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Ryuu H
Ryuu H
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Ryuu Hyuuga: Eight Trigrams: 128 Palms Empty Ryuu Hyuuga: Eight Trigrams: 128 Palms

Thu Oct 15, 2015 9:48 pm
Exhaustion, that was the one thing that Ryuu could feel. Ryuu had been training and training non stop for weeks. Ryuu was in pain in  every single breath he took, move he made, or drink he drank. Nothing was able to heal the pain that he was feeling, all except for one thing. Ryuu was lying in bed, daydreaming, scheming, planning, and picturing one thing. The same thing that had been on his mind for the past few years, the people who, even today, made his life a living hell of one continuous cycle of him waking up, thinking about them, eating breakfast, thinking about them, walking to the training grounds, thinking about them, training until he would pass out, thinking about them, and waking up, thinking about them. That was all Ryuu had been able to since the day they walked out. But now was different, Ryuu was getting ready to leave the village and hit the world. Ryuu knew that there was no way that he was going to be able to last in that world at the point he was in, so he was going to need to train as hard as he possibly could for the next few days until he became strong enough to at least stand a chance. Ryuu slowly got up from his bed, his head throbbing from the continuous chakra being channelled there into his eyes for his Byakugan, Ryuu then stood up and began to walk toward his bathroom, where he looked himself in the mirror, not exactly sure what would even happen if he was to find his parents. Ryuu stared for just a while longer and finally got himself the courage to move from his bathroom toward his kitchen. He opened his refrigerator and looked inside. There was nothing left, he had been eating more than average, due to all of the training. Ryuu then went back into his room, and grabbed his pack, on his way out of his room, he saw his picture that he hung above the door. The picture was of him and his parents, his parents were surrounding Ryuu, hugging him like parents should. His father had his hand on his head, with his fingers inside of Ryuu’s hair. His mother was on the other side, wrapping her arms around him, kissing his forehead, smiling as she did it. Everything looked so right, everyone looked so happy. “So what happened?” Ryuu would ask himself, as he stared at that picture of him and his parents. “Why did you do this to me? WHY!?” Ryuu began yelling at the picture, as if at his actual parents. Ryuu then sat down on his bed and began to tear up. The sadness slowly and gradually turned to anger, then it turned into fury. Ryuu then snatched his pack, and sprinted out of the door. “Fine. Leave me. Leave me by myself! I don’t care, I am going to find you, and then, only then will you be able to feel the loneliness, the sadness, and the  anguish. Why didn’t you just take me and lie to me, saying that we were going on a vacation. Why is it that you couldn’t just do that!?” Ryuu thought to himself, continuing to tear up. Ryuu arrived at the Training Grounds. Ryuu wiped his eyes, walked to an empty area in the training grounds, dropped his pack, and readied himself for the long haul that was going to be his training for the next few weeks.

Ryuu sat down, stared into the sky, watched the clouds pass on by, and wondering to himself, “Why couldn’t I just be a cloud, without a care in the world, just existing, away from this Earth’s problems and issues. Just to be a cloud for one day, one week, one lifetime, that’s what I want. But most of all, I just want to forget, or better yet, I just want to forgive. Just to start over, just to see them one more time, and tell them how much them leaving me, hurt. To make them realize the bad they had done, and the pain they caused their own son. That’s what I want.” Ryuu spoke under his breath, so others couldn’t hear him. Ryuu then stood back up, wiped his eyes once more, and began his warm up.

Ryuu began to lightly jog around the training grounds, still trying to concentrate on the training that he needed to accomplish, due to the fact that he was planning on leaving Sunagakure very soon, he knew that he needed to be stronger, be faster, and have a stronger development of his chakra before he could even imagine leaving this village and actually being able to hold his ground against some of the stronger opponents. Ryuu tried to focus on the training, but couldn’t, all he could think about was that picture that hung in his room, above his door. Ryuu realized that he was going to be able to train in this state, so he grabbed his things and went for a walk through the village. He began to look at all of the places in Suna, looking at the buildings with a different perspective, knowing that he was going to be leaving this village, actually leaving. Ryuu began, for the first time, having mixed feelings about what he had made his lifelong dream to be, being to kill his parents for doing what they had done. Ryuu did not think he was ever going to think about letting go what had happened. Ryuu rubbed his eyes, looked up into the sky, wishing once again that he was a cloud. But then Ryuu decided that even though he was not in the right mindset, he needed to train, training was the one thing that was going to bring him to a level that would be able to live in the conditions he would soon be in, living outside the village. Ryuu then felt that anger coming back to him, asking the same questions of why his parents did what he did. He clenched his fists, let the anger take over him, and ran faster and faster toward the Training Grounds once more.

