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Yasahiro Yagami
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D Rank Mission:Patrol Empty D Rank Mission:Patrol

Sat Aug 17, 2013 4:00 pm

Confusion, yes, that was the right word- he was in a state of confusion. Shinji had spent the day walking the perimeter of Tengakure on a small patrol mission for some small change. Naturally he saw nothing except for a few animals walking around. Surprisingly there were a lot of stray cats around the village. Though there were no missing ninja or sketchy people about. Well, there were a few hobos, but they did not seem too threatening. If anything all in Tengakure seemed normal. And that got the easy part of the mission out of the way, however the next part of the mission was a bit perplexing.

According to the mission scroll he picked up he was to report to higher ranking shinobi. This was obviously a problem, because Shinji was a former kage, so who did he report to? Should he go to Den's office and straight up tell him everything is all good? Even then...was Den considered a higher rank than him. Some would think that this was the easy part of the mission, but they would be wrong. Shinji stood puzzling about who should report to about the village being the clear, but continued to draw a consistent blank.

At long last Shinji gave up on his puzzling and resigned himself to the fact that he should just go to the mission command and report in. Granted he would have to swallow his pride and report to a lowly jounin, but if it was somehow for the good of the village then he would do it. Walking into the mission command he felt as if it were a walk of shame. He quickly briefed the jounin on what he saw and picked up his payment. After picking up his payment he high tailed it out of there as quickly as possible, which by the way was pretty damn fast thanks to the use of his whirlwind waltz.

{TWC: 323/300, +450 ryo & +3 JP}

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