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Ryuu H
Ryuu H
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Ryuu Hyuuga: Byakugan Training Empty Ryuu Hyuuga: Byakugan Training

Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:29 am
Ryuu woke up from a long night of terrible sleep, he kept dreaming of the years he spent of ridicule and misery of being the child of two missing nin, otherwise known as traitors of the sand village, Sunagakure. He would wake up many times throughout the night, screaming in anger, but also, he would scream in pain and fear. Angry at his parents, for obvious reasons. Scream in pain, all of the memories would come flooding back into his mind every time he would try and sleep, early memories of his parents showing how much they loved him, showing him affection and care, never leaving him alone, and always being there for him. The pain especially came from him knowing that he would never experience that again from the two treacherous fiends that betrayed not only their village, but their son's love and trust as well. He would scream in fear, for he could remember the first nights, weeks, months of him being alone and not knowing what he could even begin to do about it. Ryuu woke up for the last time, and he could finally see the light of the sun, thanking God that it was finally morning. Ryuu finally got out of bed, got dressed, remembered the passed few days, the strange man with the dirt, and the man who taught him of the sealing technique. He especially remembered how each of the two men that he encountered, the skill that each of them had, and that he did not have even close to that league, let alone abundance of skill, speed, strength, knowledge, or experience. Ryuu knew that that was exactly what he wanted, and there was only one way to get it. To train harder, get stronger, smarter, and all around better in every single aspect when it comes to being a ninja. Ryuu walked around his home for a bit, grabbing his clothes, taking a quick shower, as he mentally prepared himself while he was eating his ramen. "Today, I know exactly what I am going to learn. It is finally time that I take my bloodline seriously, I am Hyuuga, and I was born with one of the greatest bloodlines any ninja could ever be gifted and blessed with. It is time, that I finally learn and control, my Byakugan!" Ryuu said to himself in between bites of his ramen. Ryuu then grabbed his pouch of his kunai and shuriken, and headed toward the training grounds, as he does the same every single day.
           Ryuu walked through the village, toward the training grounds. He remembered his teacher showing and teaching him the hand seals required for activating and channeling chakra to use the Byakugan, now he just needed to continue to control his chakra to a degree of near perfect accuracy and precision. "For one to use this jutsu, it isn't as easy to just yell Byakugan and BAM there it is, this certain technique takes immense chakra control. That is exactly what I need to train first, once I have a good grasp on my chakra control, then he could move on to actually activating and sustaining the Byakugan. He finally reached the training grounds, he sauntered in, he was in no rush, he still had all day until it was going to be dark out, and he was sure he was going to run out of chakra far before he ran out of sunlight.
            Ryuu went to an area that was far away from anyone else, as he usually liked to do. He then tied his pouch to his left thigh, being that he was left handed when it came to doing most things, including throwing and fighting with his kunai and shuriken. He then began his warm up, he would stretch, do a few laps around the training grounds, and mentally prepare himself the entire way, not so much hyping himself up, for he needed to be calm and clear when it came to actually learning a technique. He got back to the spot that he started, grabbed a leaf from one of the trees that he found in the village, set it on his hand and began his training of his chakra control. He set the leaf on his left hand, and commenced channeling his chakra to the spot on his hand where the leaf sat. Although each leaf took a few minutes each, each leaf taking less and less time each attempt, he finally got the hang of using the "right" amount of chakra, rather than using far too much by focusing too hard, or far to little, by trying to not focus to hard and end up not focusing enough chakra to the area. After the fifth leaf catching fire, he finally agreed with himself that he was at least close enough to begin his training of the bloodline jutsu. "I think that my chakra control is at least good enough to begin the basics of the Byakugan, so now I just have to practice moving my chakra control from my hands, to my eyes." Ryuu said to himself. He then got into a ready position, performed the appropriate hand seals, and yelled "Byakugan!" He channeled his chakra to his eyes, and he could feel a strange exhilaration, a feling that he had not felt before. He then opened his eyes, and he could see the world much different than he ever had before. Although, as his vision was different, he also felt an immense pain rushing throughout the entirety of his head, with the epicenter being in his eyes. He immediately cut the chakra rushing into his eyes and fell to his knees, wailing in pain. He immediately realized that he had channeled too much chakra into one area that it was causing him excruciating pain. He then shakily stood back up, readied himself once again, performed the appropriate hand signs, and yelled Byakugan again, he tried to control the amount of chakra that he channeled into the area of his eyes. When he began to feel the same pain, instead of cancelling the technique all together, he just reduced the amount of chakra that he rushed to his eyes, and the pain to go away.
              He began to look around, at the other people, at the animals that ran through the training grounds, he was able to see people at the other end of the training grounds, but not as what they were, but the outline of their body and able to see small dots that ran along their body. He didn't quite understand what it all was, he remember his sensei in the academy telling him that the spots that he would see were the chakra points in the shinobe's body. These Chakra points were what carried the chakra all throughout the ninja's body, and that if these points were to be hit a certain way, it could either shut the chakra point down, or speed it up. Ryuu couldn't imagine what an amazing technique the Byakugan was, now not only was he able to use this beautiful technique handed down from his ancestors of the Hyuuga clan, but he could also begin to learn the special taijutsu that his family were able to do, the Gentle Fist! Ryuu was so excited at all of the possibilities that had just opened up, just with the training of chakra control and the knowledge of his bloodline.
             He also thought of the fact that this would also make him a much better fighter, which would also put him one step closer to becoming the greatest shinobe around, and the a leap closer to him accomplishing the mission that he set out for himself. "Soon mother, soon father, you both will regret leaving your village behind and betraying us. But you will especially regret leaving your son behind, all by himself to fend for himself before he even knew most things of being a ninja, or a human being for that fact." Although he was angry, he was still extremely excited, knowing that all of his training that he had done for chakra control and now the Byakugan, had paid off in full with interest, now that he had finally learned the base of what it is to be a Hyuuga. Now all he must do is build on this foundation and become the greatest Hyuuga to ever walk the Earth.

Word Count: 1405 Claiming: Byakugan +7 Stats
Koroshi Uchiha
Koroshi Uchiha
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Ryuu Hyuuga: Byakugan Training Empty Re: Ryuu Hyuuga: Byakugan Training

Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:26 am
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