Ryuu arrived at the training grounds, with his mind racing, rage rolling, and anger growing more and more fierce. Ryuu dropped his pack, sprinted around the training grounds, as fast as he possibly could, focusing the chakra into his feet, making him go even faster. Ryuu then grabbed one of his kunai and threw it as hard as possible at a mound of sand that was sitting right at the edge of the training grounds, an area that overlooked the cliff on the far end of the Training Grounds. Ryuu then closed his eyes and began moving his chakra around, feeling the chakra obey him, wherever he told it to go. He channeled his chakra into his eyes and activated his Byakugan. He then put a leaf in his hand, just so he could continue to practice his chakra control. He grabbed the leaf, put it in the palm of his hand and channeled his chakra to his hand, while still keeping his Byakugan active. Ryuu watched as the leaf burned in his hand, shook away the ash that it left behind. Which he then knew that it was time for him to begin his training of his new technique, the Eight Trigrams: One Hundred and Twenty Eight Palms.

Ryuu realized that this technique was going to be one that required more than just chakra concentration, it was going to also require physical stamina, this technique was going to consist of one hundred and twenty eight consecutive strikes in a matter of only a few seconds, he was going to need plenty of stamina to do that many strikes. So Ryuu decided that he was going to begin his training with the training of his stamina first. Ryuu then grabbed his kunai out of the mound of sand, put it back into his pack and began to run. Ryuu continued to run and run faster and faster until he couldn’t breath, then he would look up, and keep going. Ryuu could not stop and he didn’t even know why he was running like he was. Part of him thought it was for the training, but another part of him was telling him it was because he was running away from the anger, running away from the thoughts, the worries, everything that was making him lose his mind bit by bit every single day of his life. Ryuu ran around the village four times before he finally decided to stop to catch his breath. Ryuu began to see colors, so he decided that it was time for him to sit down for a while, as he had sat down on one of the benches that was lain around the village, he was no longer able to see, all he could see, was darkness. Ryuu woke up what felt like only ten minutes later, but when he asked someone in the village what time it was, he found out that he had slept for eight hours. It was no longer light outside, and he was not going to be able to continue to train that day. Ryuu then groggily stood up from the bench, and began walking home. He arrived home, and immediately fell onto his bed, falling asleep as he was falling.

Ryuu woke up again the next day. He saw the sun shining through his window and he knew that today was going to be the day that he finally began training the actual technique that was the Eight Trigrams: One Hundred and Twenty Eight Palms. Ryuu stood up from his bed, grabbed his pack, tried his best to ignore the picture above his bedroom door, and ran out the door toward the training grounds. When Ryuu arrived at the training grounds, he went back through his routine again. He ran around the training grounds for a while, until he was no longer able to breathe, then he activated his Byakugan. Ryuu then practiced the striking technique that he needed when doing the Gentle Fist style of fighting, he assumed the position of his hands, having his pinky, ring fingers, and thumb curled into his hand, and having his index and middle finger straightened. He practiced having his chakra protrude his fingers once again. Once Ryuu was able to see the chakra coming out of his fingertips, he knew that he was ready once again, to practice the Gentle Fist Taijutsu techniques. Ryuu then got into the Hyuuga Gentle Fist Battle Stance, and began with his first strike, just as he did when he learned the Eight Trigrams: Sixty Four Palms. Ryuu began his stance with his left hand in the air, right hand pointed toward the ground, his head facing forward, his left foot back and his right foot forward, leaning down. His first strike came down, he brought down his left hand, and Ryuu whipped his left hand, in the fighting position with his fingers, and struck the air, feeling his chakra whipping out of the extended fingertips. Ryuu then, just as he did when practicing the Sixty Four Palms, performed the shadow clone jutsu. The Shadow Clone then stood at the ready, in a battle stance, and Ryuu began practicing the strikes that were in the Sixty Four Palms.

Ryuu began with his first set of strikes, and calling out “Two Palms!” then when Ryuu had completed this first set of strikes, he moved on to the next, and again calling out “Four Palms!” Ryuu was still feeling ecstatic at his performance and at his ability to do this much, while keeping his Byakugan activated, he then began the next set of strikes, which once they were also completed, he yelled “Eight Palms” Ryuu then spun to the left, performing the next set of strikes, when he completed this set, he said “Sixteen Palms!” Ryuu could feel his strikes begin to get faster and faster, which made him more and more excited. Ryuu then spun to the right and performed the next set of strikes, and when he completed the last strike, he yelled “Thirty Two Palms!” Ryuu then returned to his original position, standing directly in front of the clone, he then performed the next set of strikes, which Ryuu at this point, could feel his body getting tired, needing a couple seconds to at least take a quick breath, but Ryuu composed himself, and continued on with the technique. Ryuu performed the set of strikes, which with his last technique, would have finished it, but not this time, Ryuu yelled “Sixty Four Palms!” Ryuu then began to hit enemy lines with this new set of strikes, which would finish the technique, Ryuu continued with the next set of strikes, he saw where the next set needed to connect, and he continued to try and try and try until he was closing in on the final strikes. By the time he had reached the one hundredth strike, Ryuu was beginning to lose his consciousness, and his balance. Ryuu fell down to the ground of the training grounds, completely faceplanting into the sand under him. Ryuu woke up again, lying on the ground of the training grounds, it was still plenty light out. Ryuu woke up to someone standing over him. The man asked if he was okay and Ryuu shook his head yes. The man then offered Ryuu his hand, and helped Ryuu stand up. Ryuu then thanked the man, and the two parted ways. Ryuu then grabbed his pack, shakily moved his legs to take him home. He walked in through the front door, scrounged up the strength to shut it, and then began walking toward his bedroom. Just before Ryuu was able to reach his bedroom, he fell down to the floor, passing out, once again. Ryuu woke up with the worst headache imaginable. “Lord! What is going on with my head?! I haven’t hurt this bad in my life!” Ryuu laid on the floor for another hour, writhing in pain, the aching radiating throughout the entirety of his head, leading into the rest of his body. Ryuu needed to train. He knew that, but he couldn’t move. The only thing that he could do was blink his eyes, and fall back to sleep.

