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Kikuko Hayashi
Kikuko Hayashi
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D Rank: Patrol (Mission, Done) Empty D Rank: Patrol (Mission, Done)

Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:16 pm

Tap tap tap, went the footsteps of one of Kumogakure’s most infamous Genin as she ran across a long stretch of rooftop, jumping down from said rooftop in a rather sudden way to pass the final gate of Kumogakure, feeling a morbid aura wash over her as she stepped into a field of corpses, noting the various states of them as she passed. In a strange way it reminded her slightly of her home in Rice Country. The only difference was that people weren’t being eaten left and right. cracking her neck and doing a quick stretch like a cat Hikari would suddenly begin to dash forth, beginning her patrol outside the walls to make sure that nobody was spying, which in all senses was pretty much suicidal with all the security that the village had gained recently. She would hum a merry tune to herself, scouting along the edges of the corpse field and remember back when she was young. The sun shined back then, the rivers were yet to be tainted with blood and Aiko…..she suddenly shook her head to purge it of the thought. No, no more dwelling on the past. Her sister was dead, and she doubted that her sibling would want to pass on the proverbial thoughts of all her dreams to some crybaby. Suddenly she would hear a sniffle, and quickly quiet her steps as she saw what seemed to be a woman crying at the edge of the forest of corpses, praying in front of a man who most likely was her husband holding a knife in her hand. While she couldn’t exactly catch what she was saying she began to move her knife towards the pike he was impaled on, seemingly determined to get him off the offending object and make off with the corpse. Oh no, that simply wouldn’t do. She would likely get quite the tongue-lashing if the bodies were disturbed and probably would earn herself a spot on the pikes if she allowed one to get damaged. So without further adieu, she quickly pulled Crimson Rose out of it’s it’s sheath and morphed it into it’s actual scythe mode, jumping into the air and firing off a loud shot that suddenly flung her forward at incredible speeds as she seemingly laid back on it. The woman wouldn’t even have a chance as suddenly she lost a head which had been sliced by a flying scythe, rolling onto the ground with a sad clunk. Hikari would land hard a few seconds later, wincing at the impact as the scythe slammed into the ground creating a small trench as it eventually ran out of momentum allowing her to get off her weapon. Retracting it into it’s original form she would resheath her weapon before slowly walking up to the fresh corpse and dragging it along with her for evidence in her report. Shift, over.


+3 AP
+179 words going towards Mark Seal (250/250)
+305 words towards Fire Release: Great Fireball (305/2000)

+450 ryo
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Missing-Nin (S-rank)
Ryo : 223500

D Rank: Patrol (Mission, Done) Empty Re: D Rank: Patrol (Mission, Done)

Fri Jul 17, 2015 9:14 pm
Please list total wc . And again, I can approve the ryo and AP but I saw no mention of training for either of the techs you're trying to claim. <3
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