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Patrol (D rank mission) Empty Patrol (D rank mission)

Thu Jan 01, 2015 7:01 pm
Mission Specs:

Hysterio was immediately given another mission despite being so short of breath when he returned from collecting some old woman’s cats. He groaned internally, upon receiving his next mission, which was to patrol the village to make sure there were no suspicious people about. At least he did not have to rush, that damn cat had moved way too fast for him, earlier.

5 minutes after receiving his mission, he found a suspicious person. Upon politely questioning the suspect, he reported back and was told that that was a secret operative of Tengakure, one of the anbu in fact, just returned from a mission.


Well, at least he had found something of note. Perhaps there would be other suspicious people about, like that guy who was vaulting over the village walls instead of going through the gate like a normal person. After reporting back, he was informed that that was another of the secret operatives that worked for Tengakure. Cool. He was congratulated on his vigilance though, as no other genin had bothered stopping those operatives when they entered the village.

He checked through the entire village, finding nobody of note. There was one guy who walked right in through the village gates, that had an evil smile, that did not sit well with Hysterio at all.

He followed the man through the streets of Tengakure, all the way into a grimy little shop, whereupon the man pulled out a mysterious bag, and attempted to sell it to the owner, who refused the purchase.

The man with the evil smile drew a katana and threatened the owner, who stubbornly refused. Hysterio was about to intervene, when the man suddenly put away his katana and shook the owner’s hand, congratulating him on not doing any illegal acts, walking out past Hysterio and into the next shop where he did the same thing.

Upon reporting back, Hysterio found out that man worked for Tengakure as well, his job being to keep tabs on potential spies, making sure everyone stayed clean.

Hysterio did one last sweep of the village, and, finding nothing of note, headed back to report.

On the way, he practiced the genjutsu he was trying to learn, partially paralyzing a rampaging bear as it attempted to attack the village, giving the guards time to arrive and stop it.

Total word count: 389, claiming 500 ryo, +3 ap, and 389 words towards (as per [spoiler="global mission rules"]
Global Mission Rules wrote:• When doing missions you will be rewarded with the corresponding rewards listed, with B-Rank and higher missions you will also be awarded stats. The stat conversion for missions is 400 words per stat, and no more than 10 stats can be gained per mission.  Jutsu and other such things can be trained on missions with their same wordcount however on any rank
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Akihana Akari
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Patrol (D rank mission) Empty Re: Patrol (D rank mission)

Thu Jan 01, 2015 8:41 pm
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