Ryuu woke up, what felt like the next day. Ryuu was actually able to move, he stood up and rubbed his temples softly with his hands. Ryuu then stood up, and slowly walked into his kitchen. When he got to the kitchen, he poured himself a bowl of cereal and tried to get his head ache to go away. Ryuu finished his breakfast, stretched his neck until he heard and felt it pop. Ryuu then walked back to the living room, where he had passed out the day before, grabbed his pack and decided that it was time to go back to the training grounds so he could finally learn this technique.

Ryuu slowly walked through town, making sure that he didn’t pass out again in the middle of town. On his way, he walked by the Ramen shop, and Ryuu figured that would be the perfect thing for him to eat at that point, something that is hot and full of protein, exactly what he needed after passing out two days straight. Ryuu then stopped into the ramen shop, and began looking through the menu. Ryuu decided that he was going to buy the ramen with the most meat. Ryuu ordered the ramen that he wanted, the chef began making the ramen, this is when he remembered once more, the time that he had symbolized the chef’s process for cooking the ramen, and he used his processes to symbolize his processes that he should have for his chakra control, when he was trying to train to activate his Byakugan. So he figured, because he couldn’t get this technique right, he decided to go back to the place that he figured out the Byakugan, and now he was trying to figure out the one hundred and twenty eight palms.

Ryuu received his food and thanked the chef. As he was eating, he kept trying to figure out what he could do to get this technique down. He then looked at the other side of the restaurant and saw a family of three, a mother, a son, and a father. Ryuu then, as he always did in this situation, began to think of his own parents, and began to feel the sadness and the anger roll over him. Ryuu clenched his fists, angrily and quickly finished his Ramen, and then he began sprinting toward the Training Grounds. Ryuu felt his body get stronger and stronger the more angry he got.

Ryuu arrived at the training grounds, ran to an open area of the training grounds. He dropped his pack, and began his warm up. Ryuu sprinted around the Training Grounds, just after he had activated his Byakugan. He then continued to practice his chakra control, and then he decided that it was time. “This is when I am going to complete this technique and master it. No doubt about it!” Ryuu then continued his Byakugan, got into his fighting stance, and readied himself to complete this technique once and for all. Ryuu put his hands in the formation, put the rest of his body into the stance that was needed for this technique, and begun the Eight Trigrams: One Hundred and Twenty Eight Palms. He began with the first two strikes, yelling “Two Palms!” when he had completed them, he then continued to the second set, yelling “Four Palms!” when he had finished that set. He then went on to the next set of strikes, and the next, and the next, yelling how many palms he was at at the time of the strike. By the time that he had reached Sixty Four Palms, he felt his body giving out once again, but this time, Ryuu began thinking of the family that he saw in the restaurant, let the anger and depression take his body over. He could feel another burst of energy in his body at the thought of what he had lost and what the child at the restaurant still had. Ryuu then continued the next set of strikes, throwing the next palm harder and harder until finally, he had reached number One Hundred and Twenty Eight. Once he had completed this set of strikes, he yelled in excitement, and in anger “Eight Trigrams: One hundred and Twenty Eight Palms!” Ryuu then stood as straight as possible, a little hunched over from the exhaustion. But Ryuu knew that he had done it. He had learned his second Bloodline Jutsu, and he was another step closer to being strong enough to leave this village, and one step closer to accomplishing his goal. But for now, he decided to go home, and rest, something that he was in desperate need of, knowing especially that he could barely see because of the exhaustion on his face from the Byakugan, but from the general training eating away at his body. But even with all of these ailments, he knew that it was a job well done.

Word Count: 3230 Claiming: Eight Trigrams: 128 Palms; 16 Stats
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Ryuu Hyuuga: Eight Trigrams: 128 Palms Empty Re: Ryuu Hyuuga: Eight Trigrams: 128 Palms

Fri Oct 16, 2015 3:48 pm
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