, “What if it wasn’t a person that I was hurting!?” Ryuu then put his fingers together in the Clone hand seal and performed the Shadow Clone Jutsu, which created a Clone of himself. He instructed the clone to stay still, which the clone did. He then looked at him with his Byakugan and began to stare at the clone’s chakra points. Ryuu got into the stance and performed his technique, beginning with the first two while yelling “2 palms!” he then spun around, performing the next 2 strikes, hitting two more chakra points and yelling “4 palms!” Ryuu then continued this, striking the next chakra points and yelling how many palms he was at, such as eight, sixteen, thirty two, and then finally 64 palms. The clone was now destroyed, being that he destroyed the majority of the chakra of the clone. Which then poofed in a cloud of smoke, but then Ryuu had realized that he had done it. He had performed the first bloodline jutsu, the Eight Trigrams: Sixty Four Palms.

Word Count: 2033  Claiming: 10 and Eight Trigrams: 64 Palms
Koroshi Uchiha
Koroshi Uchiha
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Ryuu Hyuuga: Eight Trigrams: Sixty Four Palms Empty Re: Ryuu Hyuuga: Eight Trigrams: Sixty Four Palms

Mon Oct 12, 2015 10:06 pm